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Why A Person Should Learn About Biblical Women

Updated on August 2, 2010

Many people read the Bible since it is the most published book in the world. However, many people will learn about the men of the Bible. While the men played the most important role a person needs to realize that Biblical women played a very important role in shaping the Bible as we know it now.

One important role that one woman played is by giving birth to Jesus. She was chosen by God to give birth to his only son for the salvation of the world. So obviously a person needs to consider Mary, as one of the most important Biblical women around. However, she was not the only woman that a person needs to consider as being important.

Another way that women have played an important role is by saving the Jewish people from destruction. Now for a time the Jewish people were in danger of being exterminated by a king who was misled. However, thankfully Queen Esther who was a Jew managed to convince the king to spare the lives of her people. So as a person can see she was important by saving the Jewish people from this fate.

Something else that has proven how important women are in the Bible is when the woman approached and on faith alone touched the cloak that Jesus was wearing. Now some people may be thinking that this could have happened to a guy or a female, but the example that is put into the Bible is of the woman. This goes to prove that just a little bit of faith is all that is needed to save a person in a time of need.

Being able to know about the importance of Biblical women is a great thing. However, many people when they are reading the Bible they may never consider how important these women are. Once they consider how important they are a person will pay closer attention to the Bible while they are reading it.

Which do you know more about in the Bible?

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