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Who Deserves Help?

Updated on September 17, 2015

Helping Hand

With Whom does God direct us to Share?

There are some important questions all Christian should ask. With whom does God direct us to share? Who is deserving and why? Should we share only with other Christians, or do we have an admonition from God to help non-Christians as well? What about our families? Should a Christian support his church and contribute hie entire tithe to it?

As previously stated, it is important in giving that we assess the difference between the needs, wants, and desires of others. God has directed us to satisfy the needs of others. Whether or not one satisfies the wants or desires of others is an individual decision. This assessment should be made of every individual and organization that asks for assistance.

My Priority

Family Needs

God requires that we provide for our families. This provision for the family goes beyond just the husband, wife, and children. It includes others in the family- mother, father, grandparents, right down the line.

Here again, we have seared our conscience, turning those responsibilities over to the government. The government is not adequate to accomplish this task.

Ministering Brethren

It is somehow believed that those in full-time Christian service should live on less than those in the secular world. Why shouldn't a pastor have a comfortable salary? Why shouldn't an evangelist, for instance, live well as someone who is in business? Worker of the Lord are worthy of an adequate wages.

Christian Community

Care for the Christian community. The directive Paul gave for "widow indeed" concerns those who have no family to support them (1 Timothy 5: 3). Therefore, the burden of support is placed on the church; and the church is to supply their needs.

How many churches really do that today? That applies to those who are temporarily out of work, to the injured or dis-abled, and to the elderly.

Sharing is Caring

Non- Christian Community

We are also directed to share with the non-christian community. When God talks specially about the "believer," the "elect" or the "Body of Christ," He is referring to Christians.

We are to be witness to non-Christiams through our material resources, demonstrating that Christ, not money, is ruling our lives.

Scripture from the Bible deals with supplying the needs of the Non- Christian Community.

  1. Matthew 5: 42
  2. Matthew 10: 42
  3. Luke 12: 33

Evaluate the Recipient

A Christian should be very sensitive, not only concerning whom he assists, but also how the money is used.

  • Is the organization communicating the true message of Jesus Christ?
  • Is there a standard of excellence along with freedom from lavishness and waste?
  • Find out how they are living. Would they consume the money you might give them in alcohol?
  • Are they consuming their present income in foolishness?
  • Also, are they asking for needs, or wants, and desires?

You and your Money

Christian Priority in Sharing

What is your priority in terms of sharing?

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Share willingly according to God's plan but be discerning and cautious as a steward. Accept nothing less than excellence for the Lord's money.


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