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Why Does God Allow...

Updated on July 20, 2011

Only God Knows Why...

I'm addressing in this writing an oft asked question of "Why does God allow ______?" also often worded as "If there is a God how come ______?" People will deny Gods existence based on what they see as injustice or unfairness in the world, and others often wrestle with their faith as they ponder this very same issue. I'm hoping here to address this in a way that will make sense and address another issue at the same time, hope this helps!

The simple answer to why God "lets" some things happen is this, "we" (mankind) asked for it. As a people we want to arbitrarily obey Gods laws & commands, you know, the ones that work for "us". Well, when you see "evil, injustice or unfair events" perpetrated upon humanity, especially when done by other people, or as the result of the actions or choices of other people, thats "their" arbitrary obedience, the result of what happens when we "make our own rules".

Now, History 101, Adam & Eve in the Garden HAD utopian perfection, they screwed it up and got kicked out and banished, why? arbitrary obedience. Now we all live with the result, the Garden, (surely a precursor to Heaven) we are not fit for, we know satan roams the earth which is where he went when he was banished. You may ask, well if God is perfection and without flaw, then what happened to Adam & Eve, He created them? Yes He did, and He also gave them free will, as He does us. He desires for us to return His love and be in fellowship with Him, but He doesn't force it - Freedom in the truest sense!

So, humanity too has been banished here, to earth, along with satan and evil, still having the option to choose between God and oppostiion to God. The lesson I'd say is "evil begets evil, sin begets sin, bad choices & decisions beget bad results & situations." So the next time you feel like questioning "Why does God allow ______, to transpire?" Just know that it wouldn't and won't be that way in Heaven. We are in a "stop-over" local here on earth, a blip of a moment in time, sadly we get easily focused on this "blip" and lose sight of the eternal. Each wanting our own way, rules, regulations, each has defining lines in their own life of right & wrong and all the while we co-exist with ungodliness, it's a recipe for destruction.

Christ is the only way of true survival here, by believing in and accepting Him as your Saviour, knowing by Faith that God sent Him to pay the price for our sins, He can redeem you from this fallen humanity. Does that "stop the evil", no... the whole earth doesn't accept Him, as a matter of fact the majority reject Him. Those who however choose to live in Christ can see the world through Gods eyes and ably know that when judgement day comes, God will make all things right and "balance the scales" so to speak. It will be in His time though, not mine, yours or anyone elses, this often frustrates some, but it's His universe, His rules (that so many ignore) hence it's His decision.

Lastly, some will say, "I know many people who say they are Christians, and they don't have this peace, or love for their fellow man, or even a peaceful spirit, they always seem angry or mad at something or someone." The world has always had evil, it won't be without it, but also, please know that the word Christian has become generic, like Kleenex for all facial tissue, it's almost a generic word for religion of some form. Many who call themselves Christians don't even believe in the deity of Christ, but believe in God solely, you can't be a Christian with out Christ. Many take the name, many also struggle, please don't judge the master by His servants. To many it's an ideal or a generalization, true Christianity is a belief & acceptance of Christs Deity and having a personal relationship with God & Christ, it's not random, it's not slap shot, it's not on "your" terms, it's on His terms and it's an acceptance of that. If God in Christ isn't the most important thing in a persons life the term Christian is a hard sell. Christ is the Way!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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