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Why We Want Biblically Educated Women…

Updated on February 27, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

…If they cannot be pastors or church leaders?

This is an important question in today’s world as the pressure to ordain women and make them church leaders is growing every day. Churches need to resist this pressure simply because secular culture is not a light unto the church. It is the Church that is the light unto the world thus we do not follow secular trends and fads or ways of getting things done, we lead the way.

With that in mind here are 5 reasons why we want biblically educated women not only in our churches but our believing families.

#1. Their faith is important

We do not want our women being like Paul described in 2 Tim. 3:6 who are weak and easily captivated by false teachers and other evil people. We want them to be able to defend their faith and withstand such temptations as Paul’s words in 2 Tim. 2:15 apply to women as well. They need to know the truth and how to handle it correctly.

Jesus wants strong biblical women as well. He taught both men and women showing us that women need to hear the word, accept it and grow in their faith. What women believe is very important. What they know is also important which is why they should read the articles in this magazine. The woman need to know that there is evidence for the Bible and her faith.

#2. Correctly educated women help their husbands

This is not just for pastors, missionaries or church leaders, who do need wise, patient, compassionate women to aid their work in providing wise counsel, discernment, catching items missed by their mates. But the normal church home needs such women as well as their husbands face a lot of temptation, a lot of alternative ideas and when these women spot their husbands straying from the truth, they can gently bring them back to the straight and narrow.

They can help point out the errors in their husbands thinking, intelligently pray for their mates and get the right help if her husband is not listening to her. Instead of going to just anyone who sounds good, she can filter out the bad alternatives until she finds the true believer who can provide the right aid.

#3. She needs to teach her children

Proverbs 31:11 says: “The heart of her husband trusts in her” and what better way to gain that trust than by teaching their children well, honestly and with the truth? The wife has more teaching opportunity time than the husband and it is best for the children to have biblically trained women who can guide her children through the struggles they face.

She can point out scripture, teach how it is to be applied correctly, admonish her children if they were bad and did wrong and on it goes. Raising children is not easy but it becomes easier if the husband can trust his wife to lead his children to follow God and his ways correctly. He does not need to look over her shoulder but can have confidence in her judgment, her decisions so he does not need to worry and can concentrate on other important family responsibilities.

#4. She needs to teach younger women

There will be women in the church who may not have had the benefit of a good mother or feminine relatives and lack good spiritual training. These women need real spiritual, biblically trained women who can lead them to the truth and the correct way to live.

#5. She needs to train new female converts

When a person becomes a Christian, they are not endowed with perfect knowledge of the Christian life. These women need mature believing feminine teachers who can bring them the truth and help them get on the right track for God. These women are not teaching personal agendas etc., but focus on the truth and are prepared to answer the questions of these new converts when god works in their lives or problems arise.

They, like #4, need real answers and biblically educated women can bring those if they seek the truth and accept it.

Some Final Words

These are 5 reasons why we need women who are correctly trained in the Bible and who obey God correctly. They also provide a solid foundation for sending women to Bible school and seminary even though they do not get the opportunity to serve as a pastor or church leader.

Their work is just as important as those positions because, one, the body of Christ does not have a hierarchy of greatness and their contribution to the church enables the church to function as Jesus would want it to and, two, their influence on the men in those leadership positions is immense and helps their mates become better leaders of the church and even though there is no real public awareness of their contribution, it is felt in the church because they obeyed God and were a good help-meet to their husbands.

The question for women who desire to become pastors and church leaders is: with all of this on their plate, why do women want to place men’s responsibilities upon their shoulders?

God has his reasons why men lead and women need to learn to be content with their role in the family and the church as God did not make the different roles to indicate inequality or higher and lower classes. By humbling obeying God and doing their spiritual duties, the women’s contribution adds a lot to the church making it strong, vibrant and helps impact the world for Christ.

The church sets the example in even the role of women in family and public life.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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