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Why Ghosts Can’t Possibly Exist: Many Compelling Reasons

Updated on July 15, 2019
Lorra Garrick profile image

In addition to fitness and exercise, I've always had an interest in the paranormal and "unexplained," particularly lucid dreaming and NDEs.

I’m not going to convince a person, who believes he saw a ghost, that ghosts do not exist. This is for believers who have never seen a ghost or apparition.

If ghosts exist…ever wonder why the only places they reportedly haunt or hang out are either old Victorian mansions, prisons, abandoned farmhouses or other abandoned buildings, graveyards and places where deaths have occurred such as bridges, railroad tracks and houses?

Why don’t Walmart shoppers ever report seeing ghosts while standing in the checkout line?

Don’t you find this a bit odd? How come hospitals, major sporting events and shopping malls aren’t infested with ghosts? Lots of people die in hospitals, and there are plenty of people at sporting events and malls for ghosts to get attention from.

Or shall we believe that once people cross over, even the most attention-seeking person in the earth plane will suddenly become introverted as a ghost, and therefore won’t make appearances at crowded venues?

Many people die on the streets in car wrecks. You’d think that ghosts would be appearing left and right on major highways and intersections.

And when ghosts do appear, why do they always seem to be from a specific era of time, namely, the 19th and 18th centuries?

In other words, the apparitions wear clothes indicative of these particular centuries, though sometimes, there are more contemporary-looking ghosts—according to those who’ve “seen” them. But where are the cavemen ghosts? Where are the apparitions who are clothed in wholly mammoth fur?

Riveting Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Where are all the ghosts of times going much further back, when men and women wore animal skins?
  • Why don’t we see ghosts of people who lived 10,000 years ago?
  • Why do ghosts run the moment we see them? Are they afraid of us, like we’re going to kill them?
  • Why don’t ghosts ever appear before huge crowds of people?
  • How come they usually come out only in the middle of the night?
  • How come people, who work third shifts and are wide awake in the middle of the night on their “days” off from work, don’t seem to be the people who report things that go bump in the night?

Child Ghosts

Ever wonder why child ghosts are always spotted disappearing around a corner? Or scurrying away to a room, never to be seen after that? Is this the typical behavior of earthbound children? I’d think that even in ghost form, a child would want to come up to adults and interact – just like they so often do in the material world.

Ghosts Don’t Realize They’re Dead

It is said that ghosts don’t realize they are dead, and thus, continue to hang around the places they haunt. If this is true, why do ghosts, especially children, make a point of being seen or heard for only a few seconds, then disappear or “run” around a corner and vanish? Is this what people who are alive typically do?

And how can you not know you’re dead? Isn’t the inability to pick up a sandwich and eat it a tip-off? Isn’t the ability to walk through walls a tip-off?

Does the Ghost Realm Make Them Painfully Shy?

And when they are seen, why don’t they just come right out and start verbally communicating? For example:

“Hey Mack, don’t be afraid of me. I just want you to give a message to my wife. Tell her there is an after-life and I am watching over her.”

You’d think more ghosts would get this message across somehow. But they don’t. But they sure know how to run around corners, walk up creaky staircases, leave hand prints on walls and interfere with a house’s electrical circuits. Hmmm.

If ghosts can make lights go on and off, and make objects fall from shelves, then why can’t they make a pen write a reassuring message on a piece of paper?

Revenge on the Living

If ghosts exist, how come judges who sentence murderers to death, don’t eventually get haunted by these killers after they die? Why don’t jurors get haunted by murderers they find guilty after the killer eventually dies? Well, maybe it’s because in the after-life, even the most evil person becomes good.


What about EVP: electronic voice phenomenon? I’m skeptical. Ever wonder why these recordings are almost always of only one, two or three words? And that’s it? If you’re roaming around as a ghost, why would your vocabulary be so limited?

I have yet to hear an EVP consisting of full-fledged conversations among ghosts. Instead, it’s always one or a few words (often garbled), usually out of context with the conversation that the ghost hunters are having while their recorders are on.

Billions of People Have Died, but Only a Few Ghosts

Finally, if ghosts exist, there should be endless sightings, constantly—because think of all the people who have died since time began. Why would it be that only a micro-fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a micro-percent of all the people who ever lived, come back as ghosts?

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