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Racial Superiority - Who Will Be the Star of the Story?

Updated on June 21, 2015

Who Will Be the Star of the Story?

Bible history isn’t finished yet, meaning that we have yet to see the ultimate fulfillment of the biblical program started in the Garden of Eden and jump started by YHWH and Jesus. YHWH repents, Jesus saves, Christ rules, and we do what but evolve along with them to a point where we embody the vision of God consciousness for our own selves.

Where does this put us on the global spiritual compass today? We are in a time of racial subterfuge where it is planned to make the world all one race by eliminating others and stealing their culture, property, resources, and knowledge. This is all for the sake of a power elite not utopia, but a point proven.

The power elite want to prove to God that they are baddd. They want to be the ones to say to God that God is wrong and they are right when it comes to how to rule the world, life and the universe. This conflict goes back eons and so far the power elite has failed every single time even when their technology was light years ahead of ours today. My question is when will they see the light?

The answer is when their followers are informed. They can do nothing in this world without the cooperation of the masses, so they study mass control. So far it has been Marxian. This is the extent of their weapon technology which is weak because life can never be contained and it flows through, over, and around every obstacle.

It is only a matter of time before people awaken to the Christ consciousness that will bring them out of the rat race no matter what their circumstances, and into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Kingdom of God already and always has been, but it’s not Heaven, it’s whatever we make it out to be whether Heaven orHell.

The more of us that get with the right program,even if it’s just an individual’s achievement of attaining God consciousness for themselves, the more problems we solve on Earth. You can change the world with the achievement of personal Christhood. This is the temple spoken of in Revelation – the temple of the living Christ consciousness with life emanating from it. The seven spirits of God are the seven major chakras. All spiritual schools can teach further into what this means. Right now for us in the world today it means East meets West, which is where the South went and carried their culture as a foundation for society, so it includes the whole world as Southern culture became global culture.

Southern Legacy

The South left an enormous influence on contemporary living even if most of that culture was lost in history a very long time ago. Consider who is writing history and you will know why. However there are always new discoveries of Southern artifacts through pyramids and surrounding areas. Currently several archaeological finds are being excavated and researched. Add to that the current contributions of many Southerners in the diaspora.

So why is the South hated so much? Jealousy, covetousness, envy, fear – they hate us because they ain’t us. Other hemispheres need to treasure their own character and stop vying for position as number one in all things for all the world. No one can be everything. We can encompass some of everything, but certainly not all of everything except through the Oness of All with each individual contribution to the collective.

So really this is not a contest to see who will come out in the lead. We already know that God is a paradox who puts the first last, the last first the low high, and the high low, and then does it all over again and again. In the Oness of All there is no one better than another. We are all individually and collectively the best that we can be. What needs to happen on our end is the understanding that we are all connected and need each other. We need to understand this before we can all live in together in love, under love, and by love.

The star of the story is the Oness of All of us.

We Are the Champions

Something You Can Do About It


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