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Who is that enjoys and who is that suffers in the world?

Updated on January 1, 2016

God is the witness!

It is beyond human understanding!

If god is really everything, which is that enjoys and who is that suffers? It is really a very tough question to answer! First of all, the belief that “god is everything” came from the premise from the teachings of Lord Krishna in the Bagawat Gita, during the great Mahabarath war. It is another question how the Lord found time to teach a lengthy sermon comprising of seven hundred stanzas? Naturally, the question will arise since the sermon was taught amid the battle field when Arjuna, the warrior wanted Krishna to station the chariot in between the two great armies. Evidently, Arjuna wanted to view his foes in the opposite army. But what he saw made him to slide down in his seat in the chariot.

He saw his own great grandfather “Bheeshma” who was the scion of the entire Kaurava and Pandava clan. It was an unfortunate situation in which two close cousins have chosen to settle score in the war field. Why the war was fought? It was the refusal of Kaurava brothers to hand over the legitimate share of kingdom to the Pandava brothers, who have equal rights in the Kingdom. The greed of Duryodhana and his ninety nine brothers is the real cause of the war. The Pandava brothers, though claimant of half of the share, have changed their hearts and they were ready to accept five villages as their share out of the huge kingdom. The wicked Kauravas refused even this, and they had the adamancy to refuse even a speck of land to them.

Shri Krishna, the well-wisher of good people has accepted the role of peace ambassador to broker peace between the two cousins. But none were in the mood to listen to his sane advice and they rebuked even Krishna for undertaking such task. Now war was inevitable. In these sad circumstances, Arjuna was ready to pounce over their enemies’ but he had a great desire to look at the formation of opposing forces. The moment he saw their faces, he was crestfallen. They were not his enemies but his dear grandfather, respectable preceptor, many of his close relatives and friends. Hence he lost his balance and slid down in the chariot seat! Why? He saw only his near and dear and he had no mind to inflict any injury on them. The idea, “My own people” started pestering him. Now what he considered as “My” is really the perishable body which is not permanent, which is fleeting and which won’t survive a cough or sneeze even.

Finding the situation pathetic, Krishna admonished Arjuna! Why this fear? Wherefrom it arose? You were very eager to fight this battle even few minutes ago! Where from the pusillanimity came? Are you a coward? You are known as the mighty warrior throughout the kingdom! How you abduct your duty? You are a warrior clan. You cannot retard back from your duty! Your duty is to fight the just war. You have not asked for this war but it was thrust upon you by your wicked cousin Duryodhana! How can you assume doer ship now? It is mean to withdraw at this belated stage! Arjuna replied, Oh Krishna! My head is reeling; I am unable to handle the bow and arrow! How can I shot arrows on the venerable elders who have reared me up all these years with love and affection?

Krishna told him, “Oh foolish Arjuna! You are prattling as ‘my and mine”. Do you know that these bodies who you claim as ‘my’ and mine are transitory and subject to death one day or other. For the warrior clan, dying in a battle is really a boon and their soul will reach heaven. Moreover they are already slain by me (decreed). Be thou My instrument and fight. Do not feel that you are fighting. You are a mere instrument in My hand. Do not claim that you are the doer! If you rely upon me and fight without caring for the outcome, I will release you from all the sins that accrue due to killing. Moreover, the entire creation is part of Me. They have no independent existence. Hence do not bother about the pros and cons and keeping Me in your conscious, fight valiantly.

Now Krishna asserts in clear and clandestine manner that the entire creation is part of him. Good and bad is the judgement of the illusory mind. In god’s domain, they are just acts. Hence, if anyone relinquishes his ego and doer ship, the Lord Himself will take care of the spiritual wellbeing of such people. Hence Krishna asked Arjuna to listen to him and surrender to him and do his bidding. This is the highest instruction for a devotee. Arjuna finally accepted the command of Krishna and could win the war and obtained the Kingdom.

God is a real witness of the entire drama called life. Also he is never affected by the twists and turns of the theme of drama since it is his making. The individual relying on the illusory mind feels that he is the doer and enjoyer. Out of ignorance, the individual feel that he suffers or enjoy. In fact, the individual self is the reflection of the cosmic self in the mirror of mind and all the joy or suffering and any dualities are mere illusion of the mischievous mind. God is the eternal witness of all this and He is beyond the dualities of the world. He neither enjoy nor suffer since he is a mere witness!

Krishna teaches Arjuna!


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