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Why forgive ?

Updated on June 4, 2012

So many times someone close to us - maybe mother , father, sister, wife, husband, friends - point out to us that "you have picked up this accent from someone", "I have never seen you talk like this", "Where did you learn this from" . Where does this come from then?

When a child is born she is like a blank slate..Each day of her, friends, strangers and numerous new situations leave a mark on mark. It is like so many people paint on an empty canvas and create you.

According to me a person is like a collage of various ideas, attitudes and behaviors picked up from several instances in his/her life.

Then, the next question arises is - Is there anything called originality?

Yes, of-course.. what one picks up from the environment are the ingredients..several thousands of ingredients but how one applies it.. how one mixes it to produce a perfect cocktail is the originality..and just like no two people look two ingredients match alike..hence so many different people do so many different things in their own style.

A thought worth pondering over here is ..If I am a mixture of several people good bad or the ugly I have met in my life ..should I carry a grudge over people .. should I hate someone because I have had an unpleasant experience with that someone.

In practical life, it is very difficult to ignore grudges, anger, urges for revenge or hatred but if one starts believing that even you yourself have a small part of the person ...he/she has rubbed some part of her/his on you then you would probably hate the other person less..

This topic is completely open for discussion as many might differ..But even if this theory helps one person to hate a little less I would feel happy that I was successful.

Following is a poem I have written to explain my point

Puddle of water in the rain-what meets you makes you

The silent night partied tonight,
a perfect silence had it all,
the dimlit moon ,the windy breezer,
the young stars danced their heart out,
and an occasional manmade one moved by,

I sit down in the moist field,
just wet by rain,
gazing at the sky,

sometimes in life you r not alone,
sometimes in life so much is told,
i found a friend who shared all,
the one next to whom i lay put,
the puddle of water spoke to me,
what is it that you look at son,
ask me once i ve seen it all,
i look weak i might be old,
but ders something very similar between me and you ,you must be told,
look at me son,
this is my life in front of you,
the passing cloud is the ticking clock,
i started with a drop in this cozy warm moist land,
what makes me wise ? what makes me have the ripple you are so fascinated about?
every drop of me is a gift given to me by the rain which just passed by,
i thank them all ..I owe them all,
each drop makes a travel ..a journey thousands of miles over,
a character different each one gets,
some come splashing,
some slide in,
stories of speed of love of war each one has told,
i take something from each one my son,
just like you,
i may be one but i am many,
every fellow who said hello,
rubbed a part of his or her life,
your family, your friends, your acquaintances my friend,
the ones you ve loved, the one you have fought,
they make you smile, they make you cry,
forgive them all and hugg them tight,
the trench i dig deep within,
i store my love in its heart,
the rain has gone so i will fade,
but peace with all is what i take,
you have a life ahead of you,
'what meets you makes you' ,my friend
carry a smile give it to them all,
show them your love,
before you fall.

Brief summary of what Hinduism and Buddhism has to say about this

Forgiveness is an important act not for the one who has been forgiven but for those who forgive. If forgiven a person does not come clean. He/she will still be subjected to the Karma laws. So, don't worry about that person. Tell him/her why he she is wrong but forgive the person because you do not have to unnecessarily carry the burden of anger.


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    • profile image

      vpaulose 5 years ago

      Very excellent and thoughtful

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about forgiveness. I enjoyed your poem. I wish you much success here on Hubpage. Welcome.

    • p10kabhijita profile image

      Abhijit Aswath 5 years ago from India

      Thank you very much honeybee2u :)

    • honeybee2u profile image

      honeybee2u 5 years ago from PNG

      Forgiveness does not belong to the person who wronged us but it is for us. Yes, it is to start from within. The poem is great. Voted up.

    • p10kabhijita profile image

      Abhijit Aswath 5 years ago from India

      :) Thank you very much. Feels great to know that my first few attempts at poetry are appreciated.:)

    • unknown spy profile image

      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      forgiveness is the key we give ourselves as a gift to freedom...

      i love your poem very much.

    • p10kabhijita profile image

      Abhijit Aswath 5 years ago from India

      I could not agree more with your thought. If the cleansing process has to start somewhere, it should start from within us first.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      One may carry a resentment towards another person for a deed they don't even remember or think about.

      The greatest obstacle facing mankind is learning to love themselves and if we can't forgive ourselves even though God and others have then we will find the journey bitter and bleak.