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The Truth About Religions:Why Do Religions Exist?

Updated on April 11, 2022


Today's topic will be based about the creation of religions and why they were created, I know it's a very sensitive subject to many people and it's even more sensitive to think about the idea of having doubts in the truth of religions but it should be said.

Here are some of the reasons to why religions exist:

Laws And Rules Just Like Governments
Laws And Rules Just Like Governments | Source

1- For Regulation And Control

Ever since Man got found to be walking on earth, many cases have been happening that endangered and threatened human's safety.

Everything was just happening without any control, and since people started to worry about their properties and rights, the concept of creating religions has appeared.

It's just like the typical modern government's laws, rules and conditions but the difference in religions is that you'll have beliefs about a superficial creature and its books.

All of what's written in these books contain instructions on how to be behaving and acting in life by including some education along with orders and in return you go to heaven afterlife or go to hell for a never-ending torture if the orders and commands are not fulfilled.

Religions did stop some of the crimes that used to happen and that's a positive effect, but it did as the same time, have negative effects like making theists get real deep and obsessed with it to the level of separating people from each other and making endless wars.

Atheists usually refuse this because they like to act the want they want to act, they don't like to be controlled by a creature they have absolutely no beliefs in. They also like to do the good actions because of their beliefs in humanity and because this should be out of our conscience and not out of fearing hell or getting seduced by heaven.

To get Liberation!
To get Liberation! | Source

2- For Salvation, Power And Supernatural Guidance

Humans need power, salvation and supernatural guidance. This can be done by believing in God and taking religion as a tool to guide and lead them to make them find their way in life.

It's natural for humans to fear the future because they simply have no idea about it and we usually fear everything that we don't know about, it's totally natural.

People want to have a creature to go to when no body would just listen to them, they want peace and guidance, they want to release themselves from the things they've been guilty about, they want salvation by asking for strength from God.

The question here is:

Did they find the strength, guidance and power they've been seeking and asking for from God? If yes, did the source become so visible and obvious?

Hope And purpose
Hope And purpose | Source

3- To Believe In A Purpose

People want to believe in a purpose during their lifetime and after it, it's one of human's nature to get sad and frustrated when the purpose of his/her life is not set up or planned.

Also some people use religions and God to get extra hope for the miserable lives they might be living or for just wishing for others.

Religions try to explain how people can live their lives and what they're going to be able to find after life.

Religions stated that the reason of us to be living here in this world, is to be worshiping God and believing in his books and theories. And in the afterlife, there would be two options for God to choose from to and send you to, one of these two options would simply decide how your afterlife would be like.

However, what gives us proofs that these things really exist?

Imagine living all of that for the choice of entering heaven, for instance, and after death there might be nothing to go to or maybe there would be. Who knows? The thing is that the stories given are just stories, anyone can invent and talk about stories.

There are many other reasons to be discussed, I just liked to cover the most common and important reasons.

- Side note:

I personally don't hate on nothing, I respect everyone's opinions and thoughts. My topic didn't include my own personal thoughts neither showed love or hatred feelings.

I tried to be off of my own thinking so I won't be talking about the the subject through my own lens and point of view. I tried to mix all of that in one.

Your opinion

What's the major reason of the existence of religions in your opinion?

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