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Who will accompany us until the end?

Updated on March 4, 2013

Little Krishna lifting the hill to protect the people and cattle!

Money or property can not save us!

People today depend more on money than on God. This is the reason of thriving of insurance companies and banks. We feel money is the only security for our life. Of course, money is essential for living on this earth. But money comes and goes but morality comes and grows. None can keep the money stagnant with them forever. For every transaction of life, we need to pay and hence the money you hold as yours today will change hands and it will become somebody’s money. How can we consider ourselves as owners of wealth or properties at any time?

You construct a beautiful house today with the intention of living there forever! Yes, none wants to leave early. But the fact is that everybody needs to depart one day or other without fail. Today, it is your house, tomorrow it will become somebody’s. Yes, how long you can claim it as yours. On your death, your children will acquire it. One day it may be sold to somebody else. Then the house belongs to some other. This is the truth common to all people in the entire world. The funniest thing in the world is when man demarcate some portion of the earth as his land. God laughs when man claims ownership of the earth created by him. It is mere fancy or illusion. God has created everything for the use of human beings and other denizens of the world and not for the ‘ownership’ man falsely claims. The earth, water, sunlight, air and sky is common for all. None can claim them as their own.

All wars were fought in this world for the sake of land, water and even the sky. We read in the newspapers that some nation has violated the airspace of some other nation. Is it not ridiculous to claim like this? Our life on this earth is for few years. Yes, even if you are destined to live for hundred years, you cannot claim to be immortal. We are all mortals even if we live for 120 years. We have neither brought anything into the world nor can we carry a grain of sand when we die. Then why foolishly fume and fretter over the things which do not really belong to us? God has created the world of beings, sustains them and annihilate them ultimately. The cycle of creation goes on forever continuously. The created being live in this world for a while and ultimately they die. This is the nature of earthly life. Even great beings like Jesus, Rama and Krishna departed from this world once their mission is completed. Everything undergoes change moment to moment. Then which is ‘constant’ in this changing world? The Self or Atma is the permanent base on which the world of creation is projected like the cinema on the screen. It is not continuous but intermittent. At all times, the screen remains as it is without any modification. Whether there is a scene or fire or flood, the screen remains unaffected forever. If we rely upon God instead of the world, we are sure to be redeemed from this miserable cycle of births and deaths. Money can never save us from death nor our relations or properties. Hence shift your focus from the world to God and love him wholeheartedly. We falsely attach ourselves to the perishable things which won’t accompany us in the final journey. There is a beautiful poem in Tamil. When one departs, the relatives wail inside the house. The wife too comes until the road, the son accompanies to the burial ground but who will accompany us afterwards? It is the invisible Self!


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