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Who am I with a life in Dominica

Updated on March 16, 2012
traditional ware
traditional ware

Who am I with a life that began in Dominica

I am uniquely special and divinely created. I am blessed by the grace of God no matter what stage of life and living that I am at, right this moment.

I am blessed becauce I am aware, because I can make the decision the take my very next action to appreciate something or many things that keep me alive. My stuggles at this time is meant to make me stronger, I can decide to give in or find that lillte bit of strength within me that can begin to help me overcome. I have the assurance of so many heros before me. I have the assurance of the one who overcame death. I am fearless yet I fear the God of all goodness fear that I may not fully utilize the opportunites that come my way, so I try to remain alert, attentive to my intuition, for it it mine not yours. What a world we would have if there was no goodness and no hope.

I come from a source that is all good and powerful, it is within me to find, in order to acheive my devine will. My struggles may not end today but will always take me to a higher level based on my approach. As I become more intuned to the source which creates light within me, as I submit to the will of that source then there is hope for liberation.

As I become more aware that I am not meant to be alone, I begin to understand lif'e deeper lesson, the lessons taught from life arround me, lessons from my own enemies, do I hear what are they saying? Do I accept or do I reject? Those around me who care? Can I appreciate? Do I accept or do I reject? How do I draw to me the power that I need? It is by giving give of myself to those who need, to that which I am passionate about. I am unique I cannot be you, I don't want to be you. I can learn from you though.

How do I love myself? I love myself by accepting me and my circumstances. I accept my self because my life lesson is unique. My path is unique, though ours may cross yours from time to time. When I am alone it is my heart that I feel, not yours, it is my dream when I lay me down to sleep. I love to fly in my dreams and I want nothing to hold me down, just want to soar like the birds, like the eagle over the mountain tops and beyond.

I am greatful for an island that was basically untouched, except by creation when I grew up, I worked hard on my parents small farm, but had fun with my siblings and other friends. We had to be creative to produce our own toys, these days are very special in my memory. I climbed the mountains many times to help contribute to maintaing my family. We farmed on the mountains. It is there that I have found the greatest peace so quiet, except for wind in the trees, chirping of the birds and the buzzings of busy insects. We ate pure foods our bodies were made strong. All under the purest sunlight, the coolest that comes with living on the mountain, the most beautiful shades of green that covered every possible strecth of my eyesight except for the part of the blue Caribbean Sea. Looking up, sometimes not a clould in the sky just the most breathtaking blue one can ever behold and every now and then a large silver bird way up in the sky and the trail of the engine sound long after it has passed.

Many years have passed, I had often wondered why was I born on this land sometimes not being able to fully appreciate how blessed I was at the time. Now I look back I would love to get back to that style and enjoy it even better with the knowlege and appreciation that I have gained over the years.

I wont bore you my present life story except to say that I have remained connected, I continue to work diligently with the tasks that come my way, to appreciate the people that I encounter, I try not to label, I remain in tune with my inner self, my deeper conscious self that is lighted, the voice that loves me, the voice that guides me, the voice that leads me to peace beyond all understanding. I come from a source that is LOVE, the more I learn to be appreciative the more blessed I become, the better I am able to overcome my challenges. Sometimes the challenges arrive, like weapons,those that come to steal my joy, but when they hit me, I become stronger, I am transformed, my challenges become fuel for my transformation. I am blessed and you can't touch me!


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