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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

Updated on May 18, 2012

When we see good and innocent people in pain the first thought that crosses our mind is “Why bad things happen to good people”. When we say he was a good person we are comparing him with other person who might have committed a murder or must have abused somebody, etc. The biblical answer to this question is that there is not even a single ‘good person’ on earth. It is not an individual who is good or bad but it is our Karma which is good or bad. The only good person is the one who is not born. All religions teach us the way to live and explain that we should do as God says and when we fail to follow what our God says we are bad. Even if you have committed one sin, for God you are in the same category as that person who has committed many sins. For Him we all are equal and makes sure that we are punished for our bad karma, less or more it is His way. We tend to see the punishment that He gives but many times ignore the reward that he gives us for our Good deeds. The fact that you are able to breathe in fresh air, you can taste your favorite food, you have caring parents, you have good clothes to wear, etc. all are rewards given to you for your Karma.

What we consider as bad may not be such in the eyes of God. Let me explain it with a story which I read long time ago. It is a story set in China where an elderly gentleman lived. He was considered very wise by the countrymen. He was taking care of the best stallions of China. One day he woke up and found that the number one stallion was missing. People came to him to express their sympathy and expressed their grief and said it was a bad thing to happen with him. To which the elderly man asked them how did they knew that it was bad. People were annoyed and so they returned. The next day stallion returned with 2 other strong and beautiful horses. People visited him again and expressed their joy that it is good that the stallion returned with additional horses. To which the elderly man replied how they could say that it is good. People returned after listening to this. Next day the people found that the elderly man’s son was injured while taming the new horse and they found it bad. The elderly man had the same question for them. Some days after this incidence a Chinese warlord came to their village and took away all the young people with him to fight for him but had to left the son of the elderly man because he was injured.

The moral of the story: what may seem bad to us may not be so in actual. We are not capable of understanding the God’s plan. It may appear that the situation is out of our control but He makes sure that it is well under His control.

Another way of looking at this situation may be that if you know the answer the sufferings would end. You would be at peace even if you see wrong and bad things happening to undeserving and innocent people. If you hear a woman screaming a pain in the delivery ward you do not feel bad rather you are happy that she is giving birth to a child. Similarly if you know the reason of pain you would not try to alleviate it. You would rather compromise with the pain. This way the world will be full of miseries. Nobody will fight for injustice and world will not be the same place to live. Ask your God to strengthen you so that you face all the bad things with inner strength and raise your voice against injustice.


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    • eric-carter profile image

      eric-carter 5 years ago from Fulham, UK

      Great read! Thanks