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Why Happiness Comes from Within

Updated on July 12, 2015

Current Concept of Happiness

Humanity is nurturing its young and forthcoming generations to become a superficial breed that dwells on materialism. It's common to see many youth these days always trying to keep up with fads. It was a common activity of the past, changing outfits as the eras changed. However, today society is characterised by a high level of materialism that sees majority of young people obtaining items and disposing them once another better version of it comes into the market. The underlying perception is of a youth that is superficial to its core, and this can translate to further aspects apart from the basic acquisition of items, to fundamental human relationships.With this materialism, human beings have formed an insatiable need to acquire and hoard visible wealth. The acquisition of this wealth and accumulation of materials is linked to the creation of personal happiness and satisfaction. The basic idea of many individuals is based on the misconception that for one to be happy, you need to have amassed riches and material possessions in abundance. However, the truth of this matter is that happiness or personal satisfaction cannot be achieved through any material.

The current youth has developed a love for riches that is etched deep into his blueprint of character and value, making him capable of performing any act with the aim of gaining material. It has seen the rise of crime and immorality among our young generation. It is unfortunate that the desire for these valuables has been bred from the value and protocol of childhood nurturing. The current teenager spends less time attempting to learn positivity through reading and exploring, but would rather spend more time on social media. It was written in the holy books that "money is the root of all evil". As most individuals would skim through the phrase and create a shallow interpretation of its concept, it bears an unfathomable reference that is easily surpassed by the ignorant minds of those less interested in finding life's true meaning. True happiness cannot be linked to possessing voluminous monetary possessions. Through linking happiness to money, we talk about linking our core element to numbers, which are an infinite. Therefore, money being infinite, we can never possess joy in ourselves because it will be of continuous measures.

Contemporary philosophers such as Alan Watts and Sadhguru have attempted to explain the basic concepts of life and human purpose. In one of Sadhguru's seminars, he explained the concept of true happiness to his followers. The basic concept of happiness is that it all originates from within. It is true that no single being has experienced anything outside himself. All that you have experienced and are currently experiencing and viewing is from within, possessing no external factors that lead to them. For example, the object that we see and think is in front of us is not, but a reflection of the light that comes into contact with our eyes and forms the image on our retina, in the back of our eyes, with the relay of that information that is all formed in our brains. In this perspective, it is evident that all we see and feel comes from within. Whether pain or joy, we experience all that life gives us from our inner selves. The mere fact is that people are currently obsessed with the daily hustle of trying to make a living and following the path of a material-based society. Humanity, therefore, forgets that they came to this world with a purpose and on initial arrival, they began a journey of learning and achieving their true purpose. All human beings bear a purpose, but many grow old and come to their demise without having accomplished happiness brought by purpose in life.

Ways to Happiness

With all human beings having a purpose in this life, it is important for one to take as much time to learn of his/her purpose for living. First, with being grateful for life, we acknowledge the fact that we are nothing. In true form, we are nothing. As any other life form, we are susceptible to all that life has to offer and that possessing greater power than that of our own. For every morning, we need to wake up with a gratuity of life and the fact that we have a chance to experience what it has to offer.

It is common that with the rise and continuous growth of hand-held technology, we lose the interpersonal human relationships. Many people have created a barrier to the reality of the actual world, forming false realities in the virtual world. It has resulted in a lot of detachment in behaviour and emotion. People take less time to see what is actually going on with their immediate environment, having forgotten how to express themselves in the real world. In the virtual world, they may seem like the tough and macho individuals that the virtual reality partially sees and never really cares about. These are the same individuals who are distant and vulnerable in true person, yearning to have a life that they have distanced themselves so far away from.

We should all take a greater amount of time trying to discover ourselves and our purpose in life. Human beings are predominantly social beings that require constant interaction to thrive. Without this constant interaction, we become dysfunctional and less productive. It might be a reason as to why there are no more Michaelangelos, Newtons, or Da Vincis. In the era of the great inventors, humanity was in constant interaction with each other and the environment, reason as to why enormous achievements and uprise of innovators and thinkers was presented.

To gain immense happiness, we need to stop in our tracks and take the time to feel everything that goes on around us. From the chirping of the birds to the whistling of the wind, it is important to be in sync with our environment as well as all that is in it. We learn of our meaning by approaching life with an open heart and mind, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to life. By throwing ourselves at the mercies of the world, we learn of our strengths and weaknesses, being able to grow and have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our surroundings.

Also, to gain happiness, we need to create it. Creation of happiness means that we need to make others happy. There is no greater feeling of seeing another being happy and realizing that you are the reason. By creating happiness in other people, we create a cycle of positivity that spreads in the comparable concept of a vicious cycle. It is difficult to receive negativity if you constantly offer genuine positivity. Therefore, if all material possessions were to be stripped from us, we still need to have value within ourselves.


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    • rogananjili profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Kenya

      Almost everything is a matter of choice, I agree. Especially as adults we have total responsibility over our actions and emotions.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      I'm a believer in you get what you give. I also feel happiness is a choice, a frame of reference.

    • rogananjili profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Kenya


      I'm happy that you like my hub. I was prompted to write this hub because lately it's like everywhere I go that's the topic in a majority of discussions. I really got concerned when my sister and I were debating over the same topic. It's true that many people who have fewer resources are happier. In Africa, these are people with big families, as compared to most resourceful families that are ironically seen to have fewer family members (children that is). Trying to gain the perception of these people I discovered that they make use of the fact that they have each other, are healthy and don't really worry about losing out on material possessions, because they merely have much already. Same concept while conducting a social experiment to see of whom, between a beggar and banker or rich businessman, would be so willing to share. Turns out it's the beggars who would share more. WiccanSage, it's all about discovering that there's more to life than an extra penny. I appreciate your feedback.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      3 years ago

      I was just discussing this with someone on social media, lol. They were raving about how only total freedom (without hurting others) brings happiness. When I pointed out that many wealthy people who are free to do just what they want are not happy, and that many people who have many obligations and few resources are happy, the person kind of started raving about how I was a slave and promoting slavery, lol. I exited the conversation. He didn't get it. He did not sound like a very happy camper to me.

      I think this is a great hub.


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