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Are You Satan's Helper?

Updated on August 23, 2011

Anytime people are cruel, hateful, envious, or any of the other negative things of this world, they are Satan’s helpers. In the Holy Bible (John 10: 10), Jesus tells the truth about the mission of Satan. He lets us know that Satan comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. Anytime anyone acts in a way that supports Satan’s mission, they are assisting Satan.

God expects us to mimic Jesus’ actions and love one another, because this is what pleases Him. He commands us to be kind and respectful. When people support you in actions that are not “godly” actions, they are not showering you with love and loyalty. Instead, they are helping you to destroy your life which pleases Satan.

You’ve seen it before:

  • People cheer on friends when they curse at others.
  • People cheer on their friends in a fight.
  • People laugh when thier friends make fun of others

Anyone, and I repeat . . . anyone who allows you to act in ways that will lead to your demise or to the destruction of someone else is helping Satan.

God corrects those whom He loves (Proverbs 3: 12). When you are doing something that is not aligned with God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will do what is necessary to gently point it out to you. People being guided by the Holy Spirit will not sit by idly and watch your destructive actions. God loves you too much to just sit back and watch your demise, so He will send His Soldiers to steer you back in the right direction. This is called “conviction.” Conviction is the Holy Spirit’s way of warning the children of God that they are heading towards a trap set by Satan that will lead to their destruction. Said another way, the Holy Spirit is letting the children of God know there is a pothole ahead that will cause a lot of damage.

When people are helpers of Satan, they will cheer your wrongdoings on enthusiastically, or even worse, they will keep quiet about your discretions. They will not point out your destructive behavior, because Satan wants to sit back and celebrate your demise.

Everyone is guilty of negative behavior and supporting negative behavior in our lifetiime. When we made the choice to no longer live following Satan's instructions (A Satan Helper) and to live as God instructs (A Soldier of the Lord), we now have the guidance of God to warn us when we are being lured by Satan. Satan will try his best to get us to return to him. He will stop at nothing to get us back into his kingdom of darkness. His most common trick is to try to use our negative past against us, constantly reminding us of the things we did when we were in his army.

Anytime someone feels that it is necessary to remind you about your negative past, they are assisting Satan. Satan tries to use your sinful past against you to convince you that God cannot love you because of the sins you have committed. Jesus died on the cross to cleanse you of your sins and to give you the choice to turn away from your sins and to ask for forgiveness for them. When you repent and are forgiven for your sins, they are washed away. There is no reason to re-live them! The only thing that memories of your sinful past will do for you is make you feel guilty and unworthy to be loved . . . This is the work of Satan! This is called “condemnation.” So recognize that anyone who insists on drudging up your sinful past is Satan’s helper. Jesus says that anyone who continues to look back is not fit for the Kingdom of God (Luke 9: 62)

Many times people are used by Satan to attack God’s children and are unaware they are being used. Satan will sometimes use people that are very close to you (family and friends) as an attempt to destroy God’s work through you or to simply distract you from completing your assignment. Do NOT condemn or attack them! Please recognize that they may not know what they are doing like Jesus said in Luke 23: 34. They may not realize that they are being used, so choose to pray for them instead. They are not demons but are temporarily possessed with a demonic spirit. When they attack you with negativity, pray in the name of Jesus that the demonic spirit is cast out of them.

Now look over the many ways that Satan uses people, and then ask yourself, “Do I sometimes help Satan?”

Do you participate in gossip? Do you allow others to criticize others in your presence? Do you laugh when someone degrades someone else? Are you quick to make judgments about others? Do you make negative comments about someone in the presence of others? Do you continually remind people of the wrongs they have done in the past? Do you mentally, emotionally or physically abuse others? Are any of your words or actions not aligned with God’s Word?

Do not be a victim to Satan’s influences. Let Satan know in no uncertain terms that you are NOT for hire! Know for sure that as long as you stay under the protection of God’s amour and utilize God’s weapons of warfare (His Words), ALL of the attacks from Satan through his helpers will NOT prosper!

Make sure you stay on the side of God.  

Learn to Keep Satan Out of Your life!


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  • lsin82 profile image

    lsin82 6 years ago from Houston

    Thank God for conviction from the Holy Spirit. Thank God that His Word is a lamp unto my feet and not a stumbling block. I am guilty of assisting Satan to kill and destroy. I have caused harm to people through actions and words and by non actions and unsaid words. Daily I have to evaluate my life and actions and see if they are lining up according to Gods Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit is one way that God allows me to see when those actions don't line up with them. Thank you for posting this simple truth that we all need to grab hold to. Be blessed