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Why Do People Hate God 1

Updated on February 6, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

God is disliked

There are a variety of reasons why God is not liked by his human creation. This article may turn into a series exploring those different reasons but for this particular article, one will suffice.

That is the reason for the numeral 1 in the title, there should be more articles to follow with the same title. But I am getting away from the topic at hand. There is a very good reason to start this series off and it has to do with the fact that God has rules.

Everything has rules

If you look throughout life, you will find that just about every thing has rules. Board games have rules, athletic sports and games have rules, nations have rules, as do different social and private organizations.

Even businesses have rules. You cannot escape rules because ever facet of life has some sort of guidelines directing people on how they should behave ,if they want to participate in a function or event.

Parents also have rules. They set these rules up to make sure their children know how they are to act and live their young lives. Without rules society and families would be in a lot of turmoil as people would invent their own rules to govern their behavior.

This has been done before as the Book of Judges tells us on more than one occasion that people did what was right in their own eyes. Those verses let us know that anarchy not organized rule was the prevalent attitude in those early Hebrew societies.

This is not good as life cannot turn out well with everyone living as they see fit.

God has rules

The advent of human rules got their start in the Garden of Eden. They were not adopted from the animals, as animals have no idea or concept of what rules are. The animals also do not know what good and evil is or have a moral compass.

When God created Adam, he set forth the rules that man was to follow from that point forward. We know he did not wait till Moses and Mt. Sinai because he gave rules to Adam plus Noah was seen as a righteous man. Noah could not be righteous if he did not know God’s rules or if God failed to give rules to Adam

Also, we know God gave rules because he could not punish Cain for the murder of his brother if God had not explained his rules to Cain’s parents. Nor could the pre-flood world be seen as evil in all their ways and thoughts or be judged by God if God’s rules did not exist.

God’s rules are not meant to be broken

There is the old saying that is often given by people who do not want to follow the rules. It says that rules were made to be broken. Of course, that is not true. Paul in Romans said that rules were made for a particular reason but he did not allow those rules to be broken.

Governments also make rules and by the existence of prisons, they too have contradicted that old saying.

Finally, throughout Old Testament history we see God constantly punishing people for disobeying his rules. It did not matter who broke them, from priests’ sons, military men and even leaders of the country and even common folk, each was punished by God.

God’s rules are meant to be obeyed and he has emphasized that point throughout history. God did not write his rules because he had nothing better to do. He wrote them so that his creation would know the difference between right and wrong; good and evil; and morality and immorality.

Without God’s rules, governments, parents, businesses, and so on would not know what to do or what rules they should or could make. Everyone would be adhering to their own subjective ideas and very few people would agree as to which rules were best, fair or just.

Everyone would be doing what was right in their own eyes and society would collapse and fail.

Why do people hate God

The main reason people hate God is that God’s rules do not allow people to do as they please. They are expected to do as God wants or face the punishment that comes. Now some people say that punishment creates an atmosphere of fear and that fear is used to keep people in line.

Yet do not parents, governments, organizations, etc., also create an atmosphere of fear when they implement their punishments on children, society, employees and members? Of course they do.

The idea of being sent to hell for disobeying God’s rules is not using fear to maintain obedience. It is informing everyone that the rules apply to all and all who violate them will get the same punishment. God does not play favorites and women do not get a pass because their thighs and breasts look good.

God is fair

While many people hate God because he will not break his rules and let them do as they would like, they tend to ignore a vital aspect that comes with God’s rules. Everyone has the same escape route available to them.

Everyone who wants to avoid punishment for their disobedience can come to God, repent of their rule breaking ways and receive forgiveness. Of course, those looking for mercy must be sincere and really give up those sinful ways.

It does not matter the gender of the person, the color of their skin or their sexual preference. All have the same escape route available to them. The key to experiencing God’s fairness is left up to the people. They have free choice and can exercise that free choice at almost anytime.

Some final words

God’s rules are not meant to be broken. They were given because God wanted his creation to know how to please him. God also went one step further by not forcing his creation to choose his way. He allows everyone to make their own choice.

If the people do not want to follow God’s ways then that is their choice. They just must be ready to accept the punishment that will come if they do not rectify that choice. The people cannot whine about God using fear to get them to obey, because God let them know up front what the cost would be if they choose unwisely.

Everyone knows the penalty and that it will not change. That is one reason why people hate God.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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