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Who You Gonna Call?

Updated on August 21, 2009

Psalms 34:6

This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

 Let's face it, we all get into difficulty. No one lives a charmed life -- a trouble-free life. Even those we think "have it made", has some sort of problem. The Bible states that man's life is short, but is full of trouble. The question is, when life backs you up against the wall, who you gonna call?

Some look to friends for relief, some to relatives, some to the church, some to the
government to bail them out. The truth of the matter is that these sources are apt to fail, either for lack of resources, or unwillingness to help. The result in both cases is the need isn't met.

What is needed here is a universal solution; one with unlimited resources, and a willingness to help those in need.

Enter God.

Some people believe that man is all-inclusive; meaning that everything begins and ends with him -- that he is self-sufficient, and can solve at the very least, most of his problems. That being the case, why is there so much trouble in the land, and has been since man was created from the very dust he walks upon? Even in our own personal lives; if we can solve our problems, why haven't we gotten any relief? Why after a certain time, the same problem rears again its ugly head?

The answer to the question is that man cannot solve his own problems. There may be a temporary solution that will work for awile, but as I stated, the same problem in time comes back.

God has the solution to all our problems, but the problem is we're too proud, (the Bible calls it stiffnecked) to take them to Him. His word admonishes us to cast our care upon Him, for He cares for us. We choose instead to try and solve them ourselves, thus making a bad situation worse.

One of the great things about God, is that we never know how He will work out our unfavorable situation. We try to know His mind, second-guess Him, try to figure out from which direction He's coming from; and if we get too impatient, or feel He's moving too slow, we'll try to "help him along", as in the case of Abram and his wife Sarai, thus throwing a "monkey-wrench" into the plan, prolonging the solution, also at the same time creating a new problem.

What is needed is complete faith in God and His Word. Unlike man, He guarantees His word, because He is not a man that He should lie; However, there is more at stake here than just getting one's needs met, which will happen, but there are spiritual benefits as well.

Be Still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10.



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