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Is Mary K. Baxter the 21st Century Origen, or Just a Fraud?

Updated on July 15, 2019
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Clifton H. Rodriquez is a certified public accountant (CPA) by profession, but a passionate Bible scholar. He believes in studying the Word.

The Divine Revelation of Hell

It seems to me that Mary K. Baxter figured out a way to grossly enrich the parable of the "Rich Man and Larazus" (see Luke 16:19-32), and make a lot of money in the process. She has sold more than a million copies of her first book, "The Divine Revelation of Hell". In that book, however, she makes some outlandish statements about the human soul, and I am appalled that she has successfully gotten away with her misleading nonsense. Baxter makes such ridiculous statements about human souls undergoing torment and torture in Hell that one has to wonder if she kept a straight face while she wrote this nonsense. More importantly, one has to wonder if Baxter understands the punishment that awaits liars. To say that the "soul lives forever in either heaven or hell" is simply misleading and simply cannot be supported by biblical scriptures. Her outlandish statements conflict with Ezekiel 18:4, Matthew 10:28, John 3:13-16 and Romans 6:23. She confuses her readers and makes no apology. In order for any of her readers to accept her misleading statements made in her book, the Divine Revelation of Hell, or even the book in its entirety, they would have to ignore 65 books of the Bible and focus their attention on the Gospel according to Luke, the "hearsay Gospel".

The Gates of Hell
The Gates of Hell

Refuting Baxter From A Biblical Viewpoint

All of Baxter's work can be refuted from a biblical basis. I do not believe for one second that she had any dreams where Christ gave her a tour of "Hell". Why? Because Hell does not exist. When I say Hell, I mean the Hell as described by way of the Gospel according to the Greek writer Luke. It should be obvious to anyone who read her works that she had a Catholic upbringing which is clearly depicted in her works. She makes ridiculous statements like: "the soul lives forever", "the soul never dies", and "the soul spends eternity in heaven or hell" (these statements are refuted by Ezekiel 18:4, Matthew 10:28, John 3:13-16 and Romans 6:23 as well as Psalm 37:22). Sound familiar. This woman's dream (from her one of her earlier works from 1976) is Luke 16:19-32; it is an expansion or enrichment of the parable. It is obvious to me that she is trying to advance Satan's Great Deception (see Gen. 3:4) as did Origin (lived from 185 to 254 AD), Thomas Aquinas and Augustine. God made men as mortal beings with conditional immortality. When the first man, Adam, sinned against God in the Garden of Eden, they were cast out of the Garden, and their fate was sealed (see Genesis 3:22). God took measures to ensure that man could not inherit eternal life (or immortality) via the "back door" so to speak. However, in the Second Century AD, Origen, who admired Plato and thus Socrates, started a prolific campaign to convince Christendom that they were indeed more than what God made; he convinced a significant number of believers that they had an immortal soul which survived death, and ascended to Heaven or descended to Hell after death (i.e., death brought on by Adam's sin). The soul Origen reasoned was the consciousness of man, that part of him so to speak that could never die (see Ezekiel 18:4, Matthew 10:28). Origen's writings reinforced Satan's lie to Eve (see Genesis 3:4). It is interesting to know that all of the Bible patriarchs beginning with Abraham noted that man was nothing but dust (Gen 18:27). Job reasoned too that without God, he was doomed to the grave, but understood that God would keep his promise to him (Job 14:14). David lamented likewise in Psalm 6 and 16. David knew that God would not abandon him to "Sheol', or "the Great Pit"; David understood too that Christ would make it possible for him to be resurrected and transformed. David's son King Solomon in his writing acknowledged the uselessness of the dead. He wrote in Ecclesiastes 9:4-10 that the dead knew not that they were dead. Once the spirit left the man and ascended to God (Eccles. 12:7), the clay would become dust again and return to the earth from whence it came. It did not survive biological death in the form of a non-existent conscious soul that either would ascend to Heaven or descend to Hell to endure torment and torture at the hands of Satan. Even Satan in the first Chapter of Job denied that he resided in this so-called Hell (Read J

Image of Origen
Image of Origen

Is Baxter the 21st Century Origen?

Given how prolific Origen was in introducing apostasy to Christendom during the 2nd Century AD, Mary K Baxter must be viewed as being equally effective in bringing about spiritual confusion into the Christian faith. Origen's motive was his love of Plato and Socrates, and complete acceptance of their pagan beliefs. Also, Origen wanted to generate hope in the minds of Christian believers who had grown impatient hoping that Christ would return soon back to earth to establish God's Kingdom. Rather than continue to teach patience for Christ's return, he began to teach that departed believers joined the Lord in Heaven, and reinforced Paul's teachings that to die was a gain for believers because it meant being reunited with the Lord in Heaven. Thus, even if the Lord did not return during their lifetime, it was no longer disheartening. Origen wanted to create a "new hope" for 2nd Century believers and sincerely believed that his writings and teachings would provide comfort. However, Origen probably never intended to mislead anyone, and certainly did not profit from his acceptance and promotion of pagan concepts. As a matter of fact, he suffered for his beliefs and supposedly died in prison awaiting execution similarly to the Apostles Paul and Peter. Baxter will never be prosecuted for her lies. She certainly has profited from them and will continue to perpetuate Satan's Great Deception as long as doing so stays profitable to her. She will do greater damage to the Christian faith than Origen did. Both Origen and Baxter are probably wrong about the soul being man's consciousness and surviving physical or biological death. The Bible refutes their beliefs and assertions about souls ending up in Heaven or Hell after death. The soul is a part of the body and goes to the grave with the body (see Psalm 16); it does not go anyway else other than "Sheol" when a person dies.

Destruction of the Wicked
Destruction of the Wicked

Study To Show Yourself Approved

Baxter successfully sowed confusion into the minds of Christian believers for years. However, she is not solely to blame. Believers themselves need to do their part to refute and reject false prophets like Baxter. Baxter's motivation for her work is plain to see; it is simply "filthy lucre" (money). However, Christians must study God's word for themselves, and not allow any one person to mislead them with lies. Baxter's work can be refuted with just three scriptural references, Ezekiel 18:4, Matthew 10:28 and Ecclesiastes 9:4-10. In addition, David tells us in Psalm 6 confirms that there is no conscious thought after death, and he continues in Psalm 16 by stating that the soul goes to Sheol, or the "Great Pit", the grave. The Word of God is more powerful than someone who is trying to re-write God's Word through deceit and lies. A dedicated Christian believer who studies God's Word would not be easily deceived by a false prophet.

Filthy Lucre
Filthy Lucre


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