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Why Christ Must Be The Son of God

Updated on June 12, 2009

The following is a continuation of the hub where I am attempting to rouse the evolutionists and atheists. Now I do realize that the atheist and the evolutionist is not one in the same. There are several evolutionists who believe in god and there are even some evolutionists who consider the Holy Scriptures to be inerrant. That's because the bible doesn't rule out evolution. But the atheist absolutely relies on macro-evolution to retain his/her intellectual sanity. From the atheists point of view, the two must coexist. Not just macro-evolution, but abiogenesis, severe luck with the cosmos, and even turning a blind eye to the ridiculous odds of our existence or even that of our universe. Now I don't dislike evolutionists or atheists. I just like to point out severe weaknesses in their paradigms. But several people are not quite arrogant enough to criticize theists but will call the bible a a book of fables invented by man to make sense of his surroundings. So in other words, design may be evident, but the bible is still a silly book. Well that's why the next part is important. We must validate our faith to ourselves before we can hope to speak the truths of God to a skeptic.

While the information in the former hub is useful to the skeptic, it does little to identify the nature of God. Are there many gods? Is God personal? Aren’t there lots of superstitions and holy books? Well, the scriptures are definitely unique among any thing dealing with a creator. I believe that there is evidence of science in this collection of books even though it is more spiritual than anything and leaves scientific discovery up to man kind (as soon as God chooses to reveal these things, though). There are numerous prophesies fulfilled in exact detail. There is a growing abundance of archaeological evidence corroborating places mentioned in the scriptures. There is sufficient evidence that the creation days were long periods of time. Just read about all of the things that Adam did in the same day that he was created. I have found a clue or two that the early chronologies in Genesis have gaps (maybe large ones) putting Adam in the Garden earler than the chronologies put him. Another likely possibility is that God had already created modern humans thousands of years prior to Adam. Adam, after all, was created to perform tasks above what earlier humans were equipped to do. And yes, Adam is the father of all living, now.

There are numerous examples of what man is and how he thinks in the scriptures. I think there is superb evidence for the works of Christ during his ministry and that he rose from the dead. More is known about Christ than any other ancient person. Even those hostile towards Christ in the 1st and 2nd centuries lend great credibility to his divinity. I find it hard to deny this when hostile witnesses referred to him in their writings as a sorcerer, who performed black magic (the Babylonian Talmud for example). Thallus, a Samaritan historian, wrote in 52 Ad about a possible natural explanation for the earthquake and darkness which occurred at the crucifixion of Jesus. Would it matter if there was? Even though there wasn’t a scientific explanation? There are good archeological findings in this area.

The wealth of information proves that the 49 books of scripture (possibly, later renumbered to 66) were all completed in the 1st century. If Christ was a fake, why does the bible still exist? People have tried to destroy it since its earliest days. And what men would make up such a thing as our scriptures in those days. Relying on the testimony of women? Referring to the (real) church as female (bride of Christ)? Social misfit disciples as well as sins of the profits? Wouldn’t happen!! Many witnesses were willing and did give their lives for not publicly renouncing their faith in Christ. People have been known to give their lives for their beliefs (9/11?), but I hardly believe that people including the apostles would give their lives for what they knew to be a lie. I’ve heard of some parallels between Christ and a few pagan gods. But they are spurious at best and besides, God could have created these myths as a shadow of the real Messiah to come (I’ve learned that most of the so called parallels were added in the 2nd and third centuries. Some were made up much more recently.). I’ve read plenty on the matters concerning the credibility of Christ’s ministry and resurrection, to be assured that it is true (I’m still too stubborn to be 100% sure though). Faith isn’t for everyone.

Many talk about so called contradictions of the scriptures. This depends on what one calls a contradiction. I believe that when translated properly (no bible can fully attest to this) there are no actual contradictions. Sometimes the supposed contradictions are in the same sentence. They’re not contradictions. Often, two contrasting statements are both true. Sometimes scriptures are written from God’s perspective and other times they are written from man’s perspective and there appears to be a contradiction. Also, in the four gospel accounts it is probable that events aren’t always in chronological order. Not a big deal if you ask me. One must be spiritually converted to see these spiritual things though. While I admit that I do not have this anointing, I know one who does by the fruits of his writing (go to

Now if you really want to know what brings the most credibility to the scriptures, I can truly say that it comes from the scriptures themselves. I don’t believe for one minute that they could have possibly been made up. The internal consistency is superb once one can see things spiritually or is open to spiritual explanations. I think the main reason (not the only reason though) that they couldn’t have been made up, is that almost nobody understands a lick of the spiritual nature of the scriptures. I’ve been shown truths in the scriptures, with amazing internal consistency, which almost nobody realizes or believes. In fact the scriptures themselves say that most won’t understand or believe them, but of course, almost nobody in the world of christiandom sees or believes those scriptures either. If they did, they would leave the church. It’s amazing that some scriptures can be clear as day and nobody in the church can see their truths (to me, this blindness is one of the most convincing miracles of God). One non scriptural doctrine seems to come right out of the Quarin and the Apocalypse of Peter. Funny, that the bible, even with it’s mistranslations, does not come close to agreeing with this particular doctrine. Obviously, there are very spiritual things in scripture that are hard to see or understand, but I’ve been shown many of them and I can accept them. They make perfect sense. I’m talking about many things but mostly the words of Christ. Almost nobody in the church realizes that Christ spoke in parables to hide the meanings of His teachings. Not even the disciples understood His parables. In fact, they didn’t understand much of his teaching until Pentecost (when they were given the holy spirit of God). Nobody understood then, and few understand today. From matchingOld Testament to New Testament I’ve been shown things that are so obvious, and prove that the churchians have it all wrong. And how does this help the credibility of the scriptures? Because the scriptures say that the church (world) will not accept these truths. It just takes spiritual eyes to see this. Just look at some of their ridiculous doctrines (free-will, the trinity, God didn’t create evil; Satan is a fallen angel, eternal torment, and many more). None of those doctrines are one bit scriptural. And I truly believe that it takes an absolute miracle for the churchians to be so utterly blind to what scripture declares throughout. Something very powerful has blinded them. So say the scriptures.

Now if the actual scriptures were in fact made up, the writers themselves wouldn’t have needed the spiritual eyes to see what it was that they were actually writing because there would be no such thing as spiritual anything. If they were making these things up then their words wouldn’t require a spiritual mind to understand them in the first place. There would not be any hidden puzzle pieces (figurative) which when fitted together, make a perfect picture. It would have been easy for them to teach these words to everybody with normal intelligence and assuming these lies were passed down to people today (highly unlikely), there would not be such a problem with interpretation (translations might still be a problem). People would understand them exactly as the authors had intended. But people don’t and have never understood them (except a few). That’s why they couldn’t have been made up. If you call (Ray Smith) my source a nut job then feel free to call me one as well. I have been studying Ray’s work for over three years and all that I see is credibility in a man who truly loves God. Not only do his explanations make perfect sense, but now the will of God makes perfect sense. Why are we here? Why would God create all of us? What is the destiny of believers (well, there aren’t too many, seeing that most don’t believe the scriptures) and non-believers, during this very short physical life. I will now tell you the final destiny of believers of the truth: Immortality with God. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But what about the rest of mankind? You know, those that don’t believe the truths of scripture? What about the evil bastards such as Hitler and Stalin. Wow, you have me in a corner now. Their final and eternal (not a scriptural term, but an evil mistranslation). . . OK, the final destination of the unbeliever and all evil humans, of all time is. . . . .

Immortality with God!!!!!

To be saved!!!!!!

To come to the knowledge of the truth!!!!!!


I mean everybody!!!!

Including you!!!!

I will add that I claim to know very little for certain. I have come to believe many things that I think are well supported. I also realize that what one believes has everything to do with where he/she is spiritually at this time. I can respect those who remain atheists. I can respect those who attend churches and believe in various rituals to feel close to God. I can respect just about any belief system that one has if it doesn’t promote physical violence. I can even respect those who don’t care one way or the other. However, there remains one belief that I have no respect for, in fact I have nothing but utter contempt for it. This doctrine appears to come right out of the non canonical Apocalypse of Peter as well as the Quaran. It is a doctrine so vile and deplorable that I can’t imagine why people feel that they could be teaching it out of “love”. This would be the belief and teaching that those not living or believing as they do, will suffer an eternity of unspeakable pain, terror and hopelessness (AKA the Christian hell). While I claim to know very little for certain, I know 100% for certain that this doctrine is a hoax borrowed from the worst of pagan ideas. Further, it is my opinion that it is by far the most wicked and destructive doctrine ever to be invented by man. If only people could believe the scriptures that say all will be saved. I apologize for understating my feelings here.


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    • jacobbsladdr profile image


      9 years ago from Washington DC/Northern VA

      Justcallmeleroy is yet another one of the spiritual blind people praising Carrie and building up her pride because that’s what blind and deaf people do.  They praise their own ignorance. they worship themselves as their own gods. As Christ says, they are anti-christs

      We are thankful that God has shared His knowledge and wisdom to know that He is in control of ALL things and even those who follow Carrie and worship her like a false prophet will be cleansed of their carnal hearts within the Lake of Fire.  Christ’s words, which are spirit have said truthfully, they are destined for the 2nd Death & LOF. their names are NOT written in the book of life and they are not called nor chosen to be at the wedding feast.

      Their filthy robes will not be washed/purified white in the blood of the lamb! They are too busy promoting the doctrines of man and their born again church.

      Anyone who willfully sins like Carrie and her followers will be cleansed and made to repent in the Lake of Fire.  We know only God’s Elect will know and understand His truths.

      Those like Carrie and Justcallmeelroy and James T Watkins have been blinded by God to His truths.  They constantly and consistently contradict Scriptures to make them fit their church doctrines.

      As I have stated in previous hubs and posts, we rejoice in their persecution of US and anyone else who have found God's truth through  Calling us of the devil, etc.  It is clear to anyone who has an ear that Carrie Bradshaw and her friends are anything BUT Christian.  Why?  Because God has willed it.

      Only God could cause people to praise a drug addict who calls herself a christian while she spouts unscriptural doctrines of man.  Of course, we pray for God to open Carrie and her blind and deaf flock's understanding.  As of yet, it is NOT God's will for any of them to understand.

      We can't expect Carrie, Justcallmeelroy, James T Watkins and all others who share their unscriptural understandings of God’s word to understand spiritual truths.  They follow the doctrines of men and mankinds physical rituals.  They think this makes them spiritual.

      Truly, they are the blind leading the blind.

      Praise God for His Wisdom in ALL Things and for His Love of ALL mankind!!

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Hell N0 

      9 years ago

      Do you know why it's the Great White Throne Judgment and not the horrific black throne of Satan? Do you think of these things? The symbolism should tell you that judgment is for the best. Not like what the synagogues of Satan teach.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am not sure how you believe or how your thoughts come about but I was led to inform you you do not want to be in front of the Great White Throne. If you do research the Bible is the most Historically correct Book Ever Written.

      But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

      And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

      May the Lord Help you in seeing more clearly.


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