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Who is God? - A theory upon the origins of 'God'

Updated on January 17, 2015

Who is God?

Now this topic might raise a few hairs upon the backs of people who are deeply involved in religions. Before I start, I would like to note that any of the following information is not intended to attack, discriminate or offend any religions.

God… Who is he/she/it?

It is a widely spread name throughout our world, the belief of an entity, a being of greater power who is responsible for all the Earth’s creation.

God is given a gender, and in some cases a human form in depictions of various religions, but is this what this unknown entity really is? Or does God really exist?

There are many sceptics surrounding this subject, and for many years the topic of ‘is there a God?’ has raised many questions for and opposing this discussion.


I believe that there is no individual being to be titled as God, but rather a source of energy that is responsible for the creation of all living creatures upon the Earth, hence the term, ‘God is everywhere’.

God is the cycle of life and nature itself. It is the life essence that fills every living creature on this Earth and therefore ‘God’ is a part of each and every one of us. It has no face, as its face is everywhere, through every inch of nature we lay our eyes upon.

‘I am God’, is a term used by some people who have awakened towards a higher state of consciousness and understanding upon the mysteries of life and our true purpose of why we exist.

This notion stems from the belief that we each hold within us a part of creation, the life essence from which our spirits are constructed from, and this life essence is borrowed from the life stream, the very thing that gives life to every being on this Earth.


Despite my belief, there is nothing to say that God has a form, an appearance, for it may speak to individuals in different ways. Some may picture a human, others a divine being part animal, while the creatures of this kingdom, animals may picture God in an entirely different perspective. So we revert to the original question; ‘Who is God? – None of us can truly answer this question, for it is what it is, and speaks to us in many ways’.

My belief remains however, that God is the unknown force, the invisible energy that flows through our world that is neither human, nor beast, nor any other form of being other than pure life force and creation that is nature itself.



‘Is prayer necessary?’

Prayer is expressed in many forms throughout Religions including that of Paganism or Wiccan through rituals. They are attempts to connect with the source of our creation, to become one with something beyond our mortal understanding.

I believe there is a simpler way to connect to the ‘divine’, and this is simply by connecting with nature. By meditating in the midst of the wild, we are able to connect directly with what I believe is a ‘web of connections’, a higher consciousness that connects all living things, as well as those who have no mortal, tangible selves.

It is a place where nature’s spirit is one and if we were able to fully submerge into this unknown realm, we would uncover secrets that through our current consciousness are unable to answer.

We do not need to pray consistently towards ‘God’, simply gain an appreciation for the beauty of nature and life, and to accept the cycle of nature in both its positive and negative forms as death is only the beginning of something new; a new page in a book that is continuously written and expanded upon.

An infinite Conclusion?

Maybe it is not mere coincidence that many of us depict God as human or part animal. It could be that deep down we subconsciously create God in our image; knowing through our subconscious that it is found all around us, in ourselves as well as nature and by depicting this intangible entity with a human face, we are able to allow our vastly undeveloped minds to comprehend the existence of a force beyond that of fact and feel content with our basic understanding of the largely unknown mystery of ‘who is God?’

'Who is God?' A theory written by:

Richard Mawby © Copyright 2013


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© 2013 Richard Mawby


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