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Why I am Agnostic

Updated on October 1, 2011

In my entire life, religion has played a fairly insignificant role, and yet has been something I constantly wonder about. I guess at some level though, we all do. I was born into a religious family, but started neglecting religious practices early on, mostly because it was all boring to me. As a child, I didn't really consider things like god, the after-life, or the soul in any depth. And let's face it, which child does? We are all born and raised a certain way, with beliefs bestowed upon us from our parents, teachers, and other influential authoritative figures. When I was finally old enough to think for myself, I quickly abandoned religion altogether and decided I was an Atheist. At that time I was around 11 and came to that conclusion based on one thing: I do not want to follow any religion. Since then, I've learned a lot more about philosophy, science, and life itself. However, my core beliefs are the same. The only thing that has changed is that I know consider myself an Agnostic. In all honesty, I don't even really know the difference. From what I understood, atheism is just the flip-side to religion, and rejects everything of the sort, whereas agnosticism is a maybe. Is that true? I don't know, and I really don't even care what the label is.

All I know is, that everything for me is a maybe, and my beliefs are centered around the possibility of anything, as such; the impossibility of nothing.

Why I Rejected Religion

What is Life? What is Death? What is God? What is the soul? The answers to all of these questions are uncertain. Many theories (religions) offer answers to these, but I can only take them with a grain of salt. Why should I choose one over the other? They've all been presented as the one word of god, the one answer, the one way of life, etc... What gives me the power to be able to pick which one is right? Everyone in the world is born into different religions, so if there is only one true religion, does everyone else have to obtain the wisdom to convert on their own? How can I even decide which religion is right, it's not like I can test them against each other. There's no way I can possibly verify that any book was in fact sent down by god, anything I hear or learn will be from another human being. That human being, has learned his ways from another human being, and so on, and so forth. I can't verify when in the timeline god came down and bestowed his wisdom upon which human being, or if god came down himself, or whatever else happened. Why didn't god just tell everyone directly himself?

The point is, I can't judge what's real and what's not and in the end, and I'm sorry to say but no one can. You cannot confirm 100% that your religion is right above all. It's a matter of faith, and to people who have it, it's great for them. I'm not saying religion is a bad thing, it encourages good morals and it's overall goal is the fulfillment of life. For me though, I think I already have a strong set of morals, and I've learned the good and the bad from all religions equally. I've learned what's right and wrong from experience. Will I always be righteous in whatever I do? No, of course not. But I can only try and be a good person, with my own definition of good and with what I learned as the definition of good.

What Can I Possibly Want Out of Life?

Many people wonder what agnostics look forward to if not the after-life. I'll discuss my views about the after-life in a different article, but the gist of it is that I think we were given this life to live as our own. I don't know, it could be a test, and it could not be. Logic shows that it's better to treat it as a test because then you can live a good material life, as well as a good after-life. So fine, let's say I decide to treat it as a test, what path should I take? As I mentioned before, there's really no way of deciding what path to take, but the end goal is the same. All religions encourage you to be a good person, etc... The way I see it, if I do no major harm to anyone, and if there is a heaven, I'm probably going there. God being all righteous as he is will not send me to hell because I didn't pray or because I ate meat or whatever. I just want to enjoy life, I don't want to be caught up in worrying about things beyond my control or knowledge.

How Do I Answer Life's Questions?

As I said before, maybe. I don't need or want answers. There's some things we just don't know. No one can know everything, it's not humanly possible. What I mean is, the sheer amount of knowledge already AVAILABLE to humans is so vast, that there isn't time to worry about the knowledge that ISN'T available. There's always scientists looking for answers to the things we don't know, and of course they're always expanding the pool of knowledge for all mankind alike. Even those things that scientists have proven I can't take for certain. I don't mean to sound like a crazy philosopher, but at some level I do have a belief that nothing in life is certain. Things can turn upside down any time, any day. However, for the time being I accept reality as what I perceive it to be. It's just simpler that way. The things that I don't perceive, I don't really bother stressing out over. In the end, everything is just a maybe to be.

  • Is there a god? Maybe
  • Is there life after death? Maybe
  • Do aliens exist? Maybe
  • Is this all a dream? Maybe

Who cares though. You won't find out until you're dead anyway, and even then, that's a maybe.


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    • profile image

      Astro Gremlin 

      6 years ago

      When apostles come to sell me their religion they stop when I tell them I believe in Thor.

    • Abrushing1968 profile image

      Aaron Rushing 

      6 years ago from USA- Florida

      HMMM? I appreciate your honesty. This hub appears to be about 8 months Old, Thing change over time. Life experiences seem to have a way of forcing opinions, especially when you are unsure. Are you still uncertain or have decided one way or the other?

      For me and many like me, God is real,active and intimate. He introduced himself to me in a very convincing way. Since then, I see him in everything and everywhere. In the beauty and details of nature. In the wisdom of a truth that changes my life, in the destruction that follows when I ignore his warning and act contrary to his Word.

      At first I was like you uncertain, like a child learning to walk. One hand stretched out reaching for His hands a few steps a way while gripping the sofa with the other. Afraid to let go not certain if he would catch me when I fell.

      In time I leaned to walk and then to run all the while He became more real to me with every step of faith.

      Proverbs 2:1-5

      My son, if you receive my words, And treasure my commands within you, So that you incline your ear to wisdom, And apply your heart to understanding; Yes, if you cry out for discernment, And lift up your voice for understanding, If you seek her as silver, And search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will understand the fear of the Lord, And find the knowledge of God

      God is real my friend, how determined are you to find him?



    • profile image


      7 years ago

      There are different kinds of agnosticism. Being agnostic means that you do not know. But it doesn't have anything to do with your beliefs.

      Agnostic Theists believe in a deity, and claim to not know if it exists or not.

      Agnostic Atheists do not believe in a deity, and do not know if it exists or not.

      There are also strong agnosticism and weak agnosticism. The strong agnostic says: "I cannot know if a deity exists or not, and neither can you."

      The weak agnostic says: "I don't know if any deities exist or not, but maybe one day, when there is evidence, we can find something out."

      This info and more can be found on the wikipedia article on agnosticism.

    • Frannie Dee profile image

      Frannie Dee 

      7 years ago from Chicago Northwest Suburb

      I'm voting this up because your quandry shows an example of one going through a transitional period filled with doubts and questions. It leads me to believe you are very spiritual though. Agnostic is a good term for you. Only one thing though, you can't just insure you will never hurt anyone and earn passage into heaven (if there is an afterlife). That would be a waste of time better spent doing good works and contributing something to humanity. Stephen Hawking said that according to the laws of nature, God was not necessary for the big bang to occur. My belief is that this is true according to the rules of nature that we know. What about other rules we do not know for maybe other universes? Or things existing that are not universes but something else? I believe in an uncaused cause. Some call this God.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Neerizzle: No, it means lacking a belief in gods. Anything else is atheism plus a belief.

    • Neerizzle profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      The link doesn't seem to be working it takes to me a "Page not found" on Blogger. By saying "I don't Know" I'm not saying I believe or disbelief in god, I always though that's what agnostic was all about, whereas atheist was strictly "there is no possibility of god whatsoever."

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      "From what I understood, atheism is just the flip-side to religion, and rejects everything of the sort, whereas agnosticism is a maybe. Is that true?"


      You have this long post about a term you don't even understand. Atheism is the lack of belief on a god or gods. To put it simply. If I ask you the question "Do you believe in a god or gods?". If your answer is yes then you are a theist and everything else means you are an atheist (including "I don't know"). Here is a simple chart

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the read. I enjoyed it.

      "I don't know" is the beginnning of all wisdom. :)


    • penpro007 profile image


      7 years ago from Online

      When this topic arises I always end up thinking and thinking... cause I would really like to know if a God exists and what will happen after we die.... Unfortunately we will never know the truth until we die!

    • LailaK profile image


      7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Very interesting hub! You know, it is very hard to determine which religion has the full truth, but it's always best to look at one that makes the most sense. Like Cromper said, it is important to keep an open-mind of all religions. Anyhow, great hub! Voted up!

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      Excellent and honest hub!

      My advice is to remain open-minded and only listen to your own instincts. Question EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE who knocks on your door trying to sell you something.

      The true creator of the universe (if there is one) can only communicate with you if your mind is clear of obstacles (such as religious blackmail - if you don't believe in Jesus, you will burn in hell!).

      We all owe it to ourselves to take time out to find our own way in life, and that is what you are doing.

      Thumbs up!


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