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Who qualifies as a prophet

Updated on November 6, 2016

Laudtee Meenikunnos

Boardwalk in Meenikunno nature park.
Boardwalk in Meenikunno nature park. | Source

Breathe - Michael W. Smith

Stages of priesthood as planed by God

There were various offices established by God over time. The first priestly office was the patriarch (father). He would walk with God for the sake of himself and the family as a whole. He would offer sacrifices on behalf of the family. God also raised other priestly offices. If God received the priest, he had in essence received the whole nation represented by that priest. After the patriarch priesthood, God raised a warrior. An army commander because it was time for war. Going into the promised land. Joshua was a warrior but this office was also priestly. Then came along the priestly office of the judges. In this rein of judges, it is said that people of Israel lost their identity. They lost the vision in what God had raised them for. The office of the prophet was next. So, we had people like Elijah and Elisha. Samuel was also a prophet. He was given the duty to usher in the next kind of priesthood; the king. So he anointed Saul as king of Israel.

Losiny Ostrov

Losiny Ostrov national park in Balashikha, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Losiny Ostrov national park in Balashikha, Moscow Oblast, Russia | Source

I surrender - Hillsong live (Cornerstone 2012 dvd album) Lyrics/subtitles (Best worship song)

Jesus was slated as king

In fact, God had a plan in line to offer Israel a king but they hastened the creation of the office. Christ was to be king of Israel. But again, that has not changed in any way. When Jesus comes the second time round, he is coming in as king and high priest. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. As a prophet Jesus is able to unlock the supernatural. No one on earth can rightly claim to be void of God's gifts. The prophet wants to turn the little you have into abundance. Just give him a chance to do that.


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