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Why Astrology Seems Like Nonsense

Updated on February 25, 2012

Many people believe in astrology, to some degree or another, and many people think it's all rubbish. I can see both sides of the story, and I can fully understand why those who think it's all BS feel the way they do. But as someone with a scientific mind, I ask the rest of you -- those who reject the possibility of astrology having any measure of validity -- to at least read the following with an open mind. Every good scientist knows that without an open mind they are not a scientist at all, so try to have a read as though you've never read your horoscope before.


Sun Signs Sometimes ARE Total Nonsense

Astrologers won't appreciate my saying that, but they will also understand that what I mean is this: The sun is only one aspect of the astrology chart, and this is why it's entirely possible for tons of people to bear no resemblance to their sun sign at all. In my experience, most of the fire signs and water signs do tend to be an easy guess for anyone with a background in astrology, whether it be amateur or professional. But plenty of signs have very strong placements of other aspects, which essentially mask the sun sign to the view of others. THIS is why reading the daily or monthly horoscopes can seem like such nonsense (that, and they are usually totally generic and written by someone just trying to fill a copy quota!) So if you've got mega-strong influences in your chart that basically hide your sun sign's nature, you may not much resemble your sun sign at all.

The Birth Chart is Crucial

One should not discount astrology until they have thoroughly examined their birth chart and had it explained to them -- in depth -- by a professional astrologer. Anything less means you've simply disregarded astrology based on zero evidence, and THAT is nonsense. In 20 years of studying astrology, I have never, ever, ever met a disbeliever who was not made a believer once they saw how absolutely intricate the science (yes, I did call it that) of astrology actually is. That includes people from all walks of life and occupations, including proper scientists. That's not to say they ran out and bought a bunch of astrology books and started studying it, but they no longer made blanket statements about how rubbish all of it was.

It's Not Meant to Predict the Future!

Even though you'll often see parts of the newspaper claiming to predict the future based on astrology signs, this is, of course, nonsense. If it were truly possible, there would be countless volumes of evidence to support such a thing. It can, however, show upcoming influences that will affect your particular chart, and it can give a reasonable idea of the energies you can expect to come into contact with. Some people find this sort of thing helpful, I am not one of them. I prefer not to know! But please realize that the predictions you see on the back page of the paper are not taken seriously by astrologers.

Unfortunate Associations

Another reason astrology is often disregarded is due to its unfortunate association with other types of New Agey stuff like numerology (sorry, I see zero evidence to support the validity of this) and Chinese astrology (again, I see little to support this as a valid area of study). Everything gets grouped together and peddled on the comic page of the newspaper, which only serves to further discredit it in the eyes of those who consider themselves to be intellectual. It really is necessary to keep an open mind when looking into the possibility of it actually being accurate. If you cannot keep an open mind long enough to do so, you are not qualified to dismiss it.


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