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Why It Is Important to Treat Our Fallen Heroes With Dignity?

Updated on June 18, 2013

Why It Is Important to Treat Our Fallen Heroes With Dignity?

One more hero that I admired has bitten the dust. I was shattered to hear Lance Armstrong admit to doping on the Oprah Winfrey show. But unlike others who started abusing and cursing him for keeping everyone in the dark my heart went out to him and his family.

Why do we get angry when the heroes that we admire make mistakes? Are they not human? We all make mistakes and yet we forgive ourselves repeatedly. However when our heroes fail or make mistakes we tend to be unforgiving and our anger often turns to hatred.

Most of the time we consider our heroes to be super humans who cannot do anything wrong and when they commit mistakes and prove to be as human as we are we curse and abuse them. Is it right? Are we justified in behaving in this manner?

Let us not forget that Lance Armstrong was a great athlete but somewhere down his career maybe he forgot that he was naturally talented and started relying on performance enhancing drugs. His addiction to these drugs has made him fall from grace.

The man who used to be admired by millions of fans all over the world had suddenly turned villain. It is human nature to kick someone who had fallen down from the top position that he/she had occupied for many years. We tend to derive great pleasure from doing so.

However instead of cursing and abusing our fallen heroes, it is best if you can give them a hand so that they can stand up once again. The truth is out heroes have made us laugh and cry through their great achievements and it is time we provided them a shoulder to cry.

Tears can wash away their past mistakes and help them lead a happy life. No one deserves to lead a life of guilt and when God can forgive our sins we should do the same. It takes a lot of guts to come out in the open and admit to your past sins.

The fact that he choose to come out in the open and admit his guilt deserves appreciation. He could have chosen to keep the dark secrets to himself and all that we could have done is speculate whether he did or did not take the performance enhancing drugs.

So instead of hatred let us show some love and compassion. Millions of people can learn from the follies of our heroes and we should be grateful to them for teaching us that past sins tend to come out in the open no matter how much you try to suppress the truth.

Lance Armstrong is not the first or the last sporting icons that has admitted to doing things that we consider wrong. Let us forgive his sins and help him lead a good life with dignity.


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