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Why Can't God Heal Amputees?

Updated on January 9, 2016
The historical account of a small shepherd boy killing a 13-foot tall Goliath are well documented in hundreds of ancient documents.
The historical account of a small shepherd boy killing a 13-foot tall Goliath are well documented in hundreds of ancient documents.

The Atheist Question

Atheists ask, "Why can't God heal amputees?" Here is the answer, from a son of God, a Bible believing Christian.

God can heal amputees. Growing a limb is nothing. He created an entire universe out of "waters". (Gen 1:6, KJV) He can create a man out of clay (Job 13:12). My Heavenly Father can certainly grow out an amputated limb. In fact, many great miracles are happening today. For a long, long list of miracles- recent miracles - see this site: Modern Miracles

In Luke, chapter 17, Jesus meets 10 lepers. He tells them to go present themselves to the priests. They were not instantly healed. They had to -in faith- set out to go see the priests first. This was a practice of the Jews. An unclean person with a rash or spots lived outside the cities. He could only return if a priest inspected him and verified he was healed. So, without healing, the men had to go see the priest.

On the way to see the priests, they were healed!

One of the 10 returns to praise God and give glory to Him. The man was not a Jew. He was Samaritan.

Luke 17:19 "And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole."

He was made whole. He was not whole a short while earlier. But, in faith, he set out and was healed. What made him whole? Jesus said, "...thy faith hath made thee whole." Be aware, however, that while faith is fully necessary, the actual healing is done by the power of God. Jesus said of the miracles performed in His own work, that the power of God that lived in Him did the miracles.

So, the answer - and Christians are not going to like this - is FAITH.

The ones praying for it have not enough faith.

I have personally seen organs grow back in. I have seen the deaf hear, cancer cast out- hours before a surgery. A double mastectomy reduced to a small marble size being removed & lung cancer cast out, too. Both of these miracles occurred the day before surgery, the night before, in fact.

What a stupid, stupid question the atheists ask. They see cancer healed, the deaf hear, and the blind see. Their weak response, which ignores easy-to-find testimonies of limbs growing out, is akin to saying, "Sure, he can run a 5K race, but he can't run a marathon!" Of course, neither is a challenge for God. He can heal the deaf, regrow a tooth, an eye, and a pair of feet.

But, why are you Christians not fulfilling the Great Commission? It is not simply to "preach the gospel in Judea, in Samaria and in the whole world." It is to "preach the gospel, cast out devils, and heal the sick."

Lack of faith.

Causes of "Lack of Faith"

Generational Curses:

Sometimes, there is a spiritual right, such as a generational curse or unrepentant sin. These can yield rights to the enemy, who use it to block healing.

Witchcraft, Hexes, Spells:

In 2010, a team went to the Philippines on a deliverance mission. Many people were healed. One man, with brain cancer, could not be delivered. He died. When they went to clean out his house, a witchcraft ritual item was found placed behind his headboard. It was a used soda bottle. Inside  was urine, some hair, and a photo of the man.

Deliverance and breaking the power of darkness in a person's life sometimes requires removing an item from the home.


These work like the witchcraft items. Owning them yields a right to demonic forces. Simple ownership gives them permission to work their best to destroy you. They will work against your finances, health, relationships and whatever else will bring you despair and heartache.

Simple ownership of these items is enough. You do not have to worship a Buddha statue or a book written by Bill Johnson or Sylvia Browne to bring curses into your life. You only need to own it and have it in your home, office, car, or wherever.

Double Mindedness:

Other times, double mindedness is the problem. I used to hear this thought as I prayed for others: "If the person is healed, my whole life will change. People will want me to pray all the time." And, if a person sees the power of God, what excuse remains to justify living in sin? Double mindedness is a serious threat. It is a choice of preference for living according to the world over living according to love, according to the way of our Heavenly Father.

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse [your] hands, [ye] sinners; and purify [your] hearts, [ye] double minded.(James 4:8, KJV)

Man Healed of Diabetes, Broken Back, & Broken Neck

Examples of Amputee Healing

1. Ten lepers healed, "made whole" in Luke chapter 17.

2. TB Joshua prayed for a man who had a grapefruit sized hole in his buttock. Much of it completely gone, yellow pus throughout, and evidence of new cancer on his leg. The man was healed with about 10 minutes of prayer to God. His buttock completely regrew. In modern science, muscle does not regrow. The afflicted man should at least have a life long hole with scar tissue. However, the flesh completely regrew.

3. Look for this video: "Quadraplegic/Diabetic + Amputee Healings! Doctor Verified!

+ Many more. You will only find what you truly seek.

LIttle Boy Receives Feet When A.A. Allen Prays


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    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)


      You missed the analogy. Learning you have cancer is the beginning of the healing process. Your beliefs are spiritual death. In Christ, there is healing. By the stripes of Jesus, we are healed. Because he suffered in the flesh, we have an opportunity-the only way- to receive forgiveness and escape the curse of Hell.

      So, don't punch the nurse. You can be healed, and for FREE. You have to do is ask (and mean it in your heart.)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You cannot shake my faith, not matter how hard you try. I reject only false prophets such as yourself. Also, attacking the harbinger of good news would be like punching the nurse who tells you that you are cancer free. But your mind is so twisted by evil that you would probably punch a nurse who told you that, so I understand why you were mentally incapable of completing the analogy accurately.

      I hope that you have a nice day as well, and that today may be the day you may see that you have accepted Satan into your heart within open arms.

    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)


      Part of the grief/dying process is denial and then anger. Attacking the harbinger of good news is like punching the nurse who tells you that you have cancer.

      Good news! The cancer you have (rejection of God) is curable. The cure is Jesus. If you will ask God in Heaven for forgiveness and to become a Son of God, He will grant it.

      I hope you have a nice day.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You are sick, and I truly feel sorry for you. You are the most dangerous type of person in this world. You have been given so many more cognitive tools than most, and yet use them to spread so much hate and evil. Your goal is to tear humanity down. You don't realize it, and you never will as long as you are alive, but you are the very mouthpiece of Satan.


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