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Why are we born?

Updated on April 24, 2017

Who is behind us all?

Have you ever wondered why we are doing everything? If we see a general Life Cycle of a person, we find that a baby is born----> learns to crawl --->learns to walk---->learns to utter words---->learns to talk---->learns to walk----> learns to study---->learns the common sense---> bla bla bla. The baby becomes grown up and delves into un satiating desires of body, mind and environment. The person tries to satiate as many desires as one can but actually the desires never end. The person gets old, recalls the past and thinks all through the life what for? The person some day gets dead and rests in peace as said by Dharam gurus. I ask If the peace is after death only, why do we live then? And What purpose do we serve here on this planet earth? Is there any GOD who sends us to this material world? If the GOD sends us to this material world, we definitely have some target. What's the target?

The real purpose

If we think deeply, we can be assured that we really have someone called GOD behind us. We can name that GOD in several ways but if we all agree on 1 common GOD, NATURE is the only GOD we must believe in.

So if we study the laws of nature, NATURE is full of life, energy and vitality and calm at the same time. The same rule is applicable for us. We can be full of life, energy and vitality with calmness at the same time.

So I wish to say that Life is to live. Live it !!! Love it !!!! Enjoy it !!!! feeling calmness inside at the same time.

To feel calmness inside, get rid of negative traits like jealousy, hatred, anxiety and grief. There is no grief in fact. Only the transformation of energy happens. If you are not happy from within definitely you are losing on your life. If you get deeper inside you, you will find the actual cause of grief and then only you can slowly get rid of grief. So every time you feel sad, just dive into yourself, find the root cause and remove it slowly.

There is ocean of life within us all. Let us dive into it. Let us Enjoy. Yes we all are born to enjoy life.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      I agree. Here is an excerpt from the Hub, "GOD DOES NOT CONDEMN, we judge ourselves in a mirror held by God."

      We will judge ourselves by our own projections. It is Not God who will judge us, but ourselves. Stop projecting vengeance and anger and you will not be judged.

      Sin is in the mind in the form of negative emotions (the devil). These negative emotions may be manifested in a sinful act. Sin occurs due to condemnation of others. Therefore avoid condemning others, as Jesus taught. If you have condemned to the point of creating negative emotions, then learn to forgive. Forgiveness is the way we heal ourselves.