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Who Is Venus Satanas?

Updated on October 22, 2017
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Read more articles written by Venus Satanas on the subjects of Satanism, Witchcraft and magic

Venus Satanas 2017

Venus Satanas, 2017
Venus Satanas, 2017 | Source

Venus Satanas and Her Work in Satanism

People from all over the world search the internet about Satanism today. In this day and age we have a wealth of knowledge available to us. Venus Satanas has made her contribution to this knowledge with her series of videos, writings and blog posts that have helped Satanists all around the world.

Venus Satanas became a Satanist in 1992, when she found a book on Satanism at the local library. She was only 13 at the time. This book was The Church of Satan written by Anton LaVey and Blanche Barton. This book showed her that Satanism was real, and it had the potential to be a useful spiritual path. Venus became a Satanist that year with a pact that she made with Satan in a personal ritual.

Satanism called to her in a personal way. She could relate to the ideas in the Satanic Bible. She found that Satanism allows us to accept our humanity and to live live without guilt or sin, enabling us to make the most of the here and now.

The Spiritual Satanist Website

In the early days of the internet, there wasn't much available for Satanists to learn from. All we had was a few bulletin boards, and a few organizations that were all vying for a chance to be in the spotlight.

So, Venus started writing about Satanism in 2004 at her website, Theistic Satanism and Magic. She wrote about her own experiences in Satanism, and about the history of Satanism in general. This site evolved into a resource for Satanists over the years, transforming into the site that is today, at Spiritual Satanist. The Spiritual Satanist site receives thousands of visitors worldwide every week.

That same year in 2004, she made a re-dedication with Satan and took on her personal magical name, Venus Satanas. In her personal re-dedication with Satan, her mission became focused on Satanic outreach and education for those who are seeking to become Satanists.

At the Spiritual Satanist site there are three sections, containing everything you may want to know about Satanism. The first section is on Satanism subjects, the history of Satanism and how to become a Satanist. Included with this is a useful and well-referenced FAQ on general Satanism. The second section is about Witchcraft and Satanic Magic, how to work with elemental and moon magic and how to perform Satanic ritual. The third section is on Satanic Demonology and the history of Demons.

At the Spiritual Satanist website you can also read about Venus' personal life in Satanism. There is also a section on interviews that people have done with Venus throughout the years. There is a page for her most popular and recent videos. In addition to this, Venus' work has been referenced in academic presentations, journals and books.

Venus Satanas at Youtube

In 2007, Venus Satanas started making videos about Satanism on Youtube. At the time there were few Satanists in the field who were willing to get on camera and discuss Satanism. Her channel became an instant success and she gained thousands of followers, fans and friends in the years to come. Some of the subjects that she talks about are Satanism and social issues, Occultism, ritual, witchcraft, tarot and other metaphysical subjects.

Venus is independent, she doesn't belong to any organizations or groups, and she doesn't have her own organization or group. She wants people to make up their own minds when it comes to Satanism. She doesn't consider herself to be a high priestess, all though she does have a large following.

Spiritual Satanist

Learn about Spiritual Satanism
Learn about Spiritual Satanism
Left Hand Path Books, your source for Occult knowledge
Left Hand Path Books, your source for Occult knowledge | Source

Left Hand Path Books Blog & More

Along with her work in Satanism, Venus is also interested in research materials that Satanists use to educate themselves. She started the Left Hand Path Books blog to showcase some of the best and most recent talent in Satanic literature.

In the past ten years more books have been written by Satanists and about Satanism than ever before. This blog provides an outlet for learning about Satanism and it is especially useful for those who want to dive into the darker side of the occult, but they don't know where to begin.

The Left Hand Path Books Blog is also unique because it is the first blog of it's type to actually review books on Satanism and the Left Hand Path. Of course, there are a variety of other subjects covered at this blog that may be of interest to Satanists like Chaos magic, Tarot decks, Ritual and Ceremonial Magic, and witchcraft.

Over time the Left Hand Path Books Blog has become an important resource for those who want to learn about Satanism, and for those who are seeking a decent outlet for Satanic books.

Spiritual Satanist Blog

The Spiritual Satanist Blog is the supplemental blog to the Spiritual Satanist site. At this blog, Venus connects with members of the Satanic community with her posts focused on social issues that are important to Satanists.

Also, Venus takes the time to answer mail that is sent to her from people all around the world who want to learn about Satanism. She answers the important questions that people want to know about if they are just beginning in Satanism. She began this blog in 2009, and it is updated regularly.

Satanic Outreach
Satanic Outreach

Outreach for Satanism

Venus Satanas is dedicated to helping people learn about Satanism. Even though she is a Spiritual Satanist, she writes about Satanism from an objective perspective so that others can make up their own mind when it comes to learning about Satanism.

She is focused on independent Satanism and she believes that independence is the the best possible path for Satanists. It is her hope that people will find her work to be a valuable resource for years to come.

You can contact her through her website, or alternatively, through her IRC chat channel #satanity that she co-owns with her Satanic friend, Troll Towelhead. You can also join her Twitter and Facebook fan page to stay updated on all of her projects.

Women's Voices in Magic

Read about Venus' life in Satanism
Read about Venus' life in Satanism | Source

Projects and Contributions

Women's Voices in Magic

Venus was invited among a select group of women who are involved in Satanism, magic, the occult and the Golden Dawn to write about their personal experiences. In Satanism, much like many other kinds of occult orders and practices, you will find that women are greatly outnumbered. Being an outspoken woman in Satanism, Venus was one of two Satanists chosen to contribute to this project.

Women's Voices in Magic reveals the intimate lives of women and how they have had to deal with working in a world of magic and the occult made mostly for men. Venus contributed her own story about her life as a Satanist in this wonderful anthology book. Women's Voices in Magic is edited by Brandy Williams and published by Immanion Press, available at Amazon.

Jordan James / Masters of Invocation

In 2010 Venus was invited to contribute on the ritual black ambient album, Masters of Invocation. Described as 'the darkest Music in Creation', this incredible work was put together by Jordan James and includes the work of some of the most interesting and infamous occult personalities of the time, including Jade Sol Luna, Kindra RavenMoon Helene DeLaCroix, and more.

Masters of Invocation is music appropriate for the ritual chamber. According to the Pagan Radio Network, this is "Truly orignal and unique devotional Neo-Pagan music!" And, according to Jade Luna, "The people I chose for the CD all have a deep practice in what they do." Jade also said that those who were involved with this project are "people from various Left-Handed path invoking deities of the underworld."

In Venus' invocation for Masters of Invocation, she called upon the four demonic quarters in a ritual that opened the gates of Hell.

An Introduction to

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