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Why Arjuna was chosen for imparting Bagawat Gita?

Updated on April 12, 2013

Krishna imparting famous Bagawat Gita to Arjuna in the war field!

Arjuna had foresight and surrendered himself to the Lord!

Before proceeding with the topic, i would like to give a gist of the happenings that led to the great war of Kurukshethra. Prince Pandu and Dridharashtra (a blind prince) are the legal heirs of the great Kingdom at Hasthinapuram (In ancient India). Dridharashtra had hundred sons and Pandu had five sons. The hundred sons of the blind kind never wanted to part with the Kingdom and they started harassing their cousins in many ways. Since the elder prince Dridharashtra was blind, the elders and preceptors decided to hand over the Kingdom to the younger Pandu. Unfortunately, Pandu died due to a curse and hence the elder brother tried to usurp the Kingdom for the sake of his hundred sons. Some how it was settled that a place called Indraprashtha was handed over to the younger sons of Pandu to pacify the public and elders.

But the one hundred brothers have always connived to drive them away. They even tried to kill them by some crooked plans. Fortunately, the five sons of Pandu were under the Divine protection of Sri Krishna, an incarnation of God and hence they escaped from the evil designs of their cousins. The eldest of Pandava brother Dharmaraja was fond of playing dice games. Hence the cousins invited him for a dice game which will be played by one Sakuni who used to cheat the participants stealthily. The elder brother lost all his properties, land and jewels in the dice game. Then he pledged his brothers and they were lost in the game. Finally he pledged himself and lost the game and all of them have become slaves to the cousins. Again the cousins told Dharmaraja, "You can pledge your queen and retrieve all that is lost! Fate clouded the vision of Dharmaraja, the eldest of Pandava brother. In that game, he lost his queen also. The wicked cousins dragged the queen to the court hall and tried to disrobe her.She prayed to Krishna to save her honor. When a part of her sari was removed a new sari wound on her by the mysterious power of Krishna. Thus thousands of saris were disrobed and she was always adored with a new sari. Thoroughly exhausted, the wicked brother Duschasana fell on the ground. Then the queen Draupathi pronounced a terrible curse. The vile and wicked demon will meet death from my valiant husband and i will smear the blood on my hair. Then alone i will do may hair. The curse was terrible and the entire palace shook due to the curse. As per the agreement, the Pandava brothers were sent to forest for 13 years and they have to lead their life incognito for one more year. If they are found in the middle, they will have to undergo the punishment again. By the grace of Krishna, they finished their 13 years and one more year incognito. The attempts of their wicked cousins to find them become futile.

After this they returned to Hasthinapura and demanded their share of Kingdom. But the wicked Duryodana refused to part with even five villages. He finally told them, "not even a needle top land will be conceded. Sri Krishna interceded on behalf of Pandava brothers but he too met with failure. Finally the inevitable war was about to commence. Arjuna, the younger brother of Dharmaraja was closer to Krishna and Krishna gave two options. He will not wield any weapon to participate in the war. But he is ready to be a charioteer to Arjuna. Arjuna accepted the offer from Krishna.

Here, we have to examine the merit of elder brother Dharmaraja. He was virtuous and righteous throughout his life. His only fault is that he had no foresight. He always plunged into actions without weighing the pros and cons. His attachment to the dice game landed them into untold miseries. But Arjuna was always questioning 'what is right and what is wrong"? What will happen in future, if we do some actions? He was wise and had the foresight to ponder about the consequences of his actions. When the actual war about to commence, he requested Krishna to place the chariot in between the two armies. But what he saw plunged him into depression. He saw his great grandfather in the opposite army. His preceptor was in the opposite side. Many of his friends, relatives and cousins were arrayed against him. He thought, what is the use of this war? Every one will perish. If I win the war, I will just gain the Kingdom but all my close relatives would have perished. It is better to abandon the war and become a recluse begging for the food! Sri Krishna saw 'weakness arising in the mind of Arjuna due to attachment to grand father and preceptor, relatives and friends. He taught him the famous Bagawat Gita which teaches the impermanent nature of the world and the beings and the importance of performing the duties without aspiring for the results. Hence Krishna choose Arjuna over the virtuous Dharmaraja for imparting the Divine teachings by way of Bagawat Gita. Arjuna listened to the chastising words of Krishna and realized the Truth. He surrendered to the Lord and pleaded him to guide him.

Krishna told him, "Fight this righteous war since it is your duty as a warrior. This war was not sought by you but it was thrust upon you. Keep Me in your mind and fight! You will never incur sin. All these people have already been slain. You are just an instrument for that. Hence do not bother about relationships in the just war! Thus Krishna has chosen Arjuna over Dharmaraja for imparting the famous Gita!


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