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Why We Love a Good Ghost Story

Updated on November 22, 2017

Ghosts have been an avid interest of mine since I was small. I used to listen to my mother and grandmother tell stories of their own experiences with ghosts, and true or not, they were fascinating. I loved imagining there were ghosts all around me and I was never truly alone.

I was just a kid, but my fascination never stopped. Before the days of the Internet, October was my favorite month. That was horror month on television! All the scary stories were playing and they played one after the other. I couldn't get enough.

After the Internet took off and ghost stories were at my fingertips, I ate up everything I could. I loved it. I wanted to hear everyone's ghost story. It was nearly an obsession.

Why was I so very interested in the spirit world? While not every person has an obsession such as mine, many people are greatly interested in the spirit world. Some of my skeptic friends still love a good ghost story and will watch my horror movies with me. Humans have always been interested in a spiritual world and every culture reflects this fascination.

Many cultures used ghost stories to scare children. The fairy tales of today began as frightening tales of monsters designed to help children behave. The Seneca Indian tribe conjured a ghostly being with only a head who eats children. It was designed to keep kids in their beds at night.

Children especially have a fascination with ghosts. No matter how scary the story becomes, kids beg for campfire ghost stories again and again. The repeated story is predictable but thrilling. The story is tense and frightening, but the accompanying high is worth the fright.

Humans gain a rush of adrenaline when they're scared. Hearing a good ghost story brings on this rush - it's like a natural high. Kids go to bed at night with the covers pulled tight over their heads, but they come back for more the next night.

We love being scared. We love hearing stories of ghosts, true or not. We love to feel the rush that comes with the tension of a good story. We love the high we get when we are peeking around corners and wondering at things that go bump in the night.

A Good Ghost Story

Since we love the high of a good ghost story, allow me to share some with you here:

I walked into the restaurant looking for a job that the restaurant had posted online. It was so quaint - it was an old house turned eatery. There were tables in the old sitting room and dining room, and a bar laid across the kitchen. Next to the bar were stairs leading up to what I could only assume were offices. I sat at the bar to wait for someone to talk to me about the job posting. As I waited, I felt someone watching me.

I turned my head and there she was. Sitting on the stairs, she was young - she looked to be in her early twenties. She was wearing a period dress from the turn of the 20th century. I could see right through her.

She looked at me and looked shocked. She stood up immediately and ran up the stairs. She seemed to be very shy and didn't want me looking at her.

Would You Like Another?

I was sleeping in my bed. I was hoping to sleep through the night but that wasn't going to happen. I always sleep with the door shut. Suddenly, the door opened and someone walked into the room. The person who walked in had heavy footsteps, almost like they were wearing boots. They walked across the room and walked out again, shutting the door.

I had my eyes closed the whole time. I thought I was dreaming until it happened again. This time, I ventured to open my eyes. In the dark, I watched the door open. I listened to the footfalls across the room though I could see no one. I watched the door shut again.

This continued five or six times before my newfound friend finally let me rest.

One More For You

I was young and I had young children. My son never slept well so I was up nearly every night with him. He cried as usual one night and I went to attend to him.

As I walked down the hall, a woman appeared before me. She had on a flowing dress and she was covered in a white substance. She wore an apron and didn't seem to see me.

She traveled down the hall between the dining room and kitchen. She did this a few times before she disappeared before my eyes.

Needless to say, I was scared out of my pants. I researched the house the next day and found out it was an old restaurant turned home. My new friend was the owner's wife and she had died in the fire which served to close the business.

She still serves her guests every night. She has no idea there are no more customers and I don't know how to tell her.


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    • PaigePixel profile image


      5 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Really interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. It can be a little strange to share these things, so I think it's wonderful you're putting it out there. I've been trying to decide whether to put my own encounter story up, and maybe you just gave me the push I need. Voted up!

    • Wakerra profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes, Netflix is a lot more affordable than Cable, and with hundreds to thousands of options of programs and episodes both old and new, to be watched at any time as one desires, I much rather prefer it. While the newer stuff has yet to make an appearance, I guess just give it time. Its always great to catch up on the classics

      Youtube can be...iffy. There are plenty of "Stories" that people fantasize and make sound real. weeding through the fact from fiction can be difficult, and not always discernible. I think I'd prefer "A Haunting" 's version of true personal stories to Youtube

    • beckieland profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Mayglothling 

      5 years ago from Binghamton NY

      I see what you're saying. I think Paranormal State is on Netflix (we cancelled cable and got Netflix because it's cheaper) and I know there's a few YouTube channels that portray real stories.

    • Wakerra profile image


      5 years ago

      I do recall that episode, yes. It peeked over the edge of the stairs and pulled back. Its been a while since I've seen them, however. I would really only stay and watch it if it was on, and recently we cancelled the cable. I really loved Paranormal State though. they had a couple amazing episodes.

      I guess I just like the reality when it comes to documentaries. Crime investigations, ghost stories, haunts, investigations... I love a good story too, but I guess it depends on how its portrayed if I want it fiction or fact.

    • beckieland profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Mayglothling 

      5 years ago from Binghamton NY

      Real or not it's still fun to watch, in my opinion. I mean, yeah, you can tell when it's not real but a good ghost story always gets me.

      And I'm sorry to have mislead but I was actually trying to write a piece of fiction. The only thing that wasn't true was that I saw her, but she was there. I "read" a waterfall once as well - I was photographing a waterfall and a little girl had drowned there. I felt her follow me around the area until I left.

      Did you happen to catch the episode of Ghost Hunters in the light house? They caught someone looking down at them on camera. It was really really cool.

    • Wakerra profile image


      5 years ago

      "I turned my head and there she was. Sitting on the stairs, she was young - she looked to be in her early twenties. She was wearing a period dress from the turn of the 20th century. I could see right through her. " leads on that you could see her, rather than sense her.

      still cool that you have that sensitivity. I'm honestly not sure If I'd want to be able to see spirits or not...where there is much good, there is also much evil. I just get my "thrills" from documentary type shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, and A Haunting. I don't like fictional spin-offs or "actors". There was one program with these British people that always had the cameras on their faces that my Mom would watch, but there are a few clues that lead on its not real

    • beckieland profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Mayglothling 

      5 years ago from Binghamton NY

      I can't actually see them but I know they're there. I can't always "read" a location - I've only done that twice in my life. I read a waterfall where a little girl died and I read that restaurant. Like I said, I can't see them but I can definitely feel them. I know they're there - it's a feeling - and sometimes I know they're there because it hits me like a wall. I used to live in a house where someone occupied the second floor. As soon as you got to a certain point above the stairwell you knew someone was staring at you.

    • Wakerra profile image


      5 years ago

      The last ghost you mentioned, or the waitress, sounds more like a "recorded" ghost. They can't interact, and they repeat the same scenes over and over again. Though the girl sitting on the stairs was an actual spirit. She was probably shocked that you could see her, and like you said, was probably shy or scared. Heck, if I was dead and no one could see me, then I suddenly noticed someone looking RIGHT AT ME I'd be a little nervous too!

      I find it interesting that you've been able to witness spectrals, but then again, seeing as you've had a fascination in your youth, I'm not surprised. Being able to see beyond what natural eyes can see is possible, but it needs to be developed, much like a talent. Some people are born with it, others can develop it.


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