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India -Who Rules.- (Tamil Nadu Temple State )

Updated on September 17, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Tourists come to Tamil Nadu.

Politics in Tamil Nadu is more important like any other state in India.The Golden Temple of Sri.Mahalaxmi at Velore,Sri.Meenakshi Temple at Madurai.Lord Shiva Temple at Chidambaram and so many are there that exist including temples of 4th century that attract people in every part of Tamil Nadu itself. Most of the temples are decicated to Lord Shiva.

Tamil Nadu was under DMK rule for nearly 12 years with a Chief Minister who was a atheist.Politics do not bother people who want to see what they want in India.Tamil Nadu was and is a tourist paradise for young or the old they could enjoy seeing temple from Kanyakumari to any border of Karnataka,Kerala and Andhra.These states in itself is a tourist paradise.Tamil Nadu was under Congress rule for over 55 years and improved in every direction due to the dedicated work of Chief Ministers who were never questioned on their integrity and efficiency.It was with every Industry of all kinds with port fecility well established by the British Rulers over 100s of years.The State had the highest number of Textile Mills and had a Textile Mill managed by the Britishers at Chennai ( Madras earlier ),the Name Binny Mill was on the lips of every Textile Man in the world.known for Fine Fabrics,Woolen Fabrics,Cotton & Woolen Blended Suiting & Shirting's as also Silk Fabrics mostly Sarees from its unit at Bangalore.The mills closed due to Labor Problems and Politics plus Bad Management by people who purchased the mill from the British.One loss was another gain and many other industries including Textile Mills at Coimbatore flourished due to better management.After the exit of congress rule the state fell in to the Hands of DMK & ADIMK and things did not improve till few years.Any improvement was only due to the Private Industry with out much support from the Government.

Whatever Tamil Nadu can boast of today is not attributable to any political party.The whole country is aware how a Minister made money in 2G scam.If only he had some interest in his home state he as TELECOM minister could have given the entire state of Tamil Nadu in every village at least Broadband connectivity so that the state could boast of as connected to the whole World.The country's leading telecom provider BSNL has no LAND LINE in thousands of villages.BUT they have cell phones which create health hazards to people.

While the CHIEF MINISTER maintains all IAS,IPS,IRS & IFS officers under her control how can any minister give orders to any IAS officers.The Minister for Electricity is allotted prohibition and Excise,There is no Prohibition in TAMIL NADU so why this portfolio,the Excise Dept is the most corrupt dept,how can he prevent corruption it is under the Chief Minister.There is a Minister for URBAN development not RURAL development.There are 2 Ministers for Education why so,one for schools the other for colleges.Is it not possible for one man to look after Education when the Chief Minister can have 9 portfolios.Fishermen are killed by SriLankan Army and this is not taken seriously and the Chief Minister has dumped it on some one else and who knows how he will fish in troubled sea borders with Srilanka. Though there are ministers for various functions to administer the state only the Chief Minister keeps all decisions and no minister can take any decision by himself even if he sees that there is a need to do something urgently.Go to any village and ask the local farmer if his problems for water are satisfactory and listen to his helpless position he is in due to politics.Improper and adhoc decisions taken by the local govt.The only answer they say is we work as per directions of our superiours.

The List of Ministers and there portfolios are as under just look at it please.

1 J.Jayalalithaa — Chief Minister, Public,Indian Administrative Service,
Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, General Administration,
District Revenue Officers, Prevention of Corruption, Police, Home
2.) Panneerselvam — Finance
3 ) K.A.Sengottaiyan — Agriculture
4 ) R.Viswanathan — Electricity, Prohibition and Excise
5 ) K.P.Munisamy — Municipal Administration, Rural Development
6 ) C.Shanmugavelu — Industries
7 ) R.Vaithilingam — Housing and Urban Development
8 ) S.S.Krishnamoorthy — Food
9 ) C.Karuppasamy — Animal Husbandary
10)P.Palaniappan — Higher Education
11)C.Ve.Shanmugam — School Education
12)Sellur K.Raju — Cooperation
13)K.T.Pachamal — Forests
14)Edappadi K.Palanisamy — Highways and Minor Ports
15)S.P.Shanmuganathan — HR & CE
16)K.V.Ramalingam — Public Works
17)S.P.Velumani — Special Programme Implementation
18)T.K.M.Chinnayya — Backward Classes
19) M.C.Sampath — Rural Industries
20)P.Thangamani — Revenue
21)G.Senthamizhan — Information
22)S.Gokula Indira — Commerical Taxes and Registration
23)Selvi Ramajayam — Social Welfare
24)B.V.Ramanaa — Handlooms and Textiles
25)R.B.Udhayakumar — Information and Technology
26)N.Subramanian — Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare
27)V.Senthil Balaji — Transport
28)N.Mariyam Pichai — Environment
29)K.A.Jayapal — Fisheries
30)E.Subaya — Law, Courts and Prisons
31)Budhichandhiran — Tourism
32)S.T.Chellapandian — Labour

32 Ministers must be asked to take chage of one district and show what they have to that district to make it better forgetting their party and work with people in rural areas if they are doing no practicals but office work they may do home work after their terms expires.One person the chief minister cannot improve such a huge state.This is India's 4thlargest state.
The state needs almost one minister for one district.Very large state in South India we do have 32 ministers and hopr this temple state will be made at least tourist friendly.

Analyses of Districts.

1Ariyalur- 3208 - Kilometers - , Population - 7,54,894

2)Chennai - 178.2- Sq Kilometers - Population - 46,46,732

3)Coimbatore - 7469,Sq Kilometers - Population - 34,58,045

4)Cuddalore - 3678-Sq Kilometers - Population - 26,05914

5)Dharmapuri- 4497,77 - Sq Kilometers - Population - 15,06,843

6)Dindigul - 6268.64 - Sq Kilometers - Population -2,59,775

7)Erode - 8161.91,Sq Kilometers - population - 22,51,744

8)Kancheepuram- 7857 - Sq Kilometers - Population -39,98,252

9)Kanyakumari - 1672 - Sq Kilometers - Population - 18,70,374

10)Karur - 2895.57 -Sq Kilometers - Population -10,64,493

11)Krishnagiri - 5,143 - Sq Kilometers - Population - 18,70,374

12)Madurai -3741.73 Sq Kilometers - Population - 30,38,252

13)Nagapattinam - 2715.83 Sq Kilometers - Population - 16,16,450

14)Namakkal - 3363-,Sq Kilometers - Population - 17,26,601

15)Perambalur - 3690.07,Sq Kilometers - Population - 5,65,223

16)Pudukkottai- 4663 -,Sq Kilometers- Population 16,18,345

17)Ramanathapuram- 4089.57-Sq Kilometers - Population- 13,53,445

18)Salem - 5205 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 34,82,056

19)Sivaganga- 4086,Sq Kilometers - Population - 13,39,101

20)Thanjavur - 3396.57 - Sq Kilometers - Population - 24,05,890

21)Theni - 3068 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 12,45,899

22)The Nilgiris - 2452.57,Sq Kilometers - Population - 7,35,394

23)Tirunelveli- 6810,Sq Kilometers - 30,77,233

24)Thiruvallur - 3424 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 37,28,104

25)Tiruvannamalai - 6191 -,Sq Kilometers - 24,64,875

26)Thiruvarur - 2161-,Sq Kilometers - Population - 12,64,277

27)Thoothukudi - 4521 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 17,50,176

28)Tiruchirapall- 4407 -,Sq Kilometers - Population -27,22,290

29)Tiruppur- 5186.34 - Sq Kilometers - Population -24,79,052

30)Vellore- 6077 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 39,36,331

31)Vilupuram - 7217 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 34,58,873

32)Virudhunagar - 4288 -,Sq Kilometers - Population - 19,42,288

Let me take the states performance district wise.

District Ariyallur -

  • 1 ) This has 3208 sq kilometers area with a population of 7,54,894 people.
  • 2 ) 3208 sq kilometer is 345,306,24,617.736 sq feet.Land Available.
  • 3 ) 34530624617.736 divide by people equals - 45742 sq ft per person.
  • 4 ) Each person to get 2400 sq ft which is - 18,117,45,600 sq ft.
  • 5 ) Land Available - 345,306,24,617.736.sq ft.
  • 6 ) Land Required for housing all people - 18,117,45,600 sq ft.
  • 7 ) Balance Land Available - 327,188,79,017 sq ft.
  • 8 ) 40% for Building and Roads by govt for public - 13087551606 sq ft.
  • 9 Balance Land still Available - 19631327411 sq ft.
  • 10) Govt Buildings only for Govt 10%
  • 11) Govt Buildings for Public Utilities 10%
  • 12) Public Utility's - 10%
  • 13 ) Plumbing - 10%
  • 14 ) Parks - 10%
  • 15 ) Forests Lakes Hillocks - 10%
  • 16 ) Farm Lads - 30%
  • 17 ) Others - 10%

I do not know any town planning but would like to know if some planning is done in at at-least though a district but a town or a village.The govt has built many roads and bridges but is it done as per a master plan or just because there was a need at that point of time or just to please some group of people who were politicians and interested in getting some work done to get votes.

This is a political plan to politicians in politics.The Planning Commission is abolished now.

Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu.

1 ) Sakthi Mariamman Engineering College(SMEC) has been established by Kannammal Educational Trust, with the intention of bringing technical education to both rural and urban students and to produce best engineers.The Founder Chairman,Sri K.N.Ramachandran, a Humanist, Self-made man, Educationist and a Philanthropist has received the “Rashtriya Rattan Award” for outstanding individual achievements and distinguished service to the Nation during the year 2001.He has realized his dream of starting Sakthi Mariamman Engineering College in a sprawling 10.89 acre campus.The college has been approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, The State Board of Technical Education,in Eng'g Government of Tamil Nadu and is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The college is in its 14thyear of inception. The buildings and amenities for the college have been established in a permanent structure spanning around 2,50,000 sq. ft..

2 ) Shekhawati Institute of Engineering & Technology established in 2009. Shekhawati Institute of Engineering & Technology is approved by AICTE, New Delhi & affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota & recognized from Govt. of Rajasthan. SIET offers the following courses in the field of Engineering & Technology. Teaching and learning approach to the following courses is totally professional and industry oriented. Shekhawati Institute of Engineering & Technology offers the following courses in the field of Engineering & Technology.

Did you know that Tamil Nadu, home to India’s first engineering college at Guindy (established in 1857) currently has the second largest number of engineering institutes after Andhra Pradesh? Today, the most commonly offered branches in Top Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu are Electronics & Communication, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. However, it has the largest number of institutes offering Mechanical, Civil and IT programmes in the country.

While Alagappa College of Technology, Chennai (AAA+) offers one of India’s only three leather technology programmes, Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai (AAAA) offers one of the very few programmes in rubber technology in the country. The other standalone programmes in the state are Geo Informatics and Robotics Automation. SRM University is perhaps the only one to offer a B.Tech in Genetic Engineering. This year, the state’s top institute IIT Madras is rated AAAAA among the Top Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu 2014. NIT Tiruchirappalli and Anna University (CEG Campus) rated at AAAA+ share the same rating with five good private players namely Vellore Institute of Technology, PSG College of Technology Coimbatore, Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai, SASTRA Thanjavur and Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham University Coimbatore, though we found that the differential score was not uniform among the institutes. There are five institutes rated at an AAAA level among the Top Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu 2014. Interestingly, several institutes upgraded their score to AAA+ and AAA in 2014.

Chief Minister Jayalalitha.

She is called as AMMA not Chief Minister.
She is called as AMMA not Chief Minister.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks for your info.

      It was same in Karnataka.

    • profile image

      Dindigul Raja 6 years ago

      The minister for Excise itself is Corrupt.Demanding a huge huge sum of money for issuance of Bar licenses.How did he donate a sum upto Rs 15 crores to the party fund within not even a year of gaining the portfolio.

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 6 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks Mr.reverseharles.

    • reversecharles profile image

      reversecharles 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      useful for introductory research, well written


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