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New astrology sign or not, astrology works when you know how to use it

Updated on January 18, 2011

Astrology follows the pulse of the Universe, it does not label you, box you or cut your freedom from becoming anything you want to be.

Prove me wrong

The news are slow these days. So much in fact, that finally astronomers and poorly informed "scientists" had a chance to vent out their most recent objection to astrology. To them it has always been non-sense, a particularly easy attitude when they don't have the time and objectivity to understand what astrology is all about.

The news proclaimed that astrology is and has always been inaccurate to say the least, because the geocentric view we have used to calculate the position of planets and birth signs would have changed dramatically throughout the ages. So much in fact, that if you are told to be a Sagittarius because you were born on 16th December, now you would be Scorpio or Orphiucus instead. Orphiucus by the way, is an additional birth sign incorporated to stir up the inaccuracy the media wants to portray. So to make things worse, you could be anything and still astrology cannot define you, describe you, label you and box you accurately enough.

But there is a fundamental truth to remember before checking newspapers, magazines and on-line sites where you can have your horoscope and forecast done with the click of a button: they are not intending to offer a serious interpretation that in fact need to consider more than 12 planets, points of intersection between orbits, angles between planets, planets pointing to different constellations and constellations in endless movement crossing the horizon of our planet every 24 hours. This are just the basis of the factors a professional astrologer would consider when interpreting a birth chart.

Not long ago I read an on-line newspaper article about scientists in a well known university who had going through the painstakingly process of checking astrological charts of several hundred people and arrived to the conclusion that the sun sign of these people could not predict their personality. Dear scientists: could you please stop stating the obvious? The sun sign is just one factor in a multidimensional map which can manifest in different levels of human experience. In many ways, the sun represents simply what we would want to achieve in life rather than what we are or show to the world.

The first big mistake people make about astrology is to pretend that our usual cause-effect approach to everything would work here as well. Although you need to use very exact trigonometry calculations to get an accurate birth chart, this does not translate in the interpretation precisely due to the huge amount of elements involved, not to mention the way you decide to experience your life. Astrology does not attempt to label human beings, let alone determine their future and although we are not evolved enough to understand with linear thoughts how it actually works, it is clear that we have a concrete connection with the pulse of the universe as much as the tides follow the pulse of the moon.

So this is what you need to do if you want astrology to work for you:

  • Get your birth chart done. If possible, avoid internet sites or written reports. Nothing replaces the face to face contact with a professional astrologer who can use this wonderful tool without divination, simply by being good at interpreting the map of the sky on the day you were born.
  • When you visit a professional astrologer, you should offer as much information as possible rather than expect him/her to guess your life. The more we know about the experiences of our clients, the more we can draw a clear picture of how we can help them to clarify their doubts and recommend a course of action.
  • Forget about magazine horoscopes and particularly about your sun sign. You are a multidimensional individual and as such, labels about your identity only limit your opportunities to explore your potential. A doctor would not diagnose you on one single symptom and astrology is just as complex and we want to be treated at least as seriously.
  • Remember that astrology is not divination. It can outline potentials but never determine your future. Enjoy your freedom and make good use of it.


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