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Who is this "I"?

Updated on November 22, 2012

Self Realized Soul!

The immortal teachings of Ramana Maharishi!

We all use the personal identity as ‘I’ whenever we converse with others. Every one use this ‘I’ but none has examined how this identity is referred as ‘I’ by all throughout the globe. Of course we use this to indicate the physical form. Since every one is embodied, some type of identification is necessary and hence to identify each, babies are named differently all over the world and every one is attached to the name and form invariably. But while referring themselves, they always talk as ‘I’.

There is a fundamental truth to this assertion. Though we refer the body as ‘I’, it is really the in dweller that should be known as this ‘I’. When we pose a question to anyone, invariably he answers it identifying himself with the body and name. Philosophers all over the world tried to find the answer to this intriguing question “Who am I? The question was answered satisfactorily by Sri Ramana Maharishi of Tiruvannamalai in South India. He says after practically experiencing the real identity of ‘I’, that the term ‘I’ refers only to the inner Self and not the outer body/mind complex. He asserts that this ‘I” is not born like the bodies and it never suffers ‘death’ which is the fate of all bodies. He says that the Self is Eternal witness, and it is pure and unsullied. It is unaffected by the vagaries of creation. At best, we can say that the Self IS! It is pure existence, full of knowledge and remains ever in supreme Bliss. The bodies take birth, grow, decay and die whereas the Self within never undergoes any mutations or modifications. There is no place where it is absent. It fills the creation and transcends it too.

With our finite mind, we can never analyze this strange phenomenon. It has no qualities or attributes. It is best described as “Sath Chith Ananda” meaning ‘Ever present, full of knowledge and bliss!. The fact is that the individual self is the part of the supreme Self and hence there is no material differences between the individual self and supreme Self! Also the Self is beyond the grasp of even the finest intellect. But the Self illumines the intellect of the chosen one and that particular individual self intuitionally gets inspired by the real knowledge of the self and his own identity with the self.

Mind is a great obstruction in realizing this Truth about the Self. Mind confuses the intelligence and shadows the Truth and project a false image over the Self. We also sometimes assume coir as a ‘snake’ during twilight hours. We fear to go near. Only when a torch light is flashed upon, we realize that it is only coir and not a snake. It was all along coir only. We get disillusioned due to twilight. Hence the idea of a snake is a superimposition over the coir by the mind. Hence do not believe the mind. Use rather the intellect to examine each aspect. Body is a water bubble and mind is a mad monkey, said Saibaba. Hence we should never rely upon these faulty instruments and rely only on intuition and inspiration.


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