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Why Do You Believe In Ghosts.

Updated on November 29, 2010
Taken by Tony O Rahilly at the time of the fire.
Taken by Tony O Rahilly at the time of the fire. | Source


I have always believed in ghosts, without having any real proof. There are so many pictures, but all of them were so obviously fake. Then I saw the one of Wem Town Hall and the small girl in the flames. I read up on the story,and all tests have been carried out on this photograph and no one can find anything to say that it is fake.

In recent years, there has been a photograph discovered that looks very much like the girl in Wem, and the more I look at it, the more I feel that maybe it has been a very good copy. This however does not explain how no one was able to find out how it had been faked. The picture below shows the two girls - or one if you believe it is forged.


Other Ghosts

There are a lot of other photographs that are so hard to explain. The one below is less difficult. The figure has appeared in lots of spoofs on the internet and I don't really know where it started.

There are many other ghosts pictures classed as the most famous 10, but already some of them have been proved to be fake.

The Tudor figure at Hampton Court was an actor being filmed there, the two graveside ones - a small boy and also a young women.

I wish I knew for sure if there were ghosts, and maybe one day I will have the proof I want. If I take the picture, it will be published on here.


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