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Why call God Jehovah; does God love the letter J?

Updated on April 26, 2011

Why call God Jehovah; does God love the letter J?

Despite that men usually disagree in virtually everything in life, the most striking disagreement among men is those things that are spiritual, especially God. Spirituality, if rightly understood, should not be a ground for debate because it can work for some people while it does not work for others after all it is a thing of faith. Consequently people have to agree with those concepts they belief is correct despite that others oppose such concepts. Maybe only a fool will stick to those ways which he/she is certain is a wrong spiritual truth, path or doctrine.

Jehovah’s Witness insist that God must be called Jehovah, which they claimed his name, so that it becomes clear when people call God to know the God they call or preach about. They have written articles to support their claim that God’s true name is Jehovah as he revealed to Moses. In their articles they claim that attempts were made to suppress the true name of God because the Jews were afraid to call God by his name. The witness also wrote a story to support their claim for instance the story of Ben Teradin who was burnt for teaching in the name of God. They interpreted YHWH to mean Jehovah.

Other scholars disagreed that the name of God is Jehovah because, they claim, the tetragrammaton YHWH is wrongly translated as Jehovah but that Yahweh should be the more acceptable word. This is because these scholars claim that there is a pronunciation problem of the Hebrew word. Secondly, the Jews being afraid to pronounce the word had forgotten the correct pronunciation or pronounced it in a way that is not exactly the way it should be called. Jason Dulles, and Warner Smith articles titled “ Is Jehovah the name of God,” and “ why those that who think Jehovah is God’s name are wrong,” respectively are among the articles that disagrees with the witness claim of Jehovah as God’s name.

Under normal circumstance one can ask why the debate over God’s name because that is the name the Jews call their God. Other Tribes and Nations had and still have various names the call their God but it, now, seems the only true God is the God of the Jews so that is why it is expected that anyone that claim to worship the true God must call him by his true name to differentiate him from other Gods. Yet, some people that have a different name for their God still believe he is the true God.

It is rightly recorded that the Jewish God has a name which he revealed to Moses but I came to realize (in my mysterious journey with an unborn child) that the same God who revealed his name to Moses was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In fact he was the God of Israel before Moses came into the picture. Those that worshipped him before Moses like Abraham must have known him by a name, a different name. They must have called him a name and he would answer and help them. He did not complain about the name because that was the name they knew him with. God, himself, said to the same Moses, to you (Moses), I am that I am my name. God said he did not reveal the same name to ancestors. Therefore none of us can rightly tell the name they called him earlier and why he chose to tell Moses that name. We only know what we got from papers as those that wrote it want us to know it.

I do not bother what you choose to call your God because Jehovah or Yahweh is the name of the Jewish God. I only bother what you do to others because of your God. A lot of things have changed and people can now call the name of God and go unpunished unlike the early stages when the Jews were, said, to be afraid to call the name of their God because of punishment. But why must men be afraid to call the name of their God, even when it is not in vain that they would be said to have forgotten their God’s name?

I would not have wondered why the J in Jehovah is a problem until I saw a friend’s combination of biblical names that started with J. Then I wondered if God love the letter J and maybe that is why the witness translated his name to Jehovah. God loved Jacob and not Esau. Then he favored Joseph (meaning, as witnesses claim, may Jah add) among the sons of Jacob. Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt but God chose Joshua (meaning, as witness claim, Jehovah is salvation) to lead them to the promise land. When God needed to warn Nineveh he sent Jonah even when Jonah refused to obey God did not kill but made him obey. When it was time to choose a forerunner, it was named John the Baptist and, as some people claim, when God wanted to save the world he sent Jesus who was of the tribe of Judea in Jerusalem. When the translation of YHWH was to be made it was translated rightly or wrongly, to mean Jehovah, so it means God loves J and work with Js. So why do we fight over God’s name when he is still God no matter what we call him. What we call him cannot change what he is.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      You right about what God said to Moses but I think it has other meaning because that where the debate of Jehovah came up. The main issue is that some people insist that the only true name of God is Jehovah while the true meaning of YHWH is the debate. Thanks Dave.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      In the book of Exodus, Moses is told by God himself that His name is "I AM". That is God's name. In the Gospels Jesus teaches we should refer to God reverently and respectfully as "Abba, Father" Abba being Hebrew for father. "Our Father". Everytime Jesus referred to God, He addressed Him as "My Father, Our Father, Your Father, The Father." Therefore God is "Father God". Jesus even tells us that none is worthy of being called father except "Our Father In Heaven"