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"Why Do We Tarot On?"

Updated on April 3, 2016
Enter The World of Mysticism, Poetry, Song and the Storytelling of Your Life. Image Care of Cosmic Awareness.
Enter The World of Mysticism, Poetry, Song and the Storytelling of Your Life. Image Care of Cosmic Awareness.

Why Use Tarot?

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards. Image Care of BiddyTarot.
The Major Arcana Tarot Cards. Image Care of BiddyTarot.

People seek their story in the Tarot Cards for a number of reasons. The newly introduced come with awe and trepidation to see if the map of their Destiny will be unfolded before their very eyes. Those with little more familiarity come to find the Name, the Sun Sign and the Location of where they will meet their Twin Flame so he/she can Tattoo their name across their arm signifying their new found Love Tribe. Experienced Tarot - Goers come for both obtaining strategies and clarity around their love relationships and businesses goals together with relieving their Existential Angst around their purpose in life.

The Treasure Trove of Tarot Benefits

When the Tarot Reader and Querent resonate and all things are optimal, Tarot Readings offer these three advantages: -

1. Depiction and Reflection of your Consciousness. That is the thinking around your daily concerns. Tarot readings can: -

  • illuminate both short term and long term purposes in your life
  • navigate your way through a challenging relationship with your Partner, or, Manger at work.

2. Depiction and Reflection of your Subconscious through: -

  • how the tarot inspires you onto your pathway of personal meaning together with achieving your life dreams.

3. Depiction and Reflection of your Superconscious where you can: -

  • reconnect to your Heart, to your Soul essence. The “I” in personal Authourity together with soothing and releasing your existential angst.

Image Care of Tarot School
Image Care of Tarot School
Image Care of Tarot School
Image Care of Tarot School

Free Will Versus Destiny

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are as free or as caged by the period of history we are born into; the generation thought bubble we inhabit to live out the rest of our lives; together with the personality of the city we inhabit, including the culture, history and social expectations of the Country we live in. However, we currently have one doorway to freedom, one window to our new future. And that is the gateway to our mind and its consciousness together with the access to the physical freedom allotted to us in our everyday lives.

Tarot specialist, Rachel Pollack comments in her book “78 Degrees of Wisdom”, that tarot teaches us the lesson that “no Tarot card is good or bad except in the context of the moment. Just as in life. No approach to life is good or bad except in the context of the moment.”

Tarot Is Inspirational to Me

The Art of Taroting is an inspirational tool to uncover or recover one’s creative juices through igniting the wellspring of dormant intuitiveness lying within each and every person.

To me the Tarot Cards are a freeing experience in solution seeking and strategizing to achieve the best possible outcome in the present point of time.

What Tarot Reading Is Not

Tarot Reading to me is not about discovering the winning lotto numbers; spying on vulnerable unaware third parties; using the Medieval reason to remove curses and or provide incantations to attack the enemy. (even though some of us emotionally may feel like doing that to someone when they intentionally set out to harm us. Especially for no rhyme or reason except they can and they want to)

To those of you that are unfamiliar with this revived Medieval Art Form, the Tarot Deck, consists of 78 Cards which have pictures and symbols drawn on them. This Deck of Cards is based on the life premise that we are all connected and that everything that happens to us happens for a reason-our Higher Purpose (raison d’etre).

These 78 Cards consist of: -

22 Major Arcana Cards – representing various qualities or life topographies that disclose the Spiritual Lessons lying hidden in everyday incidents.

56 Minor Arcana Cards - include four Suits of fourteen cards that reflect the details of everyday adventures.

Each of these four Suits contain ten numbered cards plus a Page, a Knight, a Queen and a King.

The four Suits are called the Wands (representing inspiration, enthusiasm and spirituality), the Cups (emotions, relationships and empathy), the Swords (intellect and opinions) and the Pentacles (material and financial matters).

In other words, the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards explains the “whys”. The Minor Arcana Cards explains the “who” is occurring in the Querent’s life. This includes People Cards, the Court Cards that are the Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. The remaining fourty Ace to ten Tarot cards reveal the “what” that is happening in the Querent’s life.

When the Tarot reader combines the Major and Minor Arcana Cards to give an interpretation it more than likely indicates “who” can offer aid to the Querent together with the “why” the situation is occurring as it is. Plus, what either has just occurred (the past) in the Querent’s life together with what is about to occur (the future)

Image Care of Tarot School
Image Care of Tarot School

The Age Old Question

The Renaissance period places in your Mind the image of the Romanian Gypsy hovering over a Crystal Ball with a wart on the tip of her nose. This was just a ruse to cover up the age old quest of us humans seeking love. Seeking to be loved and trying to understand when love goes wrong. Love together with facing the angst of the existential question-“why was I born? And “what was I born for?” These are age old questions of the Human existence. Some things in life don’t change, do they?

Taroting On...

Image Care of Nymag
Image Care of Nymag

Try Your Hand At Tarot Reading

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