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Who are we? Do we even know who we are?

Updated on March 23, 2015

Who are we after divorce? Can we find our true meaning?

When I was younger, I knew what I wanted out of life and who I was. Now, it isn't as simple. When we are young, we have to find ourselves but as time goes by, we lose ourselves. Eventually, we have to reinvent ourselves. We are constantly figuring out who we are.

We get married and we are the wife. Then, we have children and we are the mom. Then, divorce comes and we no longer know who we are. We have been wife for so long, that we have lost sight of ourselves. Who are we? We, once again, have to re-invent ourselves. We have been so immersed in our married life, that we lose sight of ourselves. So, divorce comes and we are now a divorcee, with kids.

We are still moms but now we have to learn how to live without our other half. How can we do this when we have been a wife and don't remember who we are without him? Can we get back to who we were, before we were married?

Being a mom is great. Now, we have to learn to be a mom without a husband. That is not as easy as one might think. When you are married, you have another person who can help you raise your kids. Now, this same person has to raise your children as he see's fit. Now, your kids have two sets of rules and two separate parents, parenting differently. Again, we ask ourselves, who are we?

Time passes and you figure it out. You are now super mom. You can handle multiple things at once. You are now the person you were before marriage. Does it get easier? Yes, once you know who you are, you can take charge of your life. It just takes time to find out who you are.

Life must go on and your children need you. So, now you are the best you could ever be. You always were the best but going through divorce you lose sight of your awesomeness. You now have your groove back and you can't be stopped.

Congratulations, you are who you were always meant to be. Only difference is that now you know it.


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