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Why Aries and Leo Make a Perfect Couple

Updated on February 1, 2017

Aries + Leo

Aries and Leo will have a lot in common because they are fire signs. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Leo is the fifth house.

Aries is a cardinal sign. They are the beginning of spring. They see life right from the beginning. They are very present minded people. They see the shift from the end of winter sacrificing and refining itself so that spring can arise. Aries is marked by the mind and the ram. Moses is seen as the age of Aries. If you recall, Moses and his people were in relation to the ram's horns.

Anyway, the crown chakra or third eye chakra would be seen as where the Aries gets its energy. Many people focus on the mental energy that Aries have. The horns of the ram are supposed to symbolize that and the forward, active thinking Aries has as a very present minded figure. You'll see Aries as leaders, jumping into battle, caring about their soldiers, and working to get others in action rather than just talking. Aries are great for wind signs who love to think and be visionaries, but don't always have the willpower to match it. Aries is a sign of independence, because it is like a child being born and having to separate from its mother to stand on its own.

Leo is a fixed sign. They are the center of summer and all the symbolism that goes with it -- passion, heat, fires. Leo is the lion, both ready for battle and also loves to have their mane flattered.

Leo has a big ego, but they also can be tamed quite easily through flattery. Leo is considered the heart chakra, so they are very mindful of people, of love, of bringing in warmth to people who need it. Leos are very loud and are big personalities; they are also very charismatic. They are loyal, they are fun, and they are great leaders. Leos make for a wide variety of conversations, having fun, and a whole assortment of feats of strength. If you want to have a happy Festivus season, you should get a Leo on your side. A Leo needs someone who compliments and dotes on them frequently. They love affection, whether or not they come right out and say it. Leo knows what it wants and is very forward, quite the opposite of Aquarius who is more receptive and wanting someone to be forward in order for the Aquarius to play their cards.

Who is the Boss?

Aries and Leo will get into heated lovers' quarrels over who is leading. This will both frustrate them and be cause for great passion. Aries is super independent and wants to take action all the time, and sometimes needs help learning to see the past and be introspective. Leo feels that it is a king and deserves to be a king, so there can come some entitlement issues. Leo believes that it is the natural order of things, it sees crops at the fullness of summer and enjoys being lazy with the spoils of harvest.

Leo will try to prove itself by the things it can do. It likes to peacock about its wide variety of skills and traits. It will use its peacocking skills to gain a targeted love interest. Sometimes Leo just wants to show off and prove themselves and forgets to listen to anyone else. Aries and Leo will definitely be into competition and proving themselves. This could easily frustrate and tire them out, but for the most part it will ignite them constantly pushing them to push themselves more than they previously thought possible. This can get pretty addictive, so they'll need to be careful about their choice of words so these fights won't get out of hand.

Leo has the voice of a lion, so they can make themselves heard. They are the king of the jungle, so they will make the other beasts bow to them. Even though Pisces is the age of Christ, Christ is also the symbol of the lion. Christ is the lion and the lamb. Leo gets to experience the lion like qualities of Christ. Meaning, Leo can make things bow to it. It has a force and presence to make others obey or get into shape. They help manage and oversee the order of things. They keep things in line. Without the lions in the pride, there would be more chaos. So it is a wondrous, prideful, and really beautiful great ball of sunshine that makes a difference in the lives of others. They can have pride be a thorn in their side, like Samson who ended up being led astray by Delilah. Leos need to be on their guard about Delilahs, because there are people out there who want to stab Leo in the back and figure out what makes them shine so much. Leo needs to be careful, because Leo most likely doesn't just belong to himself. Leo belongs to others who depend on Leo for his or her strength and capacity to keep things in line, so Leo should take care of itself.

Leo should take breaks from overseeing the world and interacting with it. Aries should help Leo with this so as not to lose Leo. It is hard to say who out of this match would come out as the stronger more alpha like leader, but remember at the end of the day it doesn't matter who growls more or who makes for better competition. Some of the later signs get this and see the bigger picture, and know how to lead from a different place. Don't become too headstrong or too heartstrong. That can lead to folly. Look for problems in the big picture not just in a fleeting moment.

The Independence of Aries

Aries is an independent leader. The sign of Aries comes honestly from the sacrifice of Pisces. Pisces is like its mother who brings it into life. Pisces brings the whole year into life, and Aries is the firstborn child and forerunner of the year. Starting in Cancer, the year gets pregnant for nine months preparing for the next year starting freshly again with Aries. It's important to remember that life in order to become has to separate from its mother. Aries has the vision and the capacity to do this. This is also why they are so headstrong They symbolize that separation we all experience when we are born and must leave the womb. Aries continues to feel that imperative throughout their life. They are one of the most profoundly touched signs by that experience. Aries shows us that we can step into new territory, that we can take on new worlds and dimensions, and that even though you start small and helpless, you become brave and powerful. Aries will use all its energy for causes it believes are right. Some signs can push to the very depths of their soul to step forward, while Aries will push the very depths of other souls to make the planet step forward.

Show Leo Affection

Aries needs to remember to offer its passion and affection to Leo. Aries is very warm, and so they will have a lot of passion to offer any partner. They need to flatter Leo; you must dote the Leo if you want to keep the Leo. Aries loves passion, but being gushy isn't always their favorite cup of tea. You can mask to some degree mushiness by being arousing and flirtatious instead. Leo likes either. Leo just wants to be pleased, the particular method doesn't really concern them. Now, if this was an Aquarius, the winter sign does need a particular kind of affection for it to work -- because if it comes off inauthentic to an Aquarius they will call your bluff and despise how your being fake.

Leo doesn't care. They will pretend or fake their way till affection is reached. They will take any show, and if you are fake to them, they will find that as an opportunity to play with you and get you on board with their sexuality. Leo is game. Leo doesn't believe in falsehoods like its opposite Aquarius.

Instant Attraction

These two will attract each other because they both want to leave a mark on the world. Aries may get annoyed with Leo assuming its importance rather than taking action -- but Leo is also guided by will so it will take action. Both have a number of goals, a lot of energy, passion, and ego to them. They want to open as many doors as possible and go out and do adventures.

Aries, don't be surprised if your Leo pouts because their ego got hurt. They'll bounce back, but they might be a little vindictive and butthurt while their ego mends. Leo and Cancer are dominated by the heart. Cancer wears its heart on its sleeve. Leo wears its heart all over it. It doesn't understand hurting its ego. Leos are incredibly loyal and ask that their partners also be. They'll take it very hard if you betray them. Aries also needs to feel like they are the only one in the person's heart. Aries will fight for what they want and Leo will get offended that they are not getting what they want. These two will harmonize on a number of ideas. They are a sexy, passionate combo and are very charismatic.


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      Andrea Lawrence 10 months ago from Chicago

      Thank you!

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