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Who Gets to Go to Heaven and Who Must Burn in Hell?

Updated on September 1, 2013

Will Homosexuals go to Heaven or Hell When They Die?

Will homosexuals go to heaven or hell when they die?
cooldadposted 25 hours ago

I'm an atheist, but I've always thought that the Bible adamantly condemns homosexuality. Do homosexuals have any chance of getting into heaven? This has always confused me.

In God's eyes, is being homosexual any more different than being an adulterer or killing someone? Can homosexuals also be forgiven?

This was a Question I stumbled upon in the forum today Aug 05 2011 Well I am not going to go into the whole kit and caboodle here, but I will shine some pearls upon those who will seek them out, within the Good Book and the Scriptures.

God states many things in the Bible. He does so through inspired men. He also tells us we and it, are of the world or more correctly this world our Earth. Which is under Satan's rule.

Consider whenever reading the Good Book or listening to those who do. Exactly what it is that the Lord Jesus has told them and us, about why and what for is the reason He has come. Consider the teachings of the parables and give heed to the the words of Our Father. Which Imply and tell us of the ways of this the world that we are living in the flesh in.

God firstly and above all else states whomsoever will believe in and upon Jesus as the Christ the only begotten Son of God. That they shall receive the Gift of the ransom. Which is eternal life only! Well what is the ransom and who is it paid too?

Well who did the Kidnapping here, who is in control here, and who is the authority figure here on this world or our Earth? Always remember that there are many pre-mes (birthed before their time) out there in the world and by pre-mes, I mean those who speak out of turn when they are not yet aware of the truth of the Comforter, including myself! So be ever so mindful to seek your own salvation with fear and trembling.

God states that the world is full of "Golden Wheat" or believers and followers of the ways of and the teachings of Jesus, the prophets, and the Holy spirit. That is on one Hand, but we all know there is another and this or these are the “Tares” which to the average person looks just like the golden wheat as they are growing and proceeding together .

Now bare with me here I know this is a lot of stuff to take in, but some answers require in-depth knowledge of the reasonings behind the answer given. You are asking Can these Homosexual go to heaven and/ or how do they get there? Or maybe If they can get there. Know God is not interested in the sexual things here in our lives, but of the spiritual things. Sex is purely physical and It will pass away into the spiritual realm. And If ever you have connected on this level you will know that it is so.

But here we go, I will try to break down what it is that I believe the Good Book is telling us all about this your question. These are my opinions and beliefs. They are mine and not what the Bible thumper would have you to believe.

First off is being a homosexual or lesbian a sin? Well if God as some of those being either one of these or in this current condition has made you, is it a sin? If this is so than No it is Not a sin for you to be so. But did God do this to you or make you so? Truly now, think very hard Is it God or is it Satan or his world our Earth that has made you this way or put you into this condition of being.

This is what you first must ask before you proceed, to the next step. If God has done this than why has He done this? Remember GOD is not the God of confusions, but rather the one playing God is.

Where is the sin in being this way or in this condition the sin many will agree is denial of purpose , or derailing ones purpose which is to be fruitful and multiply. Two of the same sex can not do this naturally, as GOD has designed or planned it to be.

Sex is only a sin when it is done with out love of GOD’s purpose and design. Which is to bring forth the end of this time period as He has designed it to come to an end. And at His own time or timing. And not by any other's time or timing, but His alone.

Yes a homosexual or lesbian can be saved if they wish to be. Will this stop them from being One? No it will not, but it could help them to no longer be one or in this condition of condemned and Sinful living being.The same is true with or types of and conditions of say a Murder, a Child Molester, a Rapist, or even a Politician. I am not wholly sure on the last one though. No I am teasing, even the politician can repent and be saved. Will he stop being a politician most likely not.

Yes its true a Murder can not enter Heaven or a Rapist or an Adultery or many of the others stated within the laws and statutes. But a repented sinner is no longer under the said condition of and at the heart of their being. True they may be still guilty in the flesh, but it shall pass the flesh shall pass away and what remains is the truth of your spirit.

I or no other here in this world knows your spirit. It is not for us to know the truth of each others spirit. Only GOD does this knowing of its condition. Your true condition of and to the truth of your spirit.

Hell my friend is Not as the would be believer describes it. It is not an eternal, damning, and torturing place of existence. Where forever and ever with out end the sinner is placed. But yes It is eternal and forever and ever. Hell is the separation of ones self from God or more correctly said, God separating His Self from you.

This is in the Scriptures and in the Good Book it is only at this time, promised to one and this would be Satan that IT is promised too. This Hell or separation of or from GOD the Source of everything. So yes we are all sinners, and yes we are all guilty, and yes one sin is not greater in the eyes of GOD than another.

This is the twisting tales of Satan trying to make believe that there is Diver places and things within GOD’s Being. There is no diversity or wavering in God’s mind. But there is much Divers places and Diversity within Satan's mind.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

No one can be saved by the laws and statues not one. And this is the Only truth. We are saved by Grace alone. GOD’s Grace is the only thing that can save us and it is by and through the Only begotten Son of GOD that we can and are SAVED with this Grace.

So unless you or I or the homosexual and lesbian repent and believe in and upon the Lord Jesus the Christ we shall not be saved.

Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Was In

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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      There is Only One Unforgivable Sin, and It can only be made By God's Elected and only at a certain Point in Time.

      Which is the Point in Time That These Elected are Judged By the false God or the Anti-Christ. Satan when he is return to Earth incarnate (his God given Body)will fool all the world, but these last few Holdouts.

      And he will trial them in such a way that All of the world will see.

      At this Time These Elected are instructed by the Holy Ghost or the Comforter Who is Christ our Lord Jesus in the Spirit.

      They being Elected will already Know HIM and IF they speak not what Christ will give to them in their final Hour in the Flesh before the whole earth. Then will they be guilty of such a Sin!

      This is the only Unforgivable sin of which I know about in the Good Book or the Story or Scriptures.

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Very well put...and I have been back and forth on this subject!

    • profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago

      Highvoltagewrite, Tis very true God Knows our very heart better than we do ourselves, He frowns on quitters though, He considers all that we go through and He is faithful to forgive, But If we are seekers and seek GOD's help and wisdom there is no need to end ones time here in this class room of life.

      With God we are very able I know of this awful hurting and desire to quit and go home. The devil and his Helpers are all about any who have this desire. Learn to send them away, learn to fill your heart with the truth of GOD, and His true Nature. Learn to overcome. Learn to be all that you may be and stop being a victim.

      God states it a few times in the Good Book. His children are destroyed for a lack of Knowledge. That God is able and willing to see you through to the natural end of your life.

      Satan has cause some and has stolen some and you are very correct He is able to discern the truth of the matter. And It is not an unforgivable Sin, but there is reward also that comes with a Job well done and for those who can and do make it till their numbered Days.

      We all belong to the Maker and He has given Us a job to do and quitting is Not an alternative that will Not bare a correction when you arrive Home.

      We are here to learn to do it Gods way and with His guidance. We are Here to learn to relate once again with a Father who has been kept from us. We are here to learn the truth of why we are here. And why we are as we are and not as we once were.

      But the biggest thing we are to learn is to whom we will follow. GOD, Satan, or ourselves. And God has given us the answer He said to chose Life. Not Death and not A dream of Life or a vision of Life, But true life unending and eternal and true Life. Chose Me God has said. It will be worth It! Thank you for the read and comment.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      The bottom line for me is our relationship with the God who will judge us and understands us better than we understand ourselves! God can deliver us from ANYTHING! It all depends if we want to be delivered, for many times we get in the ways of that deliverance!

      There are some who think that if a person takes his own life that is a insult that God will not forgive. I say "bull snot"! For God sees the heart of every person HE has created!

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      If one is content with not knowing, then they have surrendered their own Lives and souls over to all and any who would claim to Know. I claim to Know will you give to me than your soul?

      I would think Not! The open debate or free will discussion is that we all Have this free will. I do not want the responsibility of your souls or even your flesh or Spiritual body. That is Solely between thy self and the Maker.

      Don't mistake My veracity for a condescending Know it all attitude please! It is not I do however have a very strong Faith in my Father and His Nature. You state it very clearly and then you end with stating we shouldn't try to take His place.

      If the head of the house is not in the house and an elder is, the mindful and faithful children and servants then mind the elder.

      God has not left any one here in charge including Satan we are all giving Authority over this One and any Like him. I can only say that those who do not take heed and mind the other elders. They then will answer unto the Master or Father when He has returned unto the home.

      Yes there are many Who have false understanding of the order of the house hold. The elder should become the servant and should also be about the masters work and House Hold.

      We see this often with our own children. Mom did not leave you in charge! You are not the boss of me! etc, etc, It is not my place to do anything, but to inform those in this house of the information that is at hand.

      And then separate from those causing confusions and Harm. The oldest is not often the one who knows the most or is closest to the Master of the Household.

      But they do not yield ground or their belief of their authority or their knowledge of what is and has been About the Master and His Works or business.

      This is why you see many degrees among the children of this world. And in the many so call true and faithful churches. I am not Judging any I am stating the Facts which have lead me to be closer than ever to My Father, My creator, My GOD.

      These are the end times and Many shall not turn from the one who has been and whom is lying, cheating, and stealing.The Masters truth or the truth of His Nature. I find it easy to state the things I once would have called into questioning myself.

      But I also find it easy to accept that the unlearned follower or the younger child has not yet come to the same understandings of the Master and His House, as some of the Other elder children

      So If the Master is not at Home and the One who was to be in charge is burning down the house. What than are we to do?

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

      One has a right and a duty to righteous indignations. The house has been set a flamed once to often and the Master is Near, no He is At the Door. I know I can not change any Who does not want to change.

      But I am not about changing any! I am about Being free from my accountability to My Fathers House Hold Though! And we are all family here. We All live in the Same House under the Same roof and under the Same Father.

      But one of Us has claimed the Fathers role. I am about telling any who will hear and see the truth of the matter. Even if I do not possess the whole truth myself. I know right from wrong and I have come to Know the Father and His Son.

      But we are all held accountable for are own doings! I have a free Mind to the fact that I forewarned those near to me, in the House. I do not seek out others they and I cross paths for a reason. I am not A hunter of souls.

      But If any fall into the icy streams of lies and deceptions. And are in my view or earshot I have been so commanded to Help and try to aide in their recovery and bring them unto the safe shore.

      Nothing more, nothing less. You and I shall believe and do as we wish for the Father has not left any one in charge, but has said that you should not listen or heed the stories of a certain one or any like Him.

      We are commanded to be about Our fathers Business or His House.

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      I thought we were having an open faithfull discussion, if you are honest in the deepest of your faith, you know that God states things, you also know that translations and understandings lead to interpretations, which is the reason why I find it big to judge and punish others, to make big statements, etc...

      THe thing is to focus on evolving the best way we can as Beings and not spend our time judging or punishing.

      Love is the way and the purpose and will always be.... a lot of that is not Love!

      I mean, we know we are living in Satan's world, being conscious without being belligerant is the way. Goodness, yes!

      You are sharing your experience and vision, others have others'. You are talking about CHurches teaching things, all human being is unique, his vision, his experience with God would be different. I am searching for the words to state things right, to cummunicate my thoughts clearly: God is Love, God is Good, God is truthfull, God is faithfull and he is God. We are not. So, there are things we shouldn't try to do at his place.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      We Don't Know what NiaLee? What is it that we do not know? The Assurance is very well knowable for the one who has said and made the promise Is GOD Himself.

      It is Very Knowable and It is an assurance GOD keeps His Promises. But Yes this means the truth then lies with the one seeking the promise. Am I trying Hard enough? Did I do it correctly? Am I a true believer?

      But here is the kicker to this that many Churches do not Teach GOD Counts your truthful Tries as successes! If you truly tried and endured as best as you can. GOD counts the act as completely did and done.

      Yes My dear we all can Know if we seek we will find the knowledge that is needed to be assured. If we endure till our end. And even If we have Failed by All the worlds standards. We have succeeded by GOD's If is what causes many to Hope of the Assurance that GOD will Keep His Promises.

      We all know IF we have gave it are best shot or not. So I now know I no longer HOPE there is no IF on this Case and This Point for me it has taken me thirty plus years to reach this stage of my belief.

      GOD is ever Faithful True and Able to Keep that Promise of Salvation which only Guarantees your eternal life.

      Some are under the impression that the new Heaven is only a place of rest and heavenly pleasures. IT is NOT God works Six days out of the week and rests but One.

      THIS is NOW a new promise to all of Heaven there is work that will be done. GOD is a creator and Must work it is what He does His Purpose and we are to part of His creating. Heaven is only Heaven Because there is No longer any Lies of Self. It is about being selfless.

      Never Let anyone fool you to the LOVE and purpose that we were created for GOD Created Us to experience the wonders of His abilities, which are endless. There will never be a dull moment in Heaven. God has told us Our wildest dreams can't compare to what He has in store for Us to experience with Him.

      I have seen many wonders and experienced many of this worlds offerings. I am not about to miss out on what GOD has to show and teach Me, in His realm. I know He will Keep all of His Promises.

      Whomsoever Will Shall Succeed NO doubt about It! It is all up to you and the choice is a very simple one. Life here in Satan's World or realm becomes much more bearable when the truth settles in. What shall you Chose Life or Death? GOD or Satan or possibly Man. Christians are Humble before God. Not about Him and His Promises.

      Thank you for the read and Comment. God is Able, Faithful, and always True He is Not the God of Confusions! He will not make you Guess at anything you seek to Know about Him and His Promises. Will you seek them to the best of your abilities is what Satan always tries to make us Feel. Seek and you Shall find. Knock and the door is thrown open wide.

      God Bless your journey may your paths be set and clear, set sails and become the captain of your own ship. You and You alone stand before God If you Have not chosen the Light, the Way, and the Truth. The Alpha the Omega, the only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Our Lord and Saviour. The Whole Worlds One and Only Saviour! For Jesus Is GOD in the flesh. Never fear He is always Near.

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      knowledge, especially in this area allows us to have the humility and the awareness that we don't know. we just don't know should be content with that.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Also take Heed to the very message given in Peter's request, but my Hands and and Head also. Peter Wished that Not only the Path be made clear to him, but also the instructions and the works of His hands.

      The Reference is important because it is a type of instruction or a hint to How The anti-Christ will control those of the end times.

      The mark of the Beast is the number of a man when Satan was cast from Heaven by the other Two thirds they be little him and said is this the man that thought himself equal as to GOD? The Sign of the Anti-Christ is the Six Six Six the sixth Seal, the Sixth Trump, and the Sixth Vail that is porn upon this our earth.

      And Satan will come in the like manner as Christ risen or rose back into Heaven He will descend unto the earth.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

      The two at that event yes, they where dressed in White But Satan and even Satan's angel can appear to be as angels of Light. ever wonder who those that were there will be here are? It is these two for they are chained to earth and waiting the return of Satan who is in heaven Held by Micheal the Arched Angel the one who was raised up.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      There are Basically four types of people or spirits upon this our Earth where Satan is the ruling Prince of It

      1. There are those who confess Not Christ has come and do Not keep His words or do His works.

      2. There are those that confess that he has come and keep not His words or do His works

      3. There are those Who do not confess that He has come. But Keep His words and do His works.

      And then there are those Who confess that He has come and keep His words and do His works.

      We can not serve two masters and Mammon There are But three that Bare witness of the truth in Heaven and they are GOD, Satan, and Man.

      Neither Man's or Satan's truth Hold any Water only One provides Life eternal. And GOD has told us who that one is the Lord Jesus the Christ is The Only begotten Son of GOD and of Man. Satan has excluded Himself from the Mix.

      GOD needs A new Part to replace the Old that has fallen and that part is from both the former and the new creations of GOD's former Son's and the new One that was created on the eighth Day.

      Those who are not for Us are against Us. But there are those who are still Not known of by either of the two Authorities of Heaven.

      Which is to say that have not chosen yet and God wishes them to Chose and will provide a time for all to do so. We are all washed in the Water and of those who accept they are washed in the Blood which saves and very soon we all shall be bathed in the fire which cleanses.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 6 years ago

      If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.

      Jhn 13:8 Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.

      Jhn 13:9 Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.

      Jhn 13:10 Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash [his] feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Homosexuality is a condition of ones flesh and yes the spirit is afflicted by this condition. But it is no longer condemned by it.

      Once we are washed in the blood of our Saviour. All of our Sins are forgiven and none can pluck you out of God's hands. That is None! Not even you, your self can, you can no longer lift or break the promises of God, do you know these promises? They are for good deeds and for wrongful deeds. They are Blessing and cursing And Know God Does Not Carry out the cursing or wish for any to be cursed.

      This is why there is a judgment and it is for every last one of us who passes through this plain and desires to get into the next. But take *Warning* all will suffer their part of Hell or in Hell.

      This is to say we all get what we got coming to us. Be it a reward, a correction, or the damnation of the fatal sentence of Death eternal, we all get what we got coming.

      Have you erased any of your Sins? Did you know that you could or that you have a need to? Just as a pardon criminal in prison may be pardon, as long as he is under the prison wardens rule he can then be again incriminated of a crime. But yet he still must go before the Judge and there is only One as far as we are all concerned.

      You or I or any other are no longer of the flesh when we truthfully repent and accept the gift, but for those spirits who have Not truthfully repented and accepted the promise all things have now become law binding, which is to say the law has a hold upon them. But Not us who have repented not any longer, but all things are not beneficial to your flesh or the spirit, and your souls placement in GOD's Heaven, as long as you are under Satan's RULE.

      We are three separate parts which make up our whole Being. Here in Satan's world and since this world our earth began we have been three parts a Spirit Body reborn into a Flesh Body which answers to a Soul. The Master of Both Bodies. Past, present, and future. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The return to the way it once was before the Fall is this last phase of the program that God Has Laid out this is what the END Time Prophecy is all about or the Book of Revelation.

      The passage of John 3:3 And John 3:5 Do you understand what it is that Jesus has told the elder of the church Truthfully, yes truthfully I say unto you Elder. Only those who are Born again Into the flesh by the way of woman are allow to see Heaven again. and Unless the first be washed and tried and then judged they shall never enter the Kingdom again.

      Jesus is speaking to the elder about Satan and the fallen angels the elder had concerns that all of this would be done in Vain and for nothing, but it is not so with GOD, He does nothing Vainly or without a purpose.

      So if your Lot in this flesh life is to be Gay then learn the reason behind the reasonings of GOD. Ask of Him and you Shall receive what it is that you need to know to be accepted and be set free.

      WHOMSOEVER Believes upon and in My only Begotten Son shall receive the Gift of Salvation! As long as they meet the requirements duly set from above. or in John 3:3-John 3:5 always find the subject matter of any verse that is ever quoted to you and then read the complete book and at the very least the whole chapter from which the quoted verse is taken.

      The Bible is Not A legal Document for the Saved and repented Soul. But yes it is For the soul that is not Humbled and has not repented and none shall this Law save!

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 6 years ago

      Homosexuality is equivalent to being a drug addict and it is a sin and needs to be repented of and set free from, this can only be decided on by the sinner themselves, and where God steps in and sets them free from their mental "Bondage" and slave to sin.

      Rom 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

      Rom 3:26 To declare,I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

      Take the words "in Jesus" here and not only here but all over the the KJV its like being in Noahs Ark, then you are "In Christ" and then you get to go to heaven.

      Jhn 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

      Jhn 3:5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

      Jhn 3:7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

      Rom 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.



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