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Why Faith in God?

Updated on September 3, 2012

Why do you have faith in God

Hi, tigresosal..

Regarding Answers to:

1)Your first question:

-Because when all crumbles, God is the only one who remains the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is unchanging. His words will remains.

2)Your second question:

-That is not possible. Without faith, Hope does not exist. Without Hope, all is lost.

3)Your own comments/questions below:

-3a)You pray out of your devotion and worship to God.

-3b)God is not human; that you should use your own understanding to comprehend God's nature/actions and make comparison.

Believe,Faith and Hope

Without faith, there is no hope. Without belief there is no faith. You must believe in someone (God) to put your faith in Him. And you do so because the person that you believe in; is your source of hope. It is interrelated.

Prayer (Private and Corporate)

Here is a few reasons why someone prays

-One pray because they present their requests and petitions to God.

-One pray to ask for forgiveness from God for their (sins) iniquities, afflictions and guilt. This is called confessions.

-One pray unceasingly during a constant conversation with God through out the day; in their thoughts and some times out loud. This is called relationship/intimacy with God, where one is always in touch/communicating with God. Going through life in a state of worship (glorifying,praising,thanking and honoring God in all things); in an unending connection with God.

-One attends weekly fellowships to join together as children of God; giving encouragement, sharing burdens, offering help to one another in acts of providing a listening ear, an open and understanding mind, a loving and compassionate heart, words of wisdom. Offering material, monetary, strength and connections in certain matters.

The point is, being a TRUE Family of Christ. No discrimination. Only acceptance and loving one another as Jesus accepts and loves us. Live a righteous life in the Joy that is in Christ.


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