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Why Should You Pray To God?

Updated on June 21, 2017

A lot of people wonder why anyone should bother to pray. What is the point of praying? How does it help? Is it of any benefit? What will a person expect to accomplish from praying? This article will look at what prayer is all about and why as a Christian or somebody who believes God exists, the reasons why you should pray.

First of all, let’s find out what is the meaning of prayer.

Prayer is a communication involving conversation between God and man. It is a two-way communication. It is a dialogue. It can be likened to a father dialoguing with his son through a mobile phone. It involves two persons, not one. It is never a one-way communication.

Many of us Christians we do talk to God but when it comes to listening to God, it becomes complicated. Talking to God is not a problem, listening to what God wants to tell us is a challenge. The voice of God has been likened as a still-small voice. In reality, it is not a small voice. It is an audible voice. We have to learn to listen to God’s voice because God does want us to hear what He wants to tell us.

Why should we pray? What do we hope to gain from praying?


1. The Joy Of Talking To The Creator

Doesn’t it feel good communicating with the creator of the universe? It brings greater satisfaction to be able to talk to God, and for Him to talk back to us.

If the inventor of telephone was alive at this moment, I would be honored to talk to him. Through inventing the telephone, it has eased communication. This is how it would feel like talking to the Great Inventor. A person feels honored to talk to this Supernatural Force.

2. God Has Something To Tell Us

The most avenue God uses in order to tell us something is through prayers. God has a lot to tell us. If we would like to know what God has to tell us, then we should pray.

The Bible is full of examples of how God spoke to people through prayers. It is one among the other ways God speaks to us.

3. He Is Our Daddy

God is Spirit. Nonetheless, we use masculine pronoun Him to refer to God. There is nothing wrong with using feminine pronoun, She, but mother and father when used out of the context they’re normally used at, they have different meanings. We usually say Mother Earth not Father Earth. When He is used for God it doesn’t mean women are being discriminated.

Since He is our Creator it’s rightful to say He is our Father. We as a human race are His children. We communicate with God because we know we belong to Him. He created us, as such, we are His creations. Therefore, we mean a lot in God’s eyes.


4. Sense Of Peace

Are you stressed? Do you feel like the world is against you? Are your troubled? Are you depressed? Are many thoughts running in your head, so many questions but a few to none answers to the questions? Do you feel like the world is crushing against you? Then, you should pray?

When you pray, you will feel a sense of calm raining, or reigning, in your mind and heart. You will feel peace because in the presence of God there is serenity. You will feel a sense of calmness, quietness and tranquility.

5. When You Have None To Talk To

Do you feel you are all alone? Do you feel lonely? You don’t have to feel so when you have someone to talk to. God is always present. He always listens. When you talk to Him you should give Him time to talk back to you.

Prayer doesn’t always involve kneeling or walking or standing. You can talk to God in any form. You might be sitting on the floor or lying on the bed or sitting on a couch. Sometimes, all you want to do is only to talk. You only want a listening ear so that what is weighing heavily in your heart maybe lessened. You can talk to God anytime. You never need to make an appointment with Him.


6. When You Want Healing

There are two types of pain: emotional and physical. Whether you want to be healed emotionally or physically, when you ask God to heal you, He will heal you.

Have you been hurt? Did somebody hurt you whether in form of words or actions? Did you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and the pain you feel, you cannot explain it? Are you in a relationship and your partner keeps hurting you?

You have someone who is ever-willing to listen to you. Talk to Him. Tell Him how you are feeling. Ask Him to help you to deal with the hurt. He will nurse back to health whatever is ailing you be it emotional or physical. It will take time before you realize the healing but you will feel peace of mind and heart when you pray to Him. Don’t hurt alone. Share what you’re feeling with God, and surely, He will help you.

7. He Cares And Loves You

God loves you and He does care for you. It might be hard to understand considering the tumultuous time you’re going through or you had gone through. You have asked yourself endless questions if God cares and loves me why is He allowing me to suffer?

Nonetheless, you should know He does love and cares for you. Pray to Him you will learn truly God loves you and cares a lot for you. He will tell you why it seemed He didn’t act when He knew too well what you were going through.

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8. If You Want Something

Another reason why God cares and loves you is because He has said ask me whatever you need, and I will give it to you. Do you have a need? Is there something you would like to have? Ask God and He will give it to you. This is His promise to us. He never lies and never goes against His Word. He stands by what He has said.

9. Because You Need Him

Whether you agree with it or not, we need God more than we can ever know. In your lowest moments, you will need God more than you’ll need your loved one or your best friend. We cannot live on our own. Look how complex nature is. The scientists have been unable to unravel many things such as the brain. The brain is the most complex thing that still makes scientists unable to explain how exactly it functions. God doesn’t need anybody to live but we do need God whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we know it or not.


10. Because You Are Unable To Help Somebody

Ever felt helpless? Ever wanted to help your friend but you felt powerless - you didn’t know how you’re going to help your friend? I don’t know if you have ever come across somebody saying to you, “Pray for me.” Such a request means a lot to that person who has told you to pray for Him.

If you are unable to help somebody financially or in any other way, the best you can do is to pray for him. When God hears you praying for that person that He, God, might help Him, indeed, God will help that person.

11. Inner Strength

Do you feel you’re emotionally drained until it has lead to physical weakness? Don’t you feel like you are up to something? Don’t you feel determined or motivated to do something? Do you lack the strength to do something? Pray to God and He will strengthen you. He will make you stronger and you will be determined to do something because of the inner strength which resides inside of you.

12. When You Are Lost

Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel you don’t know what to do or not to do? Do you seem to have lost your bearing? Do you feel lost in a forest or jungle? Pray to God. He will help you. He will show you which direction you should head to or what you should. He will show you the way. The technique He will use will be different. You might not even notice. He may or may not show you the way when you pray for direction. One thing is for sure, He will use different ways to show you the way.


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