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Why I Don't Believe in Coincidence

Updated on September 1, 2015

Coincidence: A Human Perception

Here's the thing--I don't believe coincidence exists. Rather, I just think humans are horribly finite and ignorant beings unable (or sometimes unwilling) to see the bigger picture.

Perhaps I should explain-- First, this is not meant as a treatise--I'm not gonna give loads of data or statistics or define every word I use (maybe a few though). Rather, this is a reflection on my opinion on the matter, partially for fun, partially to generate discussion, and partially just for the sake of writing, and you can take it or leave it (But if you agree feel free to vote up ;) ).

When I think of the term "coincidence" I think of 1) two seemingly related things happening, either simultaneously or sequentially, 2) by chance (random) and/or with vague meaning, and 3) without active human influence. Yes, I know, technically "coincidence" means two things happening at the same time... I'm not arguing that (the denotation of the word), I'm arguing about the connotation , what is implied when people say "what a coincidence".

How Bout a Joke?

Three guys are in an airplane, and having a contest to see who can throw out the biggest thing. The first guy throws down a penny, the second a bowling ball, and the third guy a grenade. Obviously, the guy with the bowling ball wins.

Meanwhile a man is walking down the street and he comes upon a woman sitting on the curb rubbing her head. Curious, the man asks her, "Is everything all right, ma'am". She explains that while she was walking, a penny fell from the sky and hit her on the head. It gave her quite the headache, but she will be ok. The man bids her farewell and moves on. Further down the man sees a teenager and his car on the side of the road. Upon looking closer, the man sees that the hood of the teen's car is dented, and smoke is rising into the air. Curious, the man asks what happened. The teenager explains, "I was driving down the road when a bowling ball fell out of the sky and completely totaled my car". The man calls him a tow truck and then moves on his way. Finally, the man comes upon another man who, despite the large fire and smoke radiating from his demolished house, is laughing hysterically. More curious then ever before, the man asks what happened. Barely able to get out a few words the man replies, "I farted and my house blew up!"

Why it Doesn't Exist

So, why isn't the scenario in the joke an actual coincidence? Because the two things are actually not related! Farting (usually) has nothing to do with your house blowing up. And the fact that they happened at the same time does not mean one caused the other.

You may now be asking, "what about your 'Beer Picture'? Surely that's just two things randomly having the same thing in common?" Nope, again, the hours of the day, and the number of beers that human's have put in a case are not related at all.

So really, I'll just come out and say what I'm thinking. There is no such thing as coincidence because all "coincidences" are really just human's not being able to see the cause of all events. Some things are divinely ordained (these have meaning), and thus are not able to be seen by humans, some things are unrelated and yet happen in proximity to each other, and so we THINK they are related, and finally some things we WANT to see as having meaning which don't and so we impose our own meaning on them and call them coincidence.

So it is with great holes in my argument and a hastily constructed hub that I leave you now. Was this hub worthless? Maybe. But I enjoyed writing it, you learned a new joke, and I got you to view my Google ads on the page ;-) . Feel free to comment with your own opinion.

© 2010 R D Langr


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