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A Deadly Sin: The Sin of Gluttony

Updated on September 28, 2016

Heavy on The Miracle Whip Harry!

The Sin of Gluttony
The Sin of Gluttony

If I don't barf looking at all these greasy fattening food pics, I'll finish this hub pretty quick, not because I need a take out! No, my double meat feast cheese stuffed crust pizza is already in the oven.

Gluttony to all us mere mortals is in fact a Latin word ie gluttire. Meaning to swallow or gulp food or drink in an indulgent manner to the point of waste. Consuming large quantities of food, drink and other intoxicants to excess.

I'll explain in simpler terms. Gluttony is stuffing your face beyond any aspect of being hungry. Admittedly some cultures see excess as a vice while others see it as a sign of status. My cup cake is bigger than your cup cake! Hence, I'm better than you are!

The true form of gluttony falls under a few headings. Across the board there are a few slight differences but ultimately, the focus here is:

Too Much:

  • expensive (unnecessary, ridiculous, elaborate foods)
  • abundance (a lot of food, huge portions of magnitude)
  • eagerly (... I'll say it as it's meant ... STUFFING YOUR FACE)
  • engorge (... we're all guilty at times)
  • wildly (frantic)

A Vile Sense of Taste:

A phrase used to describe those that often seek delicacies and better quality foods, rather than those readily available. The Israelites escaping Egypt where more concerned about their bellies and they're love of garlic, onions and melons (to name a few) and asked God to help them out, so was their concern over their palates. With all the trouble they were facing you'd think food was the least of their worries.


Obesity is a medical condition. Resulting in excessive body fat that has accumulated to the extent of causing an adverse effect on health. Increases in various diseases: heart; diabetes; cancer and osteoarthritis. A direct result of eating too much. Far more than the body needs to function. In other words a direct reaction to long term gluttony. If you do suffer from obesity see your GP for guidance before you embark on any radical changes to your life style. The best of luck to you.

I've ordered, what do you want?

Fast food in abundance
Fast food in abundance
Big Mac Meal
Big Mac Meal | Source
Sugar donuts
Sugar donuts

We all Have a Weakness

We all succumb to our favorite fried foods every now and then. Of course we do! Ok some of us more than others of us.

The delightful pleasure of greasy food passing our lips is too great to resist! Admittedly the staying on our hips bit is not quite so delightful. Such is life.

Those fast food chippies and numerous take out joints don't stay open all night because the guys working in them don't have satellite TV. Nooooo. They have customers.

Fast food is worth millions of dosh because millions of people eat it. We put on the pounds while they make the pounds. Oh the joy.

There is nothing wrong with the odd bag of chips, a hot dog here and there or a cheeseburger as a treat. However, is dinner at 8pm followed by a greasy stomach clincher at 10pm gluttony? Is your late night stroll after a good dinner really an excuse to gorge on fried onion rings and battered burgers from the local chippy? Is nipping out for a curry after a plate of bolognese the norm?

If the thoughts of sharing your pizza causes you to break out in spots, your chocolate stash is under lock and key and take out is your usual supper? It may be time to admit it: you and gluttony are far too well acquainted. Might be time to distance your friendship.

A Tale of Gluttony:

The 27th president Big Bill aka William Howard Taft loved his grub. In fact Big Bill loved his food so much his 6ft 2 frame weighed in at more than 300 lbs.

After a particular captivating experience Big Bill redecorated the white house bathroom (he got stuck in the bathtub). There's worse places to get stuck I suppose.

The new tub was so large it could hold 4 large adults easily at the same time. I'm not spreading rumors, I'm strictly speaking measurements here!

That'll do for Starters

Trimalchio's Dinner

Encolpius and his buddies along with Agamemon were invited to a dinner party at Trimalchio's magnificent home. The party started at the bathing baths as they often did in those times. After a few canapés and cocktails it was off to the main banquet.

Trimalchio was quite the show off and had very elaborate tastes. He was a superb dinner party host. He adored extravagance so much so his parties were know far and wide for the magnificent and deliciously prepared foods he shared with his guests. This particular party represented (food wise) the 12 gods or as other sources claim the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The amazing courses flowed with abundance. Dishes of ram, bull, lobster and scorpion to name a few exotic meats got the ole juices flowing. No doubt an abundance of alcohol was also served.

If you'd like to know more about this play boy and his party antics look up the title "Trimalchio's Dinner". He's a famous fella when it comes to throwing a party with style. Gluttony and this chap are firm buddies and regularly meet up.

A Sinners Delight

The Original Bulimics

The Romans were the original bulimics. Gorging themselves at high banquets. So common was the practice of over eating among the Roman gentry that a particular room or space was allocated for vomiting. Once they had consumed so much that their stomachs could take no more, with the delight of consumption over ruling the normal triggers of the brain (fullness) these guys excused themselves to purge their digested food. With their stomachs empty they would return and be seated again to further gorge on the expectant dishes of a typical Roman feast. A welcomed and normal ritual of 10 courses or more. Traditionally the Roman orgy wasn't one of sex, as we believe, but rather an orgy of over indulgence in consuming food and drink.

I can't begin to think what a Roman banquette would have been like. The thoughts of the different aromas alone are enough to send me running to find my own allocated space.

A Final Thought

There is a lesson amid all these stories. Gluttony is an irresponsible approach to food and drink that triggers all kinds of other unhealthy attributes that we so easily try to defend, knowing we are flogging a dead horse (metaphor). We need to appreciate who we are and what we mean to those that love us, or possibly more importantly what we mean to ourselves.

A Famous Quote: Epicurus:

''Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.''

A quote with deep meaning, during times when tomorrow was but a dream. Another day was only a possibility of another sunrise. Another sunset was the only thing in the fore minds behind the strength of fighting soldiers. To dream of something that was at least possible. Knowing their families faces were mere memories and fighting for their king was an inevitable death.

Are you a glutton? If you are, what's your excuse ?

Is over eating a sin, should gluttons be punished?

See results

© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


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    • profile image

      willa D 8 years ago from anywhere

      i think these resicpice are great im going to make some very, very soon

    • Gabriel Wilson profile image

      Gabriel Wilson 8 years ago from Madeira, Portugal

      To eat until you find something you'd like to eat ? Or eat without thinking? Forgetting you've already eaten chocolate cake and order a take out ? Did you read this hub ? I am sure you have good intentions , but everything you say is exactly what this is about ! Gluttony .This is not an attack, the word exists because the actions do!

    • electricsky profile image

      electricsky 8 years ago from North Georgia

      No I am not a glutton.

      You convince me food is at the root of all evil. And bad health problems. However, I think some people eat until they find something they like to eat and are satisfied with it. Or they eat without thinking about what they are eating that is, if they are overeating. Or maybe they can't remember they just ate a chocolate cake before they turn to a fast food meal.??? Who knows.

      People need to think about healthy food and healthy eating, which would help them not to overindulge.

    • Gabriel Wilson profile image

      Gabriel Wilson 8 years ago from Madeira, Portugal

      I guess mutton and beef doesn't really do it by Roman standards . However there was always plenty to drink!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      "Ram, bull, lobster and scorpion" THAT is quite a combination for a dinner party! Think I'll pass on that menu! Ha!

    • Gabriel Wilson profile image

      Gabriel Wilson 8 years ago from Madeira, Portugal

      Welcome to Hubpages . Things we see on a regular bases are hard to grasp , but there's no point closing the door after the horse has bolted !

    • rwelton profile image

      rwelton 8 years ago from Sacramento CA

      Hi- New to HubPages - Good article: the old Live to eat vs. eat to live choice. Used to travel a lot for business and ended up seeing the same people in the same places often. At an all-you-could-eat buffet in Reno, I would often see the same horribly overweight person use a dinner plate for the dessert buffet, stand there in line and eat it all down and then go over and load up a small dessert plate with salad and go back to her table. Unclear on the concept.