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Why I remain a Christian

Updated on February 18, 2016

"What Christianity is and isn't, and why I should still be a Christian" had been bothering me. Read to find out why I remain a Christian.

I have been a Christian for 27 years, which is all my life. I went to church before I was even born (in my mum's tummy, haha). I have had so much doubts and uncertainties and even hatred towards Christianity. And now, I just want to share with you why I am a Christian. Let me start with what Christianity is and what it isn't (especially if you don't have much concept about Christianity), then get into the reasons why I remain a Christian:

What Christianity isn’t

- God will give you the exact things you want in your life
- You will not suffer from anything
- God will provide without your effort at all
- A set of rules you have to follow only

What Christianity is

- Christians believe in 3 things: God, Jesus, and the holy spirit
- The greatest love of all
- The beginning and end of this whole universe
- A relationship, not a religion, because: Yes, God will forgive you for ANYTHING you do and at ANYTIME, so people think they can take that for granted, but that is not what it’s all about.

Why I need God

- I want to love unconditionally and have unlimited forgiveness
- To have a community and support group with people of the same values
- To know the truth of the beginning and the end of this whole world
- Because I believe there is a creator + guardian of this entire universe
- To keep believing in true love and the greatest love of all
- Because everything happens for a reason
- We all have a purpose in life
- Because I believe in forgiveness
- Because I cannot truly control my own life
- Because this world can be very disgusting and we are all sinners
- God is the only one who can complete me, comfort me and give me inner-peace & strength
- God will remind me to stop sinning
-There IS life after death
-Because... I cannot do all the above mentioned...

These are my thoughts based on the Bible. I hope this article gave you an idea of what Christianity is, or can bring you back to God a bit if you are lost. By thinking about these points, I slowly came back to God. I wish you will all find your way in life, and good luck!

Jesus is Love



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