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Why We See God Differently

Updated on May 11, 2017

Why We See God Differently

I have had experiences of God, and I have heard other people's descriptions of their experiences with God. I have also studied many of the world's religions. Why are there so many different views? Why do we see God differently?

When God communicates with a person, it must be filtered through our sub-conscious before it reaches our conscious mind. This can distort messages and communication. People make their own interpretations of what they have experienced.

Another thing is that you have to be in the right state of consciousness to receive God's communication. This is brought on by God, and may be brought on by individuals as well (I am unsure of this) through meditation, prayer and other means. Maybe even hallucinogens.

I have felt this state of consciousness. It is akin to a dream state. The rational part of the mind is not involved. The experience must be deciphered afterwards, thus leaving room for error, misinterpretation, and wishful thinking.

From my own experiences, I have tried to deduce the few attributes of God that I felt I could reasonably glean. What I came up with is that: God is a male. He spoke to me, and his voice was male. There was also a "feeling" that he was a male. Also, God cares about our moral behavior. I deduced this from the fact that God spent two hours showing me my faults, during an eight-hour experience. I felt he was trying to show me the error of my ways, so that I cold change and improve myself. The last thing I deduced was that God cares about our spiritual growth. He went through all of my chakras with me, activating them one by one, in order from lowest to highest. So I don't try to attribute attributes to God when I have no real evidence for it.

I think many people have a problem with wishful thinking. They attribute to God things like, "God is all loving and all good" and then have no real explanation as to why they believe that. It could be true, but they never mention an experience that showed this. I think it is wishful thinking.


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