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What Religion Subscribe to Improve moral values -Morality, Human being and Religion - Why Moral Values are important?

Updated on April 22, 2015

Why Religion is Important to Society?

The morality means better understanding what is right and what is wrong. On the other hand a true religion provides a complete divinely code of life, covering all spheres whatsoever. Man is the most beautiful work of the Divine Hand. He is “made after the image of God.” The progress on the right lines in every walk of life is the object of every religion. The human nature is gifted with various potentialities. Religion teaches us how to bring out or develop these passions in harmonious growth. Religion is always important for us.

The man when follow His ways and coping His morals, he become little angel on the earth imitating the Divine attributes in all spheres of life, human society will reach the millennium for which Jesus prayed so fervently: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done as in heaven so on earth.” These words of the master do not mean anything except that which I have pointed out above.

God has authorized us to utilize our body organs according to our understanding. He, being our Creator/Manufacturer knows how to utilize the body and mind in the best possible way. So in order to guide us, He provided us Scriptures for our academic consumption. Besides, in order to provide practical guidance He sent prophets and sages to us. These scriptures and lives of holy prophets teach us what is right and what is wrong. The guidelines contained in the scriptures and lives of holy prophets are of highest standard of morality.

Primary function of religion is the development of human personalities. It determines man’s outlook on life and makes life meaningful to him. It aims at the transformation of man’s character by organizing his desires into a harmonious system of living. To the extent that it succeeds in this aim, it eliminates the sources of internal conflict and enables man to live at peace with himself and at peace with his environment. Success and happiness are basically the fruits of a genuine personal conviction. A religion is in fact provides a straight path for the human development. Though, it is just natural that we get satisfaction and peace of mind by doing good things, the religion goes one step further. It promises not only the peace of mind and prosperity in this world but in the world hereafter. Hereafter is a condition precedence of a religion. It ensures a life forever.

All religions of the world urge their followers to do good deeds and avoid vices. They all promote morality. A true religion provides that a man who does good deeds in this world will not only receive blessing of God in this world but also in the world Hereafter. If one does evils in this world, he will have to face damnation and wrath of God not only in this world but in the world Hereafter, where there is no concept of death. Death will have to die.

Hence a religion is necessary for the development of moral values in a human being. A non-believe may thing that he will live for just 70/80 years and there will be no reward or punishment on account of his deeds. He will think himself accountable for his deeds, if he escapes the man made laws; hence there is more chances that he may get himself indulged in mischievous activities and may make money by hook or crook. A non-believes goes behind a benefit for a time being without any fear of invoking the anger of God.

On the other hand, a true believer fears God and does charity and other good deeds to please the Almighty. There is a compelling force behind his good deeds. On the contrary, there is no such thing in the case of non-believer. In case he does good deeds, the only purpose behind this is to get worldly benefits e.g. popularity and goodwill etc. On the contrary, a true believer acts without any greed of getting worldly benefits. Only purpose of his good deeds is to please his God.


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    • Sembj profile image

      Sembj 6 years ago

      Some have argued that as social animals we naturally would have found ways to cooperate and get along, since it would improve our chances of survival much in the way we see other species cooperate for their mutual comfort and benefit. Those who behaved badly and to the detriment of the group would be sanctioned to discourage uncooperative behavior. Our morality and ethics may well grow along with or out of such natural impetuses.

      None-the-less my disagreement didn't stop me enjoying your viewpoint and hub - thanks.