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Why Blame God?

Updated on January 1, 2011

Some people who blame God for anything do so because He is the all-knowing, almighty who has created everything. People think that since He is the creator, then He must also be the ultimate controller of lives, good things, bad things etc. It's easier for people to blame God for problems rather than consider the facts about incidents or misfortunes that occur. People would rather blame God than to take into account why something has happened or ignore warning signs of impending problems. Some people want to cover up their own short comings or irresponsible behaviors by blaming God. Such as smoking. Research has definitively determined that smoking can cause cancer. So when the smoker is diagnosed with it he/she will be upset with God for 'letting' this happen. What about the drunk driver who survives an accident but has killed an innocent bystander? Where was God for the innocent?

When a child dies, people will ask God how He can be so cruel. No one is promised a full life. God does not desire for us to suffer. He does expect us to have faith in Him and trust His Word. God expects us to be thankful for the smallest of blessings, and in a case when a child dies or anyone we love we must thank God for that life and the privilege of having had that person to love in the first place, even if for a short time. There is always a message in the madness. And that message may be different for each individual experiencing the same occurrence and asking Why? Everything does happen for a reason. With prayer and support those messages can become evident as time goes on, and one needs to remain faithful to the mercy of God.

Seek the message!

Some people will blame God before blaming Satan for bad things. Of course this is exactly the way Satan works. Satan wants us to be at odds with God because that pulls us away from Him. The more we move away from God the stronger Satan becomes. He is close to ruling the entire world and his increasing success rides on the backs of those blaming God for all the problems existing.

If everything was always perfect the way we want it in this life there would be no cause to show compassion, be our brother's keeper, pray, or be able to show God that we have faith, mercy, and love for others the way he expects us to. Such efforts cannot be manifested toward inanimate objects, only towards other human beings.

A Personal Story to Share

I have worked in nursing homes for 30 years. When I was a young nurse's aide just starting in the field I often found myself questioning God about how he could let people suffer so and what on earth was the purpose of such suffering. Seeing the many senior citizens stricken with dementia, unable to remember how to care for themselves was heartbreaking. I just kept asking God why does this happen? The answer came to me one day in an almost revelational way. I was caring for a woman with dementia who was dying of cancer. She was barely alert and could do nothing for herself. She hadn't talked in weeks, but this particular day as I was finishing her bedbath and gently lotioning her feet she suddenly opened her eyes and said "Oh God, that feels so good, thank you" and she then closed her eyes and smiled as she appeared to go to sleep. To say it was profound is an understatement! All I could do then was to sit down and get teary-eyed. It had occurred to me that maybe the purpose of this dear soul's suffering was not because she had been a bad person or 'deserved' it, but because I needed this person and all the other patients to enable me to compassionately care, to show that I could be Christ-like and have love for the ill and infirm.The lady's time to die had arrived, and I was grateful to have been there to provide a positive moment at the end of her life.

Don't blame God, but do rebuke Satan.


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    • GoGranny profile image

      GoGranny 6 years ago from Southeastern PA

      Thank you for your comment John. I appreciate it because it is said without anger and name-calling. Like I said in my article I, too, become annoyed with the overzealous Bible thompers...I have three sisters who fit that description! I know there are people who don't believe in God, but like I said in the above comment and in the forums on hubpages...Why are you here commenting? This article was for non-atheists. Atheists don't want anything to do with God so why are they so compelled to read articles talking about God or butt into forums talking about God. If you choose to not believe then you should choose to ignore everything concerning Him, including reading articles or making adversarial comments. Of course it's your right as it is for a Christian to believe. This is one argument that will never be won by either side. It just must be a matter of everyone respecting that everyone has a right to their own beliefs.period.

    • profile image

      John Leaf 6 years ago

      GoGranny, do we not have a right to state our opinion? And it's mainly because religious people can act annoying at times. I have had several religious people press bibles on to me, saying that I'm a fool for not seeing the light. I'll admit, we do press our opinion at times, but rarely intensively. That's exactly the thing though. If a religious person comes up to an atheist with an argument, we'll hear them out. But the MOMENT we start to reply, they get angry at us for not believing yet.

      Another reason why atheists state their opinion is because so many religious people act so ignorant towards the idea that there's not a God, that human nature compels us to make them at least understand our side of things. I understand why you might believe in God, but many religious people can't understand how I might not.

    • profile image

      Shirley Moody 6 years ago

      My sister is mad at God for her son's rape by 2 trusted teachers. He developed HIV, then Aids. Needless to say, he died and Sis blames God for the whole situation. She told me not to mention God ever again to her. She has what I call n "offended Heart."

    • GoGranny profile image

      GoGranny 7 years ago from Southeastern PA

      Thank you for your comment Tim. The only aspect of your comment that annoys me is your comment. I cannot understand why atheists feel they must render their opinions about God to those who do believe in Him. It is our choice to do so as much as it is yours to not. And surely you dislike being chastised as much as the next person for choosing to believe what you want. If believing in God enables some people to better cope with life why would anyone try to make them disbelieve? I, too, can get annoyed with the overzealous types but it doesn't make them wrong or stupid. Atheists are no better when they attack believers just because they are believers. I accept your comment but it really doesn't belong here. And regarding your last totally missed the message of this hub.

    • Timshapiro profile image

      Timshapiro 7 years ago from USA

      I being an Atheist and also having been religious throughout my childhood and teenage years, I have a few things to say about this subject matter. First if all, in my experience with reliious people they usually don't feel their religious conclusions can be up for debate or discussion other than to just be accepted, though this CAN be a criticism it's actually just an observation in this case. They tend to have this behavior because they know their own personal relationship with what they think is their creator and they think they know what that constitutes better than anyone else.

      They also tend to find those things very profound. So although people can easily describe the spiritual experiences through natural laws and means the religious person never seems to buy into that answer because it all seemed so much more profound.

      So... Really if a person like ms can't criticize a person fortheir religiosity and for what they call a personal relationship with god then why would you have a say I. Their relations with this claimed "god character". 

      You say that some suffering people are here for you... But although you may find that comforting so that toucan earn heaven, other people, myself included, may find that morbid or maybe a sign that people that think this way believe the world revolves around you