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Why I Believe

Updated on November 4, 2013
I believe.
I believe.


I believe that we all have a creator that we call our God. I believe that our creator sends his angels as emissaries, protectors, and watchers of us all. I believe that our world was created and we were put in it for our enjoyment and a secure home. Does our creator feel satisfied with us all the time? I think not. History proves this fact. Our biblical scriptures tell us that changes were always being made to improve our condition. The sacrifices in the old testament were exchanged for the one sacrifice of our creator's son. Our God saw that mankind was in need of a means to be forgiven of his sinful nature.

As we may know, sin can be defined as those behaviors of a person which are harmful, wrong, or evil not only to others that receive the sinful action, but what is done to ourselves as well. Mankind was created with a conscience and most people suffer when they do bad or hurtful things to others. To be forgiven of these sins was what our creator saw was needed to make it plain for man that his actions were excused, and that he should strive to make better decisions in the future. Christ was sent for just that emphasis and grand purpose. This is what I believe.

I believe when I see a baby's love for its mother. I believe when I see a father work himself into a state of total collapse in order to put food on the table for his family. I believe when I see miracles performed before my very eyes. I believe when I see souls saved who have spent a life time of wrongful behavior and lived in self destruction.

Roy was a sinner by his own admission. He had spent time in prison and made moonshine liquor for a long time. He was abusive to family and friends at times after he had been drinking. He told me this in several of our long conversations. He said that he knew he was wrong in his behavior and wanted to change. After attending church with my son, he later decided to join and gave his life to Christ. Roy's face, all lit up and with tears in his eyes, etched a memory in my mind that I will never forget. That is why I believe.

When I see a cancer patient who was given a prognosis that they were to die by their physician, and with faith and prayer decided to not give in and conquered that disease..then I believe. When I see the goodness of people of all races helping one another in times of crisis, then I believe. When I see the devotion of a grandfather who spent more than sixty years of his life spreading the gospel, then I believe. When I see the eager faces of children with special needs in their attempt to overcome their problems, then I believe. When I see the pride of parents with tears in their eyes as their child graduates from school, then I believe.

When I stand at the graveside of a friend or family member and hear God's word, then I believe. As I get up and face the new day, knowing that I have had a brain tumor for more than twenty years, then I believe. For all these reasons, I believe. I also believe in the faith that I have and that one day I WILL JOIN MY SPIRIT WITH THE ONE GREAT AND POWERFUL LIGHT IN HEAVEN. i WILL SEE MY CREATOR THERE AND BE RECEIVED INTO HIS WAITING ARMS. DO YOU BELIEVE ?


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 9 months ago from United States

      This is why I believe.