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Who really pays your karma debt?

Updated on February 21, 2011
karma debt
karma debt | Source

This is a social philosophical inquiry. When we are faced with making a certain decision, what helps us decide? Is it that we seek to do the right thing every time or do we do what feels right and then deal with the consequences later??

When we act out of selfishness and do what feels right, without regard of the consequences, we end up collecting bad karma debt (and for the purpose of this article, this has nothing to do with reincarnation). So I ask, who pays your karma debt??

You may think that what you are doing is only affecting you and that it cannot possibly cause any negative consequence to someone else. But see, that is where you are wrong. We may not see our consequences right off the bat, but karma will come around sooner or later to collect our debt. And the sad thing is, that when it comes time to pay up on our karma debt, it is usually our loved ones that pay in one way or another.

Picture this. What if you have lead a deceitful life, hurting others, stealing from your own parents and family members? Now say it is 40 years later and you have your own family with kids and grand kids...the whole package. What if something terrible happened to your grandson? Something so horrible, it is irreversible. Do you question yourself and wonder if you were a direct cause in this? Is this your payback? And if so, what then? In this example, who really paid your karma debt? Is it your grandson, your grandson's mother, the siblings or you?

Could it be bad luck, destiny or just nature in whatever has happened to our loved ones or is it our time to pay our karma debt? And if so, who really gets affected the most?? The person that it is happening to or you who has to deal with the aftermath? Do we suffer more in seeing something happen to our loved ones or do we suffer more if it happens to us directly??

No one knows how, when or where your bad karma will catch up to you. Or how many innocent people will be affected by your actions. So I ask again, who ultimately pays your karma debt???


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    • random theme profile image

      random theme 7 years ago

      Thanks Izettl, and also the follow :)

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      INteresting topic!

    • random theme profile image

      random theme 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comments....I guess the answer to that question is kind of like our own little personal puzzle, no?

    • geegee77 profile image

      geegee77 7 years ago from The Lone Star State!!

      You know I often wonder why bad things happen, & I have to admit I wonder about karma. Youve raised a very good question, I wish I knew the answer, very interesting hub :) ge

    • Big Brother profile image

      Alex Valis 7 years ago from Earth

      I have no idea ''who ultimately pays your karma debt?''.

      Thanks for sharing with us.


      All vote up...