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Why DOGMA needs to be understood.

Updated on April 23, 2014

Teachings of scripture and science are difficult for many.

Atheists and many adherants of non christian religion are antagonistic toward Judea-Christian religion and the teachings that they espouse. Christains DO deserve some of the rancor heaped on Christianity. Many injurius and dispicable events have been purpetrated in the name of Jesus. Muhammad, purposefully intitiated programs to murder and enslave non-muslims. Christians used war and governmental oppression to advance the cause of religion. Wiccans and 'witches' have been hounded into hiding by every stripe of religion, Christian and non Christian. Science has adherants that openly mock and dispise religion and nature worshppers.

The founder of Chritianity promoted service to GOD, promoting good in people.

Those among the antagonists, that read the writings of religion, will see that GOD desires worship and an association with the people of the world. Jesus went about doing good and RELIGIONISTS killed Him, it was part of a plan, but the religious killed Jesus, as religous persons have killed prophets all through thousands of years of history.

Athiests are guilty of the same crimes that they ascribe to religionists.

Hateful speach and actions can be noted to happen with equal levels on each side of the discussion. The minute the term Atheism, or the term Christian enters into a discussion, the tempers inflame and the passions boil. All persons are passionate about what they feel is correct, often alluding to science or religous writings to justify the belief system that they feel they should embrace. What they choose for themselves, they want to press onto others. A thinking person will examine what they want from a system, and decide for themselves. They also have the obligation to explain and promote what they KNOW to be true to others. If others want to exclude a belief, they should be allowed to with grace and consideration.

Religion and science share the blame.

When dogma has power, it can be used to murder and economicaly abuse those who don't embrace the dogma that has the power. The issue is when people get power over other people and the persecuted are powerless. Dogma is an emphatic adherance to a belief system. Atheism and religion, science, along with tribal and racial beliefs can all exhibit dogma

Dogma is really the issue, in or out of religion.

'Allah is the only god, any who do not follow Allah must die'. 'Jesus is the only way to heaven, any who do not believe this will be seperated from God forever'. 'Religion is a crutch, those who believe in God are fools and ignorant.' These are all statements that can reflect a view that is dogmatic. To the one stating the phrase, the belief is may be incontrovertable. Just because something is believed to be absolutely true, does not mean that those who don't believe something should suffer. Someone who does not agree with emphatic statements like these, do not need to be legislated against or ostricized.

There really is room for all and any points of view.

We are a nation of differences, we can't decide if we're a gloriuos tapestry, interwoven and blended, or a stew with large pieces in the soup that never really mix in well. We are glorious, and we have a common country and society that we share. We are emotional, passionate and opiniated. None of the threads in the tapestry is going away. All the pieces in the stew are going to remain.

We are going to support our views and promote people and programs that move our personal agendas forword.

Consider that each person can attempt to be respectful of ALL persons. We can promote our commonalities. Athiests feel atruistic and give blood and work in soup kitchens. Churches and Christians use thier resources to promote the welfare of people groups here, around the world. Muslims promote altruistic causes as well, alms to widows and the poor, relief for the mpoverished in the middle east. Science has helped us to become the most amazing and advanced society in all of history. The relief agencies in this country have resources that no other country's charities can match, due to Americans from all walks of life giving and volunteering to promote the common good.

You believe your way and I'll believe mine.

It will never be that simple, we are going to legislate and promote what we think is right. We are going to march and contend for what we think is right. We can allow people to choose what they want to embrace or what they reject. Among the ones that manage our huge differences the best, are those who emphatically believe what they embrace is true. This can be done while allowing for the humanity of our nation. Let's continue to do a better job of putting a human face on our differences and continue to realise that we have to find ways to work with those we don't agree with. Each if us want peace, to live according to our beliefs and to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Never give up waht you think is true.

There are ways to present a view with out beating down one's detractors. There are ways to work with those that you will never agree with, to promote the common good. I am the sum total of my beliefs and I must live among those who will never agree with me. While we can find ways to accomodate other's beliefs, we must honor our core beliefs

Most people desire no ill to others.

The huge majority of people want to believe what they think is true, and freely associate with those who believe the way they do. All groups have elements that will use violent and illegal means to promote a cause. With some, the dogma includes the admonition to kill those who wiil not agree with a cause. Thankfully even in these groups most adherants won't randomly murder and disrupt other's lives to promote a cause.

If you are seeking truth, then education really is the key.

There are so many in each organisation and group that exemplify good, compassion and respect for all humans. We love to be spoon fed the worst of each organisation, it sells advertising. Face it, we love the dark underbelly of humanity. If you examine each position truthfully, you can often see why someone will believe and promote a position.Just because you examine the why of how people believe, it doesn't change your view, it allows you to see how someone arrived at a viewpoint. All of us come from somewhere, all of us carry bagage and emotional scars that influence our thinking.

Find out about a belief or subject, broaden your harizons.
Find out about a belief or subject, broaden your harizons.

Join me in rejecting those who exploit differences.

While all of us are going to promote our cause in everyway we can, some stir up the poorly informed and use this passion to get some of the spotlight. You see this everyday. Most people refuse to be part of a shallow burst of energy that serves to divide. Most, thankfully, quietly use legal means and thoughtful discussion to provoke intelligent conversation.

Consider making a conscience effort to do good to ANYONE who has a need.

Treat all the needy in the same way. If there is a need, and you want to help, consider helping even if the one being helped disagrees with you. Attempt to do good is a positive, in a world where negatives often win out.


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