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Who you will adore? creator or creation?

Updated on August 3, 2016

In the beginning...

In the beginning.....

Imagine a situation, where there is one alone exclusively! Obviously, there is no second entity! This is the condition that prevailed when creation started! The so called creator, bereft of any form was the only one and there was none besides it. In such a situation, a peculiar thought arose in the mind of the sole power; “I am alone, let me become many”. This resulted in a magnificent creation. This is what the Upanishads explains about the creation! If we deeply contemplate, something apart from the power might have arisen which triggered the creation. That something is the ‘thought becoming word” We have parallels in the Bible too! In the Bible, it is revealed “First, there was a word and the word was with God and the word was God! Again, the Hindus conceived the “OM: as the first sound. Even now many meditators focus on the sound of “OM” only which is really the combination of three letters “A”,”U”,”M”. When you recite the sound, the A sound slowly rise and reach a crescendo in U and descends in the note M.

It may be seen that a mere “will” of the power, ensured creation and cosmos which comprises various living beings, animals, birds, fishes, insects and the plant kingdom! The sky and ocean, hills and valleys, plain lands and forests including deserts appeared as the dwelling place for all the above beings! Wind was blowing and waters flowing in rivers. None of the creation excepting mankind could wonder at the creation and the power of creator. Man could express his awe and glorified the creator in many tongues!

The word has become flesh...

The creator entertains the creation...

The most enchanting about the creation is ‘varieties’ in each species. If we look at fish, there are thousands of varieties with various shapes, colors and sizes. If you look at the flowers, they mesmerize your mind. What a variety of hues and colors? Also, the perfumes emitted by different varieties of flowers have enslaving effect on the senses. We look at the beauty of the flower and inhale the perfume! Each species exhibited a different power like sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing! The snake sways its head to the music played by the snake charmer. The cows and other herds listen to the sound of the keeper and meekly follow his commands. The elephant is trained by touches. The deer is enslaved by smell. The whittle reaches the flame and die. The bees are attracted to the color and scent of the various flowers. They drink the honey by flying long distances and gather the honey in honeycombs. Look at the ants. They are the silent workers.

Again, all the living beings take care of their young ones. This affection or attachment could be seen among all lives. The cows feeding the calf, the birds feed the chicks with worms are really noteworthy. None has taught them to take care of their young ones. It is the maternal instinct which sustains the young one. We also notice that plants spray their seeds far away for perpetuation. Sometimes, the birds eating the fruits leave the seed on the earth which sprouts when circumstances are favorable. Likewise, the bees enable the flowers to become fruits at a later date.

Thus the creator not only enabled creation, he had made arrangements for their sustenance and also for ultimate annihilation. Imagine a situation wherein there is no destruction! Where is the space for all created beings to live? Hence periodic destruction of all created beings is the most vital thing. We see that the trees shed their leaves periodically and new leaves grow in their place. This cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction goes on from the beginning of creation!

Revere the scriptures which are words of creator.

DNA,the secret code of living beings!

Hence life is not a simple affair. We inhale oxygen while the plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. We live on earth with constant breathing in and breathing out. This seems involuntary. Whatever work we are engaged in, the process of breathings goes on forever. Even in our sleep, we breathe in and out in a relaxed manner. How the fishes breathe? They have got special fins through which they ingest oxygen from the water and thus they survive. Hence, the creator has enabled every living being to live in different ways. Though a mosquito may survive only for 36 hours, during the period, it grows drinking blood, mate and lay eggs and die. The life span of different animals, birds and insects are regulated thus. Hence there is a balance in creation!

How and where, all these vital instincts and information is stored? It is within the DNA, each such information is coded. The individual cells behave as per the information contained in the DNA. Hence the researchers have given much importance to the study of DNA, the decoding of which can help us to treat many diseases and disorders in our health! We marvel at the present day inventions like computers, internet and other technological inventions recently! Have we ever wondered how the creation is maintained in an orderly manner and absorbed back at the appropriate intervals? How the heart beats, how the blood flows, how the brain works, how man is able to peep into some of the secrets of creation? Creation is endless but we are unable to ponder about the creator, who remains incognito and manage the entire cosmos with all its limbs!

Animals, birds, insects and other creatures lead their life through instincts. Hence there is no noticeable variation in their behavior for millions of years. But man possesses a thinking mind and discriminating intellect, yet he could not lead a controlled life like all other species. He transgresses nature and suffers for his folly! Do you venerate the creator or the creation?


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 16 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Dr CHE Sadaphal for choosing the Creator!

    • Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image

      CH Elijah Sadaphal 16 months ago from New York, NY

      Team Creator all the way.