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Who can save humanity?

Updated on February 19, 2013

An incarnation of Truth and Love!

No ruler can set right the present society!

Who controls everything in this world? Is it the state of polity? Each country is administered by the polity, aided by the bureaucrats, police, military and the legal system prevailing in the country. When there is conflict between two countries, the United Nations Organization comes into the picture. People exercise their franchise to elect their representatives. Those who secure a majority normally assume the leadership and they evolve the policy and plans for the welfare of the people. The bureaucrats assist the ministers in administering the state. There are well evolved systems in democratic nations. Conflicts generally arise due to various political systems that are in rule in different countries. The economy of a particular country depends upon its agricultural products, industries and oil wealth. The world is interconnected due to geographical facts, communication, trade and other areas which are mutually beneficial for each country. Health, education, employment and natural resources are some of the main issues of governance. When the political leaders are unable to contribute to the welfare of the people, many problems arise which give rise to revolts and civil wars.

Nowadays, we witness unrest in many of the countries which boasted robust economy once. The countries which had abundant oil wealth are torn asunder due to the interference of adjacent countries. The autocratic system of rule has given rise to continuous conflict between the government and rebel forces who want to change the system as well as the rulers. The once super powers want to play the ‘big brother’ with the afflicted countries. The result is more chaos than peace. The UN has become a mute witness to the conflicts all over the world and nobody in authority could solve any of the problems facing the world!

If we deeply study the world situation, almost all troubles began due to deterioration of moral societies. Righteousness does not prevail anywhere. None respect human values that were prevailing in the world previously. Stark materialism contributed to the decline in moral values. Parents do not follow the human values and hence the children too follow the footsteps of their parents. Utter selfishness has become the order of the day. All other species except the human follow their inborn instincts for billions of years without any noticeable change. But the human beings are the most vulnerable lot. They give into their senses and seek pleasures and comforts at any cost. All sections of society follow the whims and fancies of their mind without any discipline or culture practiced by their forefathers for many generations. People want quick money. There is cut throat competition everywhere. The leaders are mostly corrupt and the people follow their footsteps in cheating the society at large. Poor, innocent people suffer great agony in such a society. But the world has an invisible protector who intervenes when people become immoral and insensitive to the sufferings of others. The power assumes a human form, come amongst man and teaches Truth and Righteousness. The people look up at the Master, follow his footsteps and slowly correct their activities in tune with his teachings. Such great power manifests whenever there is decline of morality among the human beings and corrects the situation. Jesus Christ is one such great personality who enabled great changes in the heart of his followers and hence his teachings are relevant even to the present day society.

Likewise, Prophet Mohammad, Buddah, Mahavira and Zorastra came into this world, preaching the great human values. In between many saints and sages, pious natured people took birth often to continue teaching morality, truth and righteousness to the people. India has seen many such saints taking birth in its soil due to adopting ancient values for many generations and following the teachings of great one. Hence we have a galaxy of incarnations like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and in the present time Saibaba of Shirdi and Puttaparthi are shining examples. We have no dearth of scriptures and philosophical texts. Only requirement is “following the teachings of great people in day to day life. We have to cultivate Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence as cardinal virtues to ensure a peaceful world!


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